Best Google Adsense Ads Placement to Increase Your CTR (Infographic)

What is adsense CTR?
It’s the rate/money at which a click on the advert placed on your website gets.
This is a two edge sword, because if your CTR is too low, your earnings will simply be nothing to write home about.
But if it’s too high, your adsense account might likely get banned, or the website banned from displaying adverts from the top CPC company.

I promise you, after reading and implementing this tips, your earning and CPC will increase by 60% without any increase in your blog (s) traffic! And am not selling anything!

Today, I will be showing you, how to make out the most out of your adsense account and stay on the save side of Adsense. This post will help increase your CTR, help increase your earnings without a single increase in your traffic!

Wait a second, DO you have an adsense account yet? If Not, then use these Five Most Effective Tips To Get an Approved Legit Google Adsense Account

Think your doing it the right way? wait till you read this post and implement the tutorials and see a huge positive spike in your earnings!.

make money online with google adsense

Which is, the best place to place your adverts that converts very well,
The adsense codes that works
The Websites to banned from showing ads on your website.

This post will be short and straight to the point, but please note that this not some magic. After implementing this tips, you need to wait for a maximum of 2 weeks to start seeing positive changes in your CPC and of course, increased earnings.

MY Story and Reason Behind This Post:
I had written on how to increase adsense ctr before and the MFA (made for adsense) websites to block that will surely increase your adsense CPC.

But one of my authority website which main source of income is google adsense, hits a roadblock, because for more than 4 weeks, my cpc was as low as 1 cent and when it want to get to it’s highest cpc, It gets to 5c per click, which was very very unusual for my cpc..

On a normal day, my CTR starts from 30-40 cent to as high as $2 per click, there was a day I have $19 per click and it was not removed! but when I was faced with this issue, and I know that I have blocked all the MFA websites, I was really angry with two people, myself and Adsense team.

I thought Adsense had intentionally/manually decreased my cpc because I have earned so much from them. But after experimenting and going through several phase to increase my ctr, I discovered that I was doing something utterly wrong and they are:

1. My Ads are not Targetted.
2. My Ads are not in any category.
3. Am using the wrong Adsense placement for Higher clicks and CTR.

I was using the wrong box, not the most successful ads box which has been confirmed by Adsense team and other top earners who decide to share their secret tips and visible check of course.

Okay, I said to myself, this should be the reason why my CTR and earning with adsense is low, so I decide to implement it and the result?

My Adsense Earning and CTR increased drastically within 2 weeks. My cpc which was 1-5cent per click, increased to 30cent – $2 per click. (That is what I call success!) and when your CTR increases, your earnings also increase without any increase in traffic or clicks.

The reason behind this blog post is because when placing some adverts on facebook to increase my page likes and reaches, a message popped up and it was from a blogger friend and here is a screenshot of his first questions!

3 Tips On How To Increase Adsense Earning and CTR Without Any Increase in Blog Traffic.

First Tips:
Use the best adsense placement, here is a picture that shows you what I am talking about, you might have got the concept totally wrong! And this might be the cause of the decrease in your earnings.

INFOGRAPHIC on Best Adsense Ads Placement to Increase Earning and CTR.

Most people claim that Heatmap is not working again, right? well, the truth is that the theme might not be working any longer, but the placement is working fine, and it would not obstruct your readers view, but at the same time, will make them very aware that there is something increasingly important for them to read.

Please note that this is not against Adsense TOS.

Second Tips: Targetting Your Niche:

This is one best method which I really recommend that you try out, this will help increase your earnings, and your ctr.
When adding a domain to your adsense account, make sure that you targets a niche.. a specific niche that your blog is talking about. This really helped me increase my earnings and CTR to almost 28%.

For example, if your blog is on the tech niche, make sure that you target the following:

Cheap laptops, Androids, iphones, Mobile phones, apple products, galaxy, and all keywords in the tech Niche, this will help adsense bot show TARGET ads on your blog and since your readers are interested in what they’re reading, they MIGHT also get interested and click the ads.
This also apply to all Niche approved by adsense, because if you make adsense bots know what your blog is about, they will be able to crawl your blog and show related adverts based on your blog posts keys/titles or even the words inside the post.
This will help adsense bots understand your blog and show adverts that fit in with your audience.

You can also go do it manually by going to your adsense account:
You will click on My Ads which is located on the left side of the adsense page
Then click on “Custom Channel” which will drop down on the left side of your computer screen.
After that, click on “New Custom Channel”
Make sure that after filling in the required details, you are to mark the target box to show you where you will add the description:

Third Tips: Best Performing Adsense Ads Block Sizes
Countless times, i have across questions in several forums where people want to know all they can and want to know about the best performing ad types.
However, the truth is that whenever you create an ad unit, you can specify which ad types will appear in the unit. You are provided with three options:
1. Text & image/rich media ads.
2. Text ads only.
3. Image/rich media ads only.

Until we know and locate the best ads block that converts most, you would certainly be earning peanuts, but if you know the ad block that most adsense advertise uses and love, then you can earn much more by using the same ads block.

Here is a list of the best performing adsense ads block, before listing them out, a worker in adsense team also released a video where he also mentioned that this are the best performing ads block too.

You can’t help but use them, if you can grasp these ads block and start using them, I promise you, you will see a high spike in your earnings.

You might have been using the non-too popular ads block and that might have been the problem with a decrease in your adsense earning.

Here are the Best Performing Adsense Ads Blocks Sizes

336 x 280 Large Rectangle,
300 x 250 Medium Rectangle,
728 x 90 Leaderboard,
160 x 600 Wide Skyscraper

Important Information:
Please note that after implementing this on your blog, it takes more than 2 weeks for this to implement and work out.

