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Best Adsense Alternative: Chitika Reviews

Did google adsense banned your account?
is google adsense not approving your request?
Do you have traffic that are just been wasted?
Is your blog disabled from displaying adsense ads?

Then DON’T waste your traffic anymore! Monetize your blog through Chitika Ads!
I have seen some sad stories about people who have been blogging for months now without having adsense account and what’s more?
I have also chat, discuss and encourage bloggers who had their adsense account banned for some reasons best known to adsense Team.

Well, today, i want to share with you, one of the best Online PPC company since 2004!. i bet most of us have not even start blogging then.

My Experience with Chikika
You can now make money off your blog through chitika and seriously, Chikita is one of the best Adsense alternatives, i have earned more than $80 ONLY from displaying chitika adverts on a website for just 30 Days before i got hit by google penguin updates.

There has been speculation that Chitika only displays ADS for certain country, although i would not disagree or agree with that, within the 30 days i earn $87.50 with Chitika, my Traffic was coming directly and 100% of it from My country Nigeria in Africa.

Although my cpc was bad and discouraging low when i started displaying their ads on my blog, i almost remove Chitika ads code from my blog before i noticed that after 7 Days+, Chitika has automatically increase my CTR from 0.09 to 0.29 or as high as 0.52 some days.

Since i said that my Traffic was coming directly from my Country, my earning was really wonderful, some days, i earn more than $3 depending on My traffic, Clicks and CTR.

But just imagine if your traffic comes from Top countries like USA, UK, Austriala, Canada among some few hundreds of countries, i bet you, your earnings will be a dream come true.

My Chitika Payment Proof!
Here is a screenshot of my earnings from Chitika and the total amount which they paid me when i clocked payout.
I don’t like talking without showing any proof as to what am saying, here’s a Screenshot of my earnings


My Chitika Payent Proof

How Much is Chitika’s Minimum Payout?
Unlike Adsense where you are required to make a minimum of £70 or $100, if you are able to earn just $10, you can get paid either through Paypal or $50 through Check!

However, if you decided to get paid through the check option, the minimum payout is $50, however, i would advice you to use Paypal for payout, because it’s fast and extra simply to get paid via this method.
But if you want to use CHECK, am not stopping you, and you know the very reason why? because I HAVE NOT TRIED it before, so am completely clueless when it comes to that area.
But since i have been withdrawing my adsense earning through check, i think it will also be stress free, because the check might clear with 2 weeks to 1 month, depending on your country banking system though.

Why You Should Join Chitika:
Even if You already have an adsense account and also have ads running on your blog, you can still ad chitika and ADSENSE together, because it’s approved and legit and yes, i know you’re afraid of getting your adsense account banned, so your account would not get banned, because CHITIKA are also displaying only ADS approved by their team.

They don’t run adults ads, i have personally been using them for the past few years now together with my adsense account in the same BLOG, and so far, my adsense account is still running and my website was never banned from displaying google ads.

What You Should Never DO!
Please, i have come across several bloggers who are displaying adsense adverts together with other adverts, please note that it is AGAINST Google Adsense Terms of Service to display anything/ads along side their adverts.

One other thing that got adsense account banned is because publishers are customizing other network ads the same color with adsense.
Don’t make adsense ads background color, title and text color the same with other networks, this might compromise your adsense account.
Make sure that you don’t place shiny images near your google ads, because it’s again their policy.

This is one main reason why top bloggers (newbies not exempted) are getting their adsense account banned, because they are displaying banners on top or below adsense adverts.

Here is an example of what am saying.

Adsense Ads

Why You Must Be a Publisher on Chitika!
1. Because they have been paying publishers for Years. (9 years + Now, since they started in 2004)
2. Because they have been tagged “best adsense alternative”.
3. Chitika ads is “allowed by Adsense team” to display along side Adsense ads.
4. You can increase your blog earning by placing chitika ads on your blog.

My Conclusion:
Personally, i think Chitika is one of the best PPC company online today, firstly, because they are not new to the game, they have paid publishers for more than 9 Years and they are still standing without turning scam.
I have not seen or read “too much” negative reviews on Chitika, because they have paying and don’t banned accounts randomly.

If you have not yet join Chitika, i really recommend you join them by registering Today.
Click Here to Register

Wishing you the Best and Please, if you have ever used Chitika, i would love to hear your review through the comment box! Eagerly waiting to hear from you.

  1. Reply frank joseph December 28, 2013 at 5:42 pm

    I have also use Chitika in the past and was making way more than $3 daily, but for some reasons unknown to me, the earning dropped to $0.50 daily, and am no longer using them.

    • Reply Isaiah Joe December 31, 2013 at 12:15 am

      Hello Frank, wow, that is really huge, your location and most importantly, your blog visitors location really plays a huge role in your earnings with Chitika.

      However, the only issue i guess that would cause such a huge drop in your earnings with chitika is that your traffic dropped!. But if otherwise, then maybe chitika decided to lower your CPC.

      Are you still using chitika on your blog eve after the drop in your earnings?

  2. Reply Dawatech December 29, 2013 at 10:23 am

    Have used chitika before , but the only set back that let me leave chitika is the way they diplay their ads. Those “related result” stuffs

    • Reply Isaiah Joe December 31, 2013 at 12:12 am

      Hello Dawatech.
      Yes, i truly understand you 100%, but ONLY nigerian ip is faced with this issue, if you could just change your IP address, and view your blog, then you will real ads been displayed on your blog.

      If you’re having only Nigerian traffic, then you won’t be making it that much with Chitika.

  3. Reply Dawatech December 31, 2013 at 9:07 am

    Now i get the scope, thks bro

    • Reply Isaiah Joe January 7, 2014 at 3:28 pm

      Hello Dawatech, hope the “scope” gets you more money in your account.

  4. Reply APK January 13, 2014 at 11:24 am

    since last some months chitika stopped showing ads for asian country i had to remove them…now working with madads..they are pretty ok….

    • Reply Isaiah Joe January 20, 2014 at 11:57 am

      Welcome 😀 APK, next time, i would really be grateful if you use your name, about Chitika, they are really selective, when i say selective, i mean, regional, country and continents, they don’t accept traffic from Africa, just like i said above, and one thing about them is that they claim to accept all traffic, which we bloggers knows it’s a hoax 😀

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