how to make money online as a teen

Nine best Ways To Make Money Online As a Teenager

Underating teenagers is a thing of the past, we are advancing and believe it or not, Most lucrative business online were started by teenagers and even controlled by teenagers.

Think it’s a lie? okay lets take a clue from the creator of Tumblr, David Karp did you know how old he was when he start tumblr? well, he dropped out of school to pursue his dream, (but please, am not advising any one to drop out of school, if you are in one) and today? he’s a multi Billionaire, He sold Tumblr to Yahoo for a millions of Dollars.

Read More about how David Karp start Tumblr Here

Now, how can this guy ever go poor again? he was a teen when he start creating tumblr, so if you are a teenager reading this now, and you think you are “too small” to make it in life, then you are simple not serious about your future, you are just under-rating the potentials stock inside you.

On May 20, 2013, it was announced that Yahoo! and Tumblr had reached an agreement for Yahoo! to acquire Tumblr for $1.1 billion in cash.

Many of Tumblr’s users were unhappy with the news, causing some to start a petition, achieving nearly 170,000 signatures. David Karp will remain CEO and the deal was finalized on June 20, 2013.

There are hundred of stories which i would not mentioned here where great business of today, was started by a teen, and i guess you have heard or read of motivating stories like this too.

Please don’t ever try and limit yourself by thinking you are a teen and that you can’t make money online, it’s a pure insult to your personality.
Okay, let me tell you, that twelve (12) hours (more or less) which you spend daily in social networking , part of it can really be turned into income.
However, today, i am going to show you, 9 best ways for teenagers to make some legal money online without being scam, just consider me your guidance, as i will guide you on how to make money online, and please, if you have any problem or encounter any issue while trying out this method, please use the comment box below or you can personally mail me.

how to make money online as a teen

How To Make Money Online As a Teen #1. Tutor or Giving Out Lessons Online:

I believe that every one has a gift, something he’s so good at, that the world is waiting for them, so before you start out on your journey to making money online, you should sit down and ask yourself some questions like;
What am i good at?
What do i know of that some teens in my area don’t know?.
Surely, this is your starting point to earn money online, so why not advertise what you are good at to those younger than you? and sure enough, even if you are older, it doesn’t mean.
I have seen parents willing to pay a teenager to tutor their child in an area that needs development. So give this a shot and i bet you, you will start getting paid doing what you love, like teaching other kids online or in your area subjects which you can kill while sleeping.

How To Make Money Online As a Teen #2. Reviewing Products Online:

Are you aware that there are websites, i mean legal websites like and that pays you to write an honest review about products?.
Yes, so you’ve got an opinion about some products and you certainly type fast, right?, then you are good to go.
This are good options to make some money online.

There are websites like this, that allows you to write products reviews and then you earn affiliate commission from sales of those products through forums and social networking Websites.
The cash from here might be really slow, but yet, its worth trying, and in time, you can just be earning more online using other medium.

How To Make Money Online As a Teen #3; Building Websites, Blogs or Forums For Friends, Schools or Corporation:

Do you know that it is now something like, a MUST for every offline business to have an online presence, to boost their sales and promote their products to potential buyers online?
The truth is that websites are really in need of this days. and i have received several mails, asking me how to build a website.
” how did you build your site?, can you do this for me and how much do you charge to build a website like yours?”

I know some teens who are building websites and charging alot of money to do this.
So if you are good at building sites, then you can offer to build sites for people in need of this, just go and meet business owners around your area and offer your service, you certainly wouldn’t believe how much you can make from this.
But if you are really shy, then you can do that through email, informing business owners that you can build a mobile friendly websites for them.
This is really one cool way a teenager can use in making some money online.
You don’t necessarily need to be the best in building sites, just be good in coding and you are good to go, if you have any trouble here, please don’t forget to mail me.

How To Make Money Online As a Teen #4. Designing Web Logos For Business Presence Online:

Are you good in designing? are you so good in making some cartoons? then channel your skill to making money online You can really be making cool money online by designing logos for websites.

Just get the passion for logo design and advertise your services. You will surely succeed, one best place to show your designing talent is through fiverr and other platform that allows you to showcase your talent and design logo for people who will in turn pay you for the service! now talk about making money online made easy.

How To Make Money Online As a Teen #5. Get Paid To Tweet or Retweet:

Are you smiling? well i am, because to me, this is practically, the simplest way to make money online, you will be paid to tweet some products or service to your twitter followers.
This is so great, and if you do have plenty twitter followers and you are active on twitter, then this method will certainly make you bank.
All you need to do, is just to tweet some products or service to your twitter followers and yes, you will be paid, depending on how many clicks the tweet link have, so what really speaks here, is a large number of twitter followers.

Likewise, advertisers will pay you to send out tweets about their products to your twitter followers personally.
To start banking with tweets, then you should visit
Your earnings is determined by how large your twitter audience are.

How To Make Money Online As a Teen #6. Writing articles:

I am even paying people to write for some of my products, and this market is really large, if you can write and share your positive or negative view (depending on the users choice) then you can share making money online, it’s this simple!
You actually can sell the articles you write, there are places that gives you the best and safe ground to trade your skill with article buyers, or you can even offer your service to top websites by using their contact form.

