BlogEngage: Best Blogging Community and Why I Hate Them

Yes, the title said it all, am truly a big hater of Blogengage, but before I share the reasons why I said this, I want you to read how I come to know about Blogengage.

I have known a blogger friend for some years now, and whenever we’re discussing, he’s always praising Blogengage, and he never fail to tell me that they’re the BEST bloggers community in today’s cyber-world, in short, he terms them, “Bloggers Heaven”.

Well, you wouldn’t blame him, because it’s his heaven, when he started blogging, his traffic stats is always under 500 Unique visitors a day, and no matter how much he writes, his traffic never increases.
Truth is, I never knew how he heard/got into Blogengage, but I guess it’s because he must have been reading and searching for “Best Place to Promote Blog Posts and Gain Traffic”.

His website alexa before joining Blogengage was 90,000 and above.

But barely two weeks after joining Blogengage, his blogging story changed for good!, I personally noticed drastic and positive changes in his blog traffic, visitors and of course, his new blogging friends and comments on HIS website.

You might be asking, why do you need comments on a post?
Well, truth is, if you have a blog that rarely gets comment, then your visitors will surely get bored, because it would seem like they’re the only ones visiting your blog, and there’s simply no user engagement there.

What’s even more surprising, is that advertisers ALWAYS look at your blog users engagement before buying an ad space on your blog, so don’t even drag further, all bloggers need Comments on their BLOG to make it look alive!


Changes When My Friend Joined Blogengage.
I noticed that his blogging friends changed, from normal friends to pro-bloggers like Zac Johnson, Easley of Weblogbetter, among others.

His users engagement increased, because since he’s sharing his blog posts in Blogengage, which is the main reason why it was created at the first place by Brian, and for every blog posts he posted and shared in Blogengage, I noticed that he always have comments on his blog posts, and his user engagement increased from basically 1% to a whooping 70% and yes, all thanks to Blogengage.

Finally, I noticed something that got me gasping for air, his alexa got as low as 33k and it’s still coming down.

Since his visitors increased and his user engagement increased too, there was a significant to his earnings, before joining this awesome blogging community, he was earning a meagre of $166 or less from Adsense, but from his last Adsense Check so Far, he earned a whooping $600+ dollars!!! And that increased my Jealousy of not entering into this social network for bloggers!

15 + Reasons Why Every Blogger (Including You) Need to Join Blogengage.
1. User Engagement: You will certainly noticed users engagement in your blog, since everyone in this blogging community is a blogger, they always comment to build backlink to their website and also help share your blog post with their blogging friends.

2. Free Social Shares: Another wonderful thing I noticed about this awesome blogging community is that there’s a need to help fellow bloggers, they can go as far as sharing your blog posts with their friends on social media, like Facebook, twitter, linkdeln among others which will increase your traffic.

3. Free Backlinks: This comes in two stages, when you share your blog post on Blogengage, you will certainly have an authority link pointing back to your to the blog post, which will help you rank for that targeted keyword, and don’t forget, Blogengage is an authority website, and a link from there to your blog post will certainly boost your ranking in serp (search engines recent pages).

Less I forget, Blogengage is ranked 8266 according to alexa, which is as at the time of writing this post.

If your blog post is useful, amazing, blogengage helps get your blog post to other bloggers, who might link back to any of your blog post for sure without even asking you to pay!.

4. Publicize: This is one of the main reason why this community was created, to help publicise your blog to the world, and When I say to them world, I mean, to every single blogger available, because one thing is for sure, when you join blogengage, which is specifically designed to gets other members/users (which are also bloggers) to get to know your blog, and this will certainly increase your traffic, your authority and help you dominate your niche.

5. Your Blogging Knowledge Increases: When you become a member of this community, you will come across hundreds of resources that would certainly help solve your blogging challenges.

You will see blog posts from bloggers who shares how they are increasing their blog traffic and how you can do it too.

There’s too much Secret shared in Blogengage, and it’s opened ONLY to their members!

6. Post Moderation: Yes, it’s not some kind of place where anyone can just come and publish a spamming post, before seeing any post live on blogengage, it goes through their moderation guidelines, so I promise you, you are entitled to SEE only the BEST in blog engage.

7. Help From Top Players: As a member of blogengage, you will be entitled to see their forum, it’s kind of opened to elite bloggers only, where you can get help almost instantly.
With Blog engage forum, you can ask any question related to blogging, and you will get help from their experts and other bloggers who have gone through that phase.

8. Increases Website Authority: Yes, this might sound funny, but immediately you become a member of Blog engage, you can start building backlinks to your website/blog post.

Do you know about Domain Authority? And do you know the main factor to increasing Your Domain Authority?
Having links from related blog does not only help increase your ranking in Google and other Search engine, but it also help increase your blog domain authority.

