Crucial Plugins To Increase Your Blog Conversation Rate

This sounds crazy, have you ever heard of Blog conversation/interaction rate? Well, I am not using this plugin on this blog, but seriously, I have start customizing it to become much more familiar with my large database of Readers 😯

Do you know that 90% of your visitors who commented on your blog posts will simply go and never return again, not that they don’t love your blog or your excellent blog posts, it’s just that you have not yet caught their attention, to make your blog go viral and be much more interactive with your readers, you need to go give your readers a gentle nudge sometimes.

Here are some plugins that will help you achieve this, which I will be sharing with you today on this edition.

I know of a blogger friend, who have a wordpress plugin, that after I have commented for more than 6 days, I will receive a message customized, saying a big thank YOU to me for commenting on the blog and saying that he would love to see me again in the blog.

I noticed something, and it’s that I always get attracted to the blog, because for every comment I commented on the blog, I always receive a thank you.

This is simply one big way to get your blog interactive with your readers, thereby getting your blog more familiar with them, and this is crucial to the growth of your blog.

MailPoet Newsletters


With this beautiful newsletter plugin, you can easily and freely send newsletters, post notifications or autoresponders from WordPress easily, and beautifully to your commenters and your subscribed readers.

This will surely get your readers involved and always make your new blog posts go viral.

You can download this plugin in wordpress here

Thank Me Later

thank you

This is the plugin am talking about, it sends a thank you mail to your readers after some days, appreciating them, and also promoting your later blog posts too in the link, this message never comes as spam, and you know why?

Because you will always smile when you receive this kind of mails, and likewise your visitors, just try commenting here on this blog and yes, you’ll will receive a personal email from me telling you “Thank You” for commenting on this post, and it’s a sincere appreciation, courtesy of this plugin.

You can download the email from WordPress by Clicking Here

SendPress Newsletters


This is another wonderful newsletter plugin which i so much love, it’s really beautiful and with it, you can easily send customized emails to your subscribers without even using a third party, like Feedburner, etc.

This is one of the MOST easy to use Email Newsletter Plugin for WordPress to create, send, manage and track your Newsletters.

You can download SendPress Newletters Plugin from WordPress Here

Send email only on Reply to My Comment

This is based on your users choice, they can choose to receive or not receive notification of reply. But the good thing here is that most times, they’ll love to reply a reply about a solution to their problem.

Users can choose to:

Receive Comment Reply Notification Only:
Receive Notification For All New Comments:
Not Receive Any Notifications:

You can download or install the plugin directly from WordPress Here

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  1. Nice post for the WP bloggers Omoscowonder 🙂

    This is my first visit to your blog and it is really good. Will add you in my G+ circle and i don’t wanna miss your posts.

    Coming to your post, I am unaware of these plugins, will try to use any one of them 🙂

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