But if you need places that connects you to article buyers, then i would suggest you the following websites;

This websites will pay you for your articles.

How To Make Money Online As a Teen # 7. Selling Digital Photos:

hello? hope you are enjoying this?
Well, this is the seventh method and it’s really rocking!.
If you are very good at photography, then this method to earn money as a teen is the best method for you.
You can actually be selling digital photos online, in websites mentioned below;,,,,

This are places that are looking for digital photos to buy daily. The more you are good as a photographer, then the higher the bid for your photos, so start selling now if you have wonderful photographer.

How To Make Money Online As a Teen #8. Social Marketing Consult:

This is the last method for today, but certainly NOT the last in this series!
Please, if you are not aware of this, then i need to inform you once again!
You are the 21st century teenager, and you probably knows a lot about social marketing.

Do you know that Many companies are looking for qualified persons who know much about social networks like the popular Facebook, Twitter and even Myspace to help them with their social marketing effort?.
That’s right, i just reserve this for the last, the patient dog in this case, has eat the fat bone!

The simple truth is that most teenagers are masters when it comes to social network, so this problem at all.
Just like i stated above, you might be that qualified person that most companies are looking for to manage their social profile, and PLEASE, don’t let anyone put it into your head that you are a kid! that is simply self insult, you can do it, you are blessed with a wonderful brain that works faster and most efficient than the world fastest computer, so you are the BEST for the job.

You can be making money online from home using this method, since you don’t to go to the company on a daily basics, like every day stuff.

This method will certainly make you a great income.
Don’t know where to meet companies like this?

DON’T worry, i have taken care of it, there is a place that you can meet companies like this, so all you need do is to visit and search job site for “social media marketing”.

How To Make Money Online As a Teen #9. Make Money From Fiverr: is one of the biggest market place online, and guess what? most teenagers are killing it there (making money like craze over there in fiverr,) doing things that you certainly over look.

Fiverr is a place where you can sell anything for 5$.
So as a Teenager, you certainly can be making money online from selling things, not properties, i mean your skills, you can review products, create videos and do several things in fiverr for fun and get 5$ for doing it. though the company will send you 4$ to you paypal account which you can transfer to your bank account.

Like i said above, you can make money through fiverr and have fun at the same time.

Bonus Method To Make Money Online As a Teenager;
Just think out of the box, be creative, think of something that would benefit the world, that would make the world be a better place, not just the world, your school, your town, your state or even your country, but JUST THINK OUT OF THE BOX:, stop thinking that the world is a hard place to make money, that money is hard to make.

This is the best and most biggest method left for teenagers to make money online, just think out of the box.
Think, not like any other teenager but like an entrepreneur, Bill Gate did that, and today, he’s the richest or among the top richest men in the world.
Don’t think only online, or as a teenager, but think like a teen-entrepreneur! Don’t wait for Mom and Dad!, They have made their money, its now your turn to make yours, and made them proud! put a smile on your parent face today by being responsible for great ideas!!

Can you do me a favor?
Just help spread this information to fellow teenagers using the social share buttons below.

But please, if you disagree with any of the points which i mentioned above, then waste no time and use the comment box to share your opinion, and invite all teenagers which you know will need this.


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  1. Good points..But still I am confused with the Fiverr point.. Unfortunately I have never used Fiverr .

    I will love to read some more on Fiverr( a detailed article ) .

    Hope to see some more buddy 🙂

    Keep Blogging !

  2. Article writing is the one of the genuine way to earn money online for teenager because there is no investment and they will increase their writing skills also.
    Thank you for introducing other points also.

    1. Welcome Anna Smith, yes, since our kids are still in school and doing some home works, assignment, they can easily write an article within a few hours and sell it for some money, that would really be a great way to earn.
      Thanks for the comment Anna.

  3. Hi Isaiah,

    Great list! I like writing articles. Quick and easy way to make money online at any age after you have developed your skill set effectively 😉

    Thanks for sharing!


    1. Hello Ryan, yes, this list is worth it for article writers, plus it will certainly increase your monthly earning, wishing you the best and i hope you drop by t share your success story with us here @Omoscowonder

    1. Thanks Larry for commenting, everyone is entitled to his own choice, and since you said making money online would be easy for you through fiverr, then you can start there too.
      i appreciate your comment.

  4. Hello joe …I would love to use the surveying sites like toluna,inbox pounds etc that you explain earlier..would you assist me to get more or put me through by inboxing more of them and some other things.thanks

  5. Making money online is all about driving traffic to your website, product, or offer. If you don’t have traffic there is no way that you can earn much online. I received this report a couple years ago when I was struggling to make money online. Thanks for this method, it will surely show me how to make money online the right way.

    1. Yes, i totally agree with you on this Diana, making money online with blog is through traffic, but the truth of the matter is that you can use several methods to make money online without traffic. like through facebook, you don’t need to build the traffic, they’re already there.

      Thanks Diana for visiting my blog, i really appreciate it.

    1. True Sadek, this is one best way to make money online as a teenager, investing our time in education and other making money online projects.

      Thanks for commenting here Sadek, i do appreciate it.

  6. This topic is very useful for teenager to build their career from education life.
    thanks to post this topic.

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