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Best Adsense Alternative For Africans/Nigerians that Pays Monthly (PPC)

This post is dedicated to Nigerians, the business owners and also, the bloggers.

This post is dedicated to all Nigerian business owners who want to publicize their business and make their product popular, who are searching for the cheapest way to advertise in Nigeria and online. We’re also dedicating this blog post to all Nigerians who are searching for methods on how to Make Money online using their blog. a new Dawn has come!

One big hussle bloggers always come across online is how to monetize their website and which monetization network is the best for them, since getting a google adsense approved account is not easy!
Did you know what prompt me to write about this company? because i saw their payment prove live, where a publisher was paid by this company, and the money was sent to his account Number.
I would also love to clear the doubts here, this is not a sponsor post (though i would certainly be happy if it was. )

Our main goal is to earn from our blogs, right? well, here’s another marvelous method Africans/Nigerians can use to make money online from their blog.
One thing that really grabbed my attention about this PPC company is their frankness and also their payout method. There’s nothing like net-30! You don’t need to earn and reach the payout threshold and have to wait for a full 31 days, after that, you will get paid at the ending of the month after observing Net 30.
Am not really against Net 30, because top affiliate network are using them, including adsense, amazon etc.
What’s more? You can earn money online from every single click you get on your adverts which you placed on your website.

You can earn up to 10 Naira per click, depending on your website, but every click is 5 Naira +, which also depends on the advertisers bids.
Am pretty sure that the advertisers are just placing ads with the minimum clicks per ads (which is 5-6 Naira), but the more bigger this website gets, the better it goes too.
For Now, this website is only for Nigerians, and what’s more? it even have a Nigerian TLD.
Here’s the Best PPC program for Nigerian bloggers


When you want to register, you can either choose to register as an advertiser or even a publisher, and here are the advantages of advertising on Promo Nigeria.

Advantages of Advertising with Promo Nigeria
1. If you are targeting Nigerians, this is the best platform for you, because it solely targets ONLY the Nigerian market for now, however, am sure that with time, this ppc company will spread out over Africa very soon.

2. You can reach more than a Million Nigerians with just Fifteen thousand Naira (N15,000).

3. What’s a better way to get your brand noticed in Nigeria if not through Nigeria best ppc program for bloggers?

4. I have seen websites, both new and old time bloggers advertising with Promo, and i must say that the advertisers are the ones banking, because they’re getting email leads, phone numbers, and most importantly, Traffic to their blog.

5. This is the hard truth! Advertisers are gaining more than Publishers.

6. You can also grow your facebook likes, twitter followers with this ppc program, and are you aware that it’s almost free? Top entertainment bloggers are using this programme, so i guess you know what’s really up and the targeted traffic you are missing out of.

7. Have you ever wondered how to get to Millions of Nigerians within a few days span? Promo Nigeria is the answer.

8. With Promo Nigeria, you can also make money online, and are you asking me “how”?
Well, if you’re running an advert with them, and you used a catchy title, and direct anyone who clicks on your advert to a landing page, where they will add their email, and also follow your business on social media, and after that, you can take them to a product or when ever you want them to visit.
With this simple method, you will be killing five bird with a simple stone (Promo Nigeria)

  • You’ll get emails, original human emails who are ONLY interested in what you’re saying.
  • You’ll also get fans on facebook.
  • You will also get twitter followers.
  • Plus, you can be getting real traffic to any webpage of your choice for a few thousand Naira, and if you maximize this lucrative opportunity well, i promise you, you’ll certainly be smiling to the bank.


Advantages of Promo Nigeria Publishers: Make Money Online in Nigeria Blogging
Did you know why i added “Make Money Online in Nigeria Blogging
“? because this is the network you need to get more money off your blog without increasing your traffic.
Running Promo Nigeria on your blog will certainly get you some money to run your blog and pay for your hosting + domain name (if you’re hosting your blog on wordpress)

For example, if you’re getting more than 100 Naira per Day (which is small if you have good traffic, which is like 20 clicks on your ads) , then just calculate the outcome within a month.
Don’t disturb yourself, i will certainly do it for you.
100 X 30 Days =  3000 Naira.

Most Important Information You Need to Know About Promo Nigeria.
Promo’s official and minimum payout is : 3000 Naira Only.
Earnings which surpasses the 24th of that month will be paid next month, because if you reach payout before the 24th of every month,  you will get paid via your bank within the same month.
The Money which you earned from 25th to the ending of the month will be calculated and paid to you, the next coming month.

One sure thing is that the promo team are always paying and are ready to help you out in case you are facing any difficulties in creating adverts or implementing their ads on your website.

I recommend Promo to every business owners in Nigeria, and to every business who want to make waves! Promoting your business through promo is one of the surest ways to get the Nigerian public to know what your offering.

Likewise, all publishers should note that without them, the advertisers would be wasting their funds.

To join this awesome Network, just use click on any link below, as a publisher, you can click on the LINK by the left side to register, and Advertisers can click on the image at the right hand side to register, Thanks.

What do you think about Promo? have you ever advertise your website online using any Nigerian PPC company before?
What’s your experience? is this your first time?
I am looking forward to hear from You!

  1. Reply frank joseph December 4, 2013 at 3:28 pm

    Thanks a lot for this article omoscowonder, am sure this is a must read for all Africa publishers.
    You’re always publishing wonderful articles.

    • Reply Isaiah Joe December 4, 2013 at 9:48 pm

      Hello Frank, thanks for visiting my blog, such an honor to see your personality reading my blog posts, thanks. Yes, this is a must read and also a platform for Nigerians/Africans to earn money off their website.

  2. Reply Akos Fintor December 11, 2013 at 11:25 pm

    don’t you need like crazy traffic to earn even a little with these programs?


    • Reply Isaiah Joe December 14, 2013 at 8:53 pm

      Nope, you really don’t need crazy traffic to earn with these programs, you can earn when the advertisers are targeting your audience Akos.

  3. Reply Eyram December 12, 2013 at 5:10 pm

    Hi Isaiah,

    I traced you from my blog here. A quick one…. Do you advertise your website using the Promo Naija platform?

    Any traffic stats to show?

    • Reply Isaiah Joe December 14, 2013 at 8:52 pm

      Nice to see you here Eyram, i really enjoyed reading your blog posts, you’re doing great by sharing epic posts. For now, i am not using promo to promote any of my products, but for 2014, i will surely be using them to product my sites, products among others.

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