Are You a Social Media Manager? Then Read This! [infographic]

Social media is one of the most effective way to get a brand out there in front of millions of targeted audience.

Almost all bloggers are social media managers, even though they don’t realize it themselves.
As a social media manager, how effective is your campaign? How successful have you been so far?

One thing that is undeniable is that I every venture, some people prompts to be more successful than others, and this also applies in social media management.
But that does not mean that you’re doom and can’t succeed, what you have to do, is to study which methods they’re using.

Okay, here comes the $1 question, and that is:

What type of social media manager are most successful and what habit do they exhibit?

Here’s an in-depth look into this, and after going through this post, you will know the following:
1. What kind of social media manager you are
2. How many type of social media exists
3. Which one are the most successful

Succeeding at being a social media manager requires skill and art, and truth is, not one of these people were successful at their first try, it takes months/years to perfect this skill in social Management, and one thing I also noticed is that all social media managers who were successful do take the best attributes and qualities from a number of approaches and personalities.

Click Image to Enlarge it.

social media

However, I saw a wonderful infographic by Stuart Davidson in which he came up with some metaphors for comparing different animals to types of social media manager.

This is not only for the fun, but also teaches you how to emulate and become a success at social media marketing.

However, right now, which animal is closest to you and reflects your social media management characteristics?

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