9. Help Rank You Better: Matt Cutts once disclosed that having high pagerank links from unrelated blog, is almost scrap link, because the blog users and content is simply unrelated to your audience, not minding the Pagerank.

Even if you have a pr3 backlink from an unrelated blog, a pr1 link from a related blog, can help boost your blog ranking in serp, since this will show google that you’re active and that other blogs are linking to you.

What am trying to tell you here is that as a blogengage member, if you start commenting on other blogger’s post related to you, you will certainly see an increase in your organic traffic.

10. Adsense Revenue Program: Blogengage wants the very the best for you, so they have an adsense revenue program for you! where you can earn money from your articles/ post links, and since blogengage is ranking high for some keywords in search engine, you can be sure of earning more.

11. You’re Free to Connect to Top Bloggers: Don’t even mention this! When you visit blog engage, you will be surprised to see bloggers who are using it, and give me the pleasure of me of introducing just a few of them!
Harleena Singh
Ankit Singla
Suresh Khanal
Zac Johson

blogengage Authority

The blogs which is using Blogengage to syndicate their contents and help drive in more traffic is:
Famous Bloggers
Hot Blog Tips
Dragon Blogger
Make WebWorld
Odd Blogger
Small Business Finance

12. Community Blog: That’s it, being a member of this awesome community, you are entitled, I mean, it’s your right to post on the community blog, and also get a backlink pointing to your blog.

13. High Pagerank Directory: Just too much offer from one NETWORK, I really think Blogengage is over doing it here, with their highly organised and non – link saturated directory, you can add your keyword as your anchor text and build some backlink pointing back to your blog.

14. Free Seo E-book: Yes, I promise you, you’re on the right ride which will help push your blog to the next level, this e-book is handwritten by Brian himself, and when you go through this e-book, your blogging career will never be the same again.

15. Content Syndication: Blogengage helps syndicate your content to thousands of bloggers without you, having to do any single work, all you need to do, is just to add your RSS feed, and viola, you’re done!

No other bloggers social networking website does this. you need manual submissions, but with Blogengage, it’s all on autopilot.

Other Hidden Bonus
Gosh, am so writing and there are just more inside blog engage, than I can describe here, so let me give you a tip: You’ll get some free coins to help promote your twitter account from one of the best Twitter Traffic tool among Others!

Why I hate BlogEngage:
Sorry, I should have put the blame on myself, had I joined blogengage before, I would certainly be among top bloggers in my niche today, had I join blogengage, I would have certainly gotten to a better place.

But am not regretting, because I have already registered! So what are you waiting for?
Why not register today and enjoy the Packages that comes with this Bloggers Social Network?

I would love to Hear from You:
Have you ever heard of blogengage before?
Are you a member already?
If yes, then is blogengage really promoting your blog?
Would you love to join Blogengage?

Please don’t read all this without sharing your thoughts using the comment box below, and like I said, I would love to hear from YOU.

Thanks for reading.

28 thoughts on “BlogEngage: Best Blogging Community and Why I Hate Them

  1. Hi Isaiah Joseph,

    Very smart title, smart enough to scare Brian at first 🙂 But it’s awesome. You’ve gone very deep to bring out all of its benefits. Did you point Ryan as the friend who did wonders after joining BlogEngage? I saw him joining the community recently and he’s done great in improving!

    I do agree with traffic, engagement and back links. However, regarding Adsense money, I’m not sure if it can be the cause to boost earning. Most of the members in BlogEngage are tech enthusiasts and we know they are alread ad blinded 😀

    Thanks for this awesome post, and yes thanks for the mention as well!

    1. Hope Brian does not have HBP, 🙂 Did not, you Suresh even got me to know and understand the in depth secret hidden inside this blogging community, about the mention, don’t see me as a greedy blogger who wouldn’t like to link to bloggers, just that am too lazy to start searching for the website links.

  2. I got another website to learn more about blogging. After reading your post I got much idea about blogengage and I will try to increase my blog popularity by blogengage. Thanks for sharing with us.

  3. Hello Isaiah,

    You almost misled me! I was thinking: how can any blogger in his right senses hate such an awesome community? But then again, I must confess: it’s the catchy headline that brought me here. Bottomline: you’re great!

    Blogengage is a great community of blogger…and I leverage a lot of free traffic and other benefits from there.

    Thanks for the work of bringing such ‘goodies’ to the knowledge of other bloggers.

    Happy New Year!


    1. Hello Akaahan, well, thank God you were not some of those bloggers that just read the headlines and start commenting, yes, i totally agreed with you, when you say BE is a great community for bloggers, i am also a huge fan of BE and the benefits there is countless, thanks for visiting Omoscowonder today, Terungwa, i love your writing skills, you’re doing great with your blog.