I guess you now know that your adsense earnings is in Your hands, and I know that if you follow this rules shared above, this will guarantee you a greater returns for every clicks you get on your adsense account.

I hope you know that this post took me more than 4 days to compile right? That this post is shared directly from experience and it’s worth sharing on social networks right? Please you can help get your friends informed on how to increase your adsense earnings by using any of the share buttons below or by the left sidebar.

DO you have any question about any of the above methods to increasing your ads? Are you faced with low CTR?

Have you implement this yet? What do you think about post? Please share your views through the comment box below.

24 thoughts on “Best Google Adsense Ads Placement to Increase Your CTR (Infographic)

  1. Hi Isaiah,

    You’ve picked one of the most interesting topic in blogosphere. Who won’t love more money from their Adsense account?

    I’d like to let you know that the images you refer in the post are not being displayed and I believe that they are vital to your discussion. Hope you’ll fix them soon.

    Regarding targeting the ads, you mentioned to enter description. Isn’t that the description for the channel so that advertisers can bid for placement Ads? Will it make any difference for the contextual Ads? I guess, for contextual ads, you’ll need to add adsense tag to tell bots what contents relate to your post and which are not important for them to index so that you can improve the relevancy of Ads.

    I agree about the Ad sizes you mention. However, the problem for me is to make them responsive. Because my blog theme is responsive and I want my mobile readers enjoy the blog equally as the desktop users, I need to make the Ads change according to the screen size. So, now, it’s been practically been impossible to choose and fix on a particular size.

    Thanks for this interesting discussion and hope many will find it useful to optimize their Ads and enjoy more money!

    1. Suresh!! wow, nice to see you here today, i have solve the image issue, thanks for pointing out the problem, readers like you are always welcome anywhere Suresh.
      Well, back to your question, i guess i will be answering them one by one.

      1. Every blogger would love to make money off adsense, except the biggest time bloggers who make money off other means that are very lucrative.
      2. Yes, it’s both for advertisers and also for bots to know the exact ads to show on your blog, it’s a win win situation Here.
      3. Making ads responsive has always been one big problem to bloggers, because when viewing analytics, i normally notice that most of my readers (in several other blogs) are mostly coming from mobile, but i think that the genesis html 5 new themes did a great job in making their themes mobile responsive.

      Thanks Suresh for dropping by, need to take a coffee break.

  2. Hello Joseph
    This is really an interesting article. Getting adsense account and the low CTR is useless too. The four Ad Block sizes you have introduced here are must for every Adsense users either WordPress or Blogger users. Thanks for sharing.

    1. yes, :lol but that is the truth, if you have a low CTR, there’s no difference between adsense and other PPC networks, and about the four ad blocks, a using them and they’re the best!

  3. Some awesome tips here my friend. I just recently got into AdSense and I’m trying to figure out the best place to put my ads. I will re-watch the video and give it another whirl!

  4. This is a great and informative post, i was wondering why my earnings dropped over the past few months, i will definitely impliment these idea and see how it goes. Thanks for sharing.

    1. Hello Nwosu, thanks for dropping by, yes, most a times, the very reason why our earnings do dropped is because returning visitors do know exactly where the content is and will just read without clicking on the ads.

      But there are places where you can place your ads that will always get your readers attention.

  5. Yet I don’t have but I will apply for Adsense asap. It’s really will help me to select a niche for increasing earning. Actually in my blog I wrote some article but it’s not a totally desirable niche selected so after reading your post I made the decision I will write every post with a better niche which has better ctr. Thanks for sharing with us your experience.

    1. Hello Chonchol, if you follow the guidelines shared above, i guarantee you that you can earn better, but i have just compiled an article to show you how to get an approved account, hope you follow the tips there. Wishing you the BEST!

  6. Wonderful tips and video mate, yes ad placement is really important factor to increase the amount of clicks and increase revenue. I’d surely try out and follow your tips.

    Thanks for sharing.

  7. Hi Isaiah,

    Just getting approved for AdSense is not enough. One must learn to make most out of AdSense ads. Ad placement is one such ‘hot’ topic. If one gets it right, one can expect the CTR to rise! Otherwise, even high traffic may not convert to clicks. What say?

    You’ve shared some useful tips regarding the ad placement that’ll reap most benefits. That ad placement image is particularly useful.

    Having said that all about ad placement, ignoring niche and targeted audience will be foolishness. As you said, targeting niche audience will improve CTR!

    Good writing Isaiah!


    1. Thanks Arun, just reading your comment brought a twist to my lips which later formed into some wide smile. Thanks for every single word you dropped here, and yes, you just motivate me to keep writing articles that are worth reading.

      Thanks once again and before i publish this comment, i want to use this medium to say that your blog, SmartBloggingTips is doing marvelous!.

  8. Quiet informative, I would suggest you to take a look official adsense heatmap.
    In this way you will be able to know which ad position to target.

    1. Hello Sadek, i have already shown the Adsense heatmap picture inside the post, though it’s not as effective as it previously was, you can twist it for better ctr..

      Thanks for dropping by and adding a useful comment here, i do appreciate it.

    1. Hello Akos, well, my earnings do fluctuate, that is why i can’t specifically give you my adsense earnings number, but sure thing is, i almost do reach payout every month.

      Hope this satisfy you.

    1. Hello Kelvin, you can simply edit your blog html by reading about it online, there are lots of resources that shares great tutorial as to editing html to add adsense and other network codes, you did not tell me the platform you’re using here, that is why i can’t offer any help here, you can contact me and i can help do it for you.

    1. Hello Kevin, i have not yet received any mail from you, but have received from other friends… did you use the contact form or what? Hope to hear from you soon Kevin, either through email or comments here.. have a nice day. 😀

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