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BEST Web 2.0 list with Web of Trust, PR, DA and Link Building strategy

I have used links from this web 2.0 to rank my blogs on several keywords and yes, even to the #1 of Google for some competitive keywords.
The truth about ranking today in SERP (Search Engine Recent Pages) is that you need related blogs, authoritative blogs linking to your money site. Here are the best web 2.0 sites list.
But before that, one thing you should note is that building a Private Blog Network is really time consuming and need lots of Money to buy the domains and yes, also the Hosting, which is the most important, because of IP address tracing. best web 2.0 properties
Well, back to the topic of today, since most people don’t have the money to build or buy Tier 1 backlinks to their money blog, here are the top players and most respected Web 2.0 properties by google to building backlinks to your blog.

List of The BEST Web 2.0 With Web of Trust, Page Rank and Domain Authority

Web Of Trust PR DA Follow Domain Year Excellent 6 83 Do Follow  1998 Good 7 90 Do Follow  1999 Excellent 9 92 Do Follow 2000 Excellent 7 94 No Follow
1997 Excellent 6 79 Do Follow 1994 Good 7 90 Do Follow Excellent 7 87 No Follow 2007 Excellent 8 94 No Follow 2005 Excellent 6 70 Do Follow 2002 Excellent 5 75 Do Follow 1999 Good 5 72 Do Follow Excellent 6 81 Do Follow 2004 Excellent 6 66 Do Follow 2011 Excellent 5 69 Do Follow Excellent 8 92 No Follow 2004 Excellent 6 88 Do Follow 1999 Excellent 8 97 Do Follow 2006 Excellent 7 84 Do Follow 2006 Excellent 9 100 Do Follow 2000 Good 6 67 Do Follow Good 7 66 Do Follow 2008

Here are some answers to questions  have been asked several times by friends and fellow blog admininstrator.


Personally, i find it much more authoritative to building the blog and publishing 4-5 blog posts without linking out to any blog or website.
Then after a week – 2 weeks, i can then add another article, which will then link to my Money website. Better stil, you can edit the first 4-5 posts and link to the post which is already linked to your blog, using multiply anchor text.
But ensure that when creating this blogs, use titles and meta description which is related to your Money site niche, or a title which is broad, but is all about your niche too.

Yes, but you need to build links to these web 2.0 as well too. You can buy social signals and wiki links to them, which won’t cost you more than $30.
It’s no secret that ranking for keyword now adays needs much more than link pushing or building, but it also need social signals. So ensure that when you create this tier 2 websites, you can proceed to buy social signals, wiki links to them.

Ensure that when you start creating these web 2.0 blogs, write contents without adding any links first, this will go a long way, in showing Google and other Search Engine bots that you’re not trying to con them, but building another helpful blog.

Then you can add your money site niche to them. Make sure that the templates/themes you use on these web 2.0 show the full contents and not some “Read More” tag, this will go a long way in helping your blog garnish authority links from these web 2.0.

One sure thing i know about Ranking is that Quality, original contents along with proper link building strategy is the key factor to it.
You can go further if your niche is having medium competition, and build More Web 2.0 properties to your web 2.0., and this is by building links to these web 2.0
You can get cheap links from SEOCLERK and Fiverr.

if you have any question about using this web 2 or link building strategy, then don’t hesitate to use the comment box and let’s communicate.

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