  4. Hey Isaiah Joseph
    Very-2 interesting article. I have already heard about Blogengage but didn’t join yet.
    But after reading your article I am convinced to join it.
    a lots of benefits to joining this community. It is also called Facebook of Bloggers.
    Thanks for sharing 🙂

    1. Hello Rajesh, firstly, i want to recommend the job you’re doing with your blog, it’s great! and i love it.
      About Blogengage, any blogger who is not yet there is missing out. i hope to see you there and do use this pix, waiting to see and connect with you over there at BE.

  5. This is the most captivating of headlines about Blogengage i have ever seen and couldn’t wait to read till the point where you were supposed to hate them only for me to find out you just can hate what you already loved. Blogengage is an awesome community and i am still exploiting how to make the best use of it in connecting with other bloggers, improving my site traffic and engagements etc.

    1. Hello Nwosu, thanks for visiting today, well, my hate was indirectly directed at myself, i keep asking myself “why the hell didn’t you join BE with your friend?

      I have seen you in BE and about making exploits, you’re doing it already, wishing you the very best.

  6. Hey Joe, it’s good to be here on your great blog! 🙂

    You wrote a nice review of Blog Engage and trust me is one of the best out there. I’m glad I came across it from CommentDX this morning when I was surfing for what to read.

    You my friend made my morning and I will wade into getting myself an account there too. I mean who doesn’t like good thing?

    Thanks for sharing boss!


    1. The ProMotivator himself is here, wow, it’s such a nice feeling seeing you, about Blogengage? i highly recommend it to any blogger who want to increase their chance of making it online.
      it’s a wonderful place for bloggers (like minded people) to share links, and the truth is, it’s one of the best social network out there for bloggers.

      Have a nice day Sam, and you’rea great writer too.

  7. Hi Isaiah,

    I’ve been reading about Blog Engage for quite some time now. Recently, I read an epic post about BE written by Suresh Khanl Sir. After reading it, I felt guilty of not joining it. However, I told myself that I’d soon make my presence felt there on BE, in the future.

    Now, after reading this well written article of yours, the same guilty feeling has kicked in. It is like asking myself- ‘Why the hell are you not joining it?’.

    This time, let me tell you that I have a plan. I’m close to my target (monetary one). Soon I’m gonna achieve it. After that, the first thing I’d do is grab a BE membership!

    Thanks again for this post, Isaiah! 🙂


    1. Hi there Arun, it always gives me great pleasure to see you here, BE is one big community that every blogger must join and share their blog posts to get traffic and of course, lower their alexa rank to get better chances of Attracting advertisers.

      I sincerely hope you accomplish your plan and join this community, they’re one of the best out there for bloggers and the advantages is just too much, wishing you the best Arun with your online career.

  8. Hey Isiah,

    I’ve heard of Blog Engage and see the many benefits of it. It’s no wonder that the top bloggers that you listed are part of the community. It’s a great community and will only continue to grow from here on out. Thanks for sharing!

    1. Hello Nate, i really do appreciate the time you took to reply here, well, i have been seeing this guys communicating, and i never knew that what brought them together is this awesome community.
      I agree with you, this is a great community for every blogger to join.

      Thanks for dropping by Nate,i do appreciate it.

  9. Hi IJ,

    Great points! And @Suresh, thanks for the mention….I am trying to hit BE hard after joining a few weeks ago. What a community. Such a big network of folks with common interests. Join and prosper.


  10. Hi Isaiah,
    Great post! Keep up the good work. I am new to blogging and will definitely look into Blogengage. I must admiit you confused me for a while, as your post praised the community until I reached the end.
    Best Wishes

    1. Okay, just wish to get more clicks to this post. But they are among the best community for bloggers out there, and sincerely, Blogengage has help get me connected with friends, and draw traffic to my blog, not mentioned quality backlinks.

    1. Hello Tharun of Bloggerbulk, i really love your blog, good writeup man, and do keep the good works, about Blogengage, no doubt they’re blogger’s heaven, thanks for mentioning this communities, good place for bloggers to get traffic and backlinks.

      Hope to see you here again ;/

  11. I just learned about Blog Engage a few days ago and opened up an account with them, so I am just starting out. I can’t wait to see how this will help my blog increase traffic. This is a great review, by the way. In-depth and well-research. I’m impressed. See you over on Blog Engage! 🙂

    1. Welcome Jeanne to Blogengage, it’s truly an awesome place to increasing our blog traffic, both organic traffic from search engines and also direct traffic from fellow bloggers in BE. Yes, am so happy and am really waiting to see you in BE.

  12. Thanks for sharing this article. There are so many benefits of joining blogengage and you have described them well. That was new to me. I hope this is going to help me increase my traffic. I am associated with Can you suggest me how to join Blogengage . Since i am new and do not know it.

    1. you can use the link below the article to register for Blogengage, it’s really cool and very helpful to increasing traffic, both organic and direct traffic.

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