Better AdWords Ads with Dimensions

AdWords is still a very good PPC and PPA platform for advertising a wide range of products, including your website – and the content it provides – and your products themselves.

However, not all AdWords users know how to optimize their campaigns and get better clickthrough rates in return. In this article, we are going to talk about how you can refine your AdWords ads by using Dimensions.

What is Dimensions?

When you open your AdWords dashboard, you will see a tab called Dimensions. This tab is filled with tools and instruments you can use to make your AdWords ads more targeted and effective in the long run. The tab can be accessed at account, campaign and ad levels, giving you complete control over a wide range of parameters.

You can use Dimensions to view statistics of your AdWords ads, group them based on various parameters such as geographic region and time, as well as get a lot of insights about users and viewers.

The information found in the Dimensions tab is truly priceless, especially if you are serious about running a successful AdWords campaign.

Optimizing Your AdWords Ads

Now that you have access to a wide range of new information and insights, you can refine your AdWords ads and increase their overall effectiveness.

Start by looking into the Time statistics. You can see how the ads are performing based on hour of the day, day of the week, day, all the way to year. These timeframes contain different sets of data.

By taking the information found in the previous step, you can fine-tune the delivery of your AdWords ads based on times at which the clickthrough rate is higher. You can also adjust your bids accordingly, allowing you to save on times where the ads are less effective.

Next, you can make your ads more relevant by targeting the right locations. If you are selling products in Canada – or even in a particular city, such as Toronto – you can turn off ads on other countries for better overall performance.

Get insights on distance – the distance between you and the user viewing your ads – and you can drill down on where to display your ads even further.

Last but certainly not least, find out more about the performance of different search terms. You will get a wealth of information not only on the best keywords to target but also on which search terms are truly relevant to your ads. You can then set the ads to be displayed only on effective search terms for better AdWords performance.

Working with Professionals

Refining an AdWords advertising campaign may seem like a difficult task to tackle at first, but you can actually work with the best Toronto SEO companies to get the best results.

These SEO agencies now offer the best services at affordable rates, so there is no reason why you shouldn’t hire the best one to help you. The amount of money you can save on AdWords ads will more than make up for the cost of SEM services.

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