Namecheap coupon codes

0.99cent Namecheap Coupon Code For 2013

Wow, did you recall the last time that Namecheap did offer a whooping 0.99 cent per domain name??
Well, we did write about it and you can read it here

Namecheap Coupon codes

Namecheap Coupon codes


Still not sure about using namecheap?
Then you can read their review using the link below.

Namecheap Web Hosting and Domain Registration Reviews
Namecheap $0.98 Domain Name Feature and Terms of Usage!
→ Note that this Offer is just for Normal TLD’s domain names.
.ORG Only.
→ You can buy just 1 domain on a single account on this offer.
→ This Coupon code is just valid for 1 time use per a Customer.
→ Offer is ONLY for New customers not OLD customers.

The goodnews is that namecheap is at it again, and this time, it is another time to purchase a domain name in namecheap for just 0.99 cents!!!
i have tried it and it is working, and the payment methods is awesome, you can use credit card, paypal or a mastercard.

But the bad news is that this 0.99cent coupon code is for new costumers only, as in new namecheap users.
I do not really need to tell you that if you previously have an account with namecheap, you can use just create a new account and a new email in your paypal and get yourself, a domain name for just 0.99 cent!

And speaking from what i’m done and the success so far, i want to the method on how to Get your new domain name only for $0.98c In NameCheap.

For New Users.
just click the link below, login and generate the code, save the code in your notepad or anything, search for your domain name, and when you have add it to your cart, just add the coupon code you have generated in the coupon code box and YES, you’ve got a domain name in Namecheap for just 0.99cent!.
you can use your credit cards or paypal.

Like we said before, the coupon works only for new customer but old users can still can get new domain only $1.16

Here is a simple method to get your domain for less than a dollar in Namecheap
The first thing to do is go to your paypal account, then click the Profile link, and click on add/edit email.

Then add your another email, confirm it and then change it to be your primary email (note that in paypal, you can only can add 7 email accounts)

Log out your paypal, close your browser than clean your cookies. Now we will start to use $0.98c coupon from namecheap.


After that, you can browse any domain name you want in search domain box then click on the Generate Code (don’t click on the search domain button)

Now, just save your coupon (you will get it at the Generate code box you click before)

Just go to the Domain menu, Register domain (you search before, don’t register another domain)

Then add your domain to your cart and you can proceed to put the namecheap 0.99cent coupon you get from generate code before then click checkout.

Just make sure that you Follow the instruction above, and just make payment with paypal and sign in your paypal with your primary you made before with the same paypal password.


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