Choosing the Right Sign for Your Restaurant

Choosing the Right Sign for Your Restaurant

Long ago, putting a sign in front of a business, whether it was a lawyer’s office or a restaurant, was known as “hanging up your shingle.” This is because businesses were operated out of the home of the owner so when they were open, the proprietor placed a roof shingle or tile near the front door to let customers know. Today, restaurant signage is one of the most important … [Read more...]

9 Essential Plugins for Your Niche Blog

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Are you creating a Niche website? Then you must be aware that a Niche website does not need too Much plugins, since you'll be looking at the Load time, because load time, do have a say in websites ranking. Here are Nine Plugins which are essentials for anyone who is aiming to create a Niche website for their Blog, the Wordpress plugins was used on a website that was sold … [Read more...]

Facebook Page Verification – Guides on How To Verify Pages on Facebook 2015


Facebook page verification is one of the most sought after in social media world today, especially for big brands and celebrities. Although management team has clearly states that there is no way to request a page for verification, there is a work around that I’ve found and of course I couldn’t wait to share it with my readers!! Do you have a business, brand, … [Read more...]

Google Adsense Highest Paying Keywords For 2015

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Searching for the highest google adsense paying keywords for the 2015. We have decided to share with you, the highest paying google adsense CPC keywords. However, one thing should not be overlooked here, and that is the keyword density and difficult in ranking for certain keywords which are listed below, you can check the keyword competitiveness using the longtail pro … [Read more...]