9 Essential Plugins for Your Niche Blog

Are you creating a Niche website?

Then you must be aware that a Niche website does not need too Much plugins, since you’ll be looking at the Load time, because load time, do have a say in websites ranking.

Here are Nine Plugins which are essentials for anyone who is aiming to create a Niche website for their Blog, the WordPress plugins was used on a website that was sold on Empire Flippers for a total of $17,000!

So, i hope you know by now, that these plugins are quite great and what’s best?

They’re totally FREE!

Nine Must HAVE Plugins for Your Niche Websites!

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Contact Form 7: A contact page is absolutely necessary for any websites or blog, because ONLY through this page, can you have a private one on one chat with your visitors.

TablePress: We’re discussing Niche websites, right?
Well, what’s better in a niche website (especially for Amazon), than a table comparison chart plugin? This will give your visitors a chart comparison of different products and their prices, coupled with reviews. However, editing and designing this plugin takes a bit of time, but study has shown that a comparison table increases sales.

Universal Star Rating: This plugin is mainly used to show star rating on tables, and you can easily choose the best star ratings to increase your sales.

WordPress SEO by Yoast: Well, there’s been lots of debates between this plugin and All in One SEO pack, but since this is the plugin which was specifically used for the $17,000 Site, i have no other choice but to add it here.
Although, i still use All in One SEO pack in a couple of my authority websites and it works perfectly fine!

WP Smush.it: We’re still talking about site speed here, this plugin will help you, reduce image size and make your website load faster, especially for niches where lots of pictures are necessary to convince your buyers.

WP YouTube Lyte: In almost all my niche websites, i do have videos, personally created for the website, however, if you are in a niche that requires a video for each post, well, what’s better than using a lazy load videos plugin?

W3 Total Cache: This plugin is truly one plugin i can’t do without. I have them, virtually on all my websites, authority or niche websites, and they are extremely important to speed up your site.

Yet Another Related Posts PluginThis is another wonderful plugin i really do love! It’s great and has lots to offer to your blog readers.

They can easily see related items about the product they’re viewing, and if they don’t love the first one, they might end up, clicking on a related post and purchase it.

So it’s essential, important and absolutely necessary to have!

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