CyberMonday 2014 Deals and Coupons!

cyber Monday 2014 deals

That time of the year has arrived again, and this time around, it happened to be on the 1st of December! So Yes, after Black Friday sales, you can now purchase goods, not just goods, but quality goods for half the price from reputable stores online like Amazon, Walmart, etc. You can basically shop for […]

Take Advantage Of Your On-page SEO

best web 2.0 properties

Welcome to OmoscoWonder, today’s stroll would be on basics for ranking your blog, probably, you should be reading this article because your a blogger. You still wonder why you take your precious time to write an article, and at the end of the day you find out that you are not on google first page. […]

Google Penguin 3 Update is HERE

Penguin 2.1

It’s always a news that brings High Blood Pressure and abnormal perspiration from Bloggers worldwide, and for those building niche sites, which are already ranking in google’s top 1st pages, it’s a time to call God. There’s no latest news or even from SEOroundtable or any reputable blogs out there, but seeing keyword movement, i […]

Best Video Editing Software

movavi video editing software

Have you ever wondered the secret to the popular guys in Youtube, or that particular Youtube channel with hundreds of thousands of subscribers or even millions, their secret to creating the best videos? I have seen awesome videos which i totally love and won’t mind watching them over and o’er again, and what’s the reason? […]

14 Rules To Writing A Better Article

top ten websites that pays writers

It’s been a long while since i shared a post here on, and surely, it’s a long while, so i want to make it up to you, by giving you, the best fourteen useful advice to earn money as a writer, and to make it as a blogger too. That’s is why i titled […]