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Google Adsense

How to Add Two AdSense Ads Code Side by Side In Blogger Blog

Google adsense earning program is one of the best CPC program in the internet world, and it has help hundreds of thousands of bloggers online to make money online with their blog.

However, getting adsense approval is kind of hard and you need to follow certain guidelines before getting your account approved to show Adsense on your blog and start earning.

Click Here to see how to get your website approved to displayed google adsense ads.

Adding Google adsense side by side is one of the best way to increase your earnings CTR and get people to click more on your ads.

Today, I will be giving you, a detailed and step by step guidelines, on how to add two adsense ads (336×280) or (250 x 250) side by side after post title or below your blog post in blogger blog.

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The truth is that several times, i have tried adding adsense codes side by side in several of my blogger blogs or domain name hosted on blogger blog.

earn with adsense

Adding adsense code side by side is good for increasing CTR and clicks. So, follow the simple step by step guidelines enumerated below to teach you how to combine two adsense ads side by side in blogger blog.

How To Add Adsense Ads Side By Side Below Post Title or Below Blog posts in Blogger Blog

Step 1: Open your blogger dashboard, then click on the Blog you want to add the adsense side by side –> Template –> Edit HTML
When it pop up, then Press CTRL + F and search for this code :


Then proceed and paste the below code above the searched tag “<data:post.body/>”.

Please note that if you want the ads to show below your post (end of the post) then paste the code below, under the “<data:post.body/>”

<b:ifcond=’data:blog.pageType == &quot;item&quot;’><tablewidth=”520″cellspacing=”0″cellpadding=”0″border=”0″>
width=”250″style=”padding: 5px;”align=”center”>


width=”250″style=”padding: 5px;”align=”left”>



Please note that if you just copy the adsense code directly from Your adsense account without converting it, it won’t work. SO you need to convert the code to be “HTML compatible”.

You can convert your adsense ads below using the methods which is shared below.

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