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A Guide to Web Hosting: Discovering its Different Types

Web hosting refers to a kind of online hosting service which permits individuals and organizations to build websites that can be easily accessed through the web. Companies offering this service are called web hosts. These companies offer space on a specific server which is either leased for use or owned by their clients. They also provide clients with internet connectivity with the help of a typical data center.

It should be noted that there are certain variations regarding the extent of hosting services provided by web hosts. The standard service offered in this field is small-scale file and web page hosting which permits the uploading of files using FTP or File Transfer Protocol and a web interface. The delivery of the files in question into the web is done without any changes or with the least amount of processing.

There are also certain internet service providers that offer free web hosting to subscribers. It is also crucial to note that while personal web hosting is usually inexpensive, sponsored by ads or free, business web hosting often involves higher fees depending on the kind of website used and its size which depends on the traffic you are having, or what you’re storing.

If you are a website owner who is searching for the best web hosting provider, then it is essential for you to first gather information about the different types of web hosts so you will know exactly which can work favorably for your site.


Type Of Website Hosting

1. Free Website Hosting.

This is highly recommended for those who only wish to administer a non-critical site designed for entertainment. In most cases, the free web hosting service enables website owners and visitors to encounter slow connection speed and frequent breakdown of the site. Web hosting services offered for free might also cause your site to be automatically filled with advertising banners, which i don’t consider professional.

There are also certain web hosts that may require you to buy a domain name in order for you to start receiving their services for free. Because you can take advantage of these services without paying anything, you need to be very careful during the period of selection. Determine which among the free web hosts look like scammers to prevent using a hosting solution that can only ruin the reputation of your site and worse, might go offline and you will lose all your database saved files.

2. Shared Hosting.

This offers a hosting environment which permits the sharing of a single server with multiple website owners. It also involves sharing not only the physical server but the software and applications stored inside it as well.
One thing that makes this type of hosting solution beneficial is its inexpensiveness. It is affordable since expenses linked to server operation are shared between numerous website owners. But since the server has lots of users, expect it to be slower and all websites in this package will be using one ip address.

3. Dedicated Hosting.
This is one of the preferred hosting solutions by most website owners because it enables them to have their own server. If you choose this web hosting service, then expect to enjoy faster performance since you will be the sole owner of all the resources of the server.
This is ideal for you if you need a lot of resources for your system or a better form of security.
Personally, i recommend this service for all webmasters, because it is much more easier to load and it contains only your websites.
One beautiful thing about this server option is that there wouldn’t be anything like bad neighbours, when i say bad neighbours, i mean, you are not sharing your website with ip address with other websites who might be saving up malicious datas, causing search engines to dislike them, and if you are sharing the same ip with them, your blog might be affected.

Now, the next huge question is, which website host is the best?
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