Downloading Free Blogger Templates and WordPress Themes can Hurt Your Ranking

Okay, even before i say anything here, i will admit that i have been downloading and using free blogger templates and wordpress themes on my websites for years before i found something extraordinary and a simple truth!.

and that is what i used in creating this post title;
Downloading Free Blogger Templates and WordPress Themes can Hurt Your Ranking.

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This is so true, because there are some keywords that if you can rank there within the 1st -3rd on the first page, you can make tens of dollars within a day! and that’s fact.

So top bloggers who knows how profitable niches like this are, they can go any mile to get a link from you blog, even as far as paying programmers and designers (themes and template creators) to design a simple and beautiful themes for free and make it available for everyone to download.

So don’t get shock when you see any beautiful and awesome themes or template free to download, because they have been infected with links, do follow links that only Search engine bots can see and identify.

The reason why you can’t see this links is because they have been encripted with links that you can’t see, and i hope you know that this will only affect your website ranking, because your blog will be acting and seem as a tier 2 blog used for building links! and just like the title stat, your ranking might dropped down so fast that you will think that your competitor blast your site with spammy links, NO, you did it your self by downloading free themes and templates.

Mostly, the themes and templates infected with this links are those premium templates and themes that are designed for sale.

Most bloggers don’t have the money to buy premium themes and templates, but still want to use it, so this people or group of people, provide you the premium themes for free and bam!!!! goes the bomb sound, Your blog is now tier 2!! and your rankings will certainly drop.

There are good guys online, who would want to help a newbie with premium themes and templates, but i will always advice you to be cautious and follow the guidelines below to check if your themes can be affecting your ranking or not.

Method On How Check If a Theme Has Hidden Links Affecting Your Rankings!
i will share some method on how to check your themes or template if there is any hidden links.

For WordPress Users;
There is a plugin to do this for you, all you need to do is just to download theme authenticity checker (TAC) for WordPress.
This plugin will scan your site for links that will affect your rankings.
You can download and upload the plugin Here

For WordPress Geeks;
You can simply remove links like this, by looking at the page source of every theme you have install.

How to figure out fake themes that will hurt your rankings!

Most a times, this malicious links are been inserted in wordpress themes more than blogger templates, because you Must surely see usual script codes below your template HTML.

There are a lots of WordPress themes which are infected by invisible links, which are been used to spam sites which only search engines bots can see.

Most infected websites are infected with casino and gambling niche websites links, so be very careful when downloading and uploading wordpress themes.

7 Simple Step To Check Your Blog For Bad Links
1. The very first thing you need to do, is to take a look at how Google and other search engines bots view your site.

2. You can do this by going to

3. When the website loads up in your system, then in the ‘Address’ field, type in your blogs URL and make you that you click on ‘Simple’.

4. Please, note that you will have a basic type of your website will be displayed which will look something like this:

omoscowonder themes

The above image is an example of omoscowonder and how search engines see and read this blog.

5. After that, just scroll down to through your entire page and look for malicious links.
most of the time when you try this, those will be in the bottom of your page, watch closely.

6. Okay, so here is the main point i want you to note;
If you spot any links which are not put there by you and which are not visible to you when you are viewing your website in full mode, this means your theme got infected with links which you don’t have any idea of and which you have not obviously insert there.

7. This is the last and most important step; Change Your themes immediately and Delete It.

Personal Note; i won’t trust the theme even if i have remove the links, something might be hiding and laughing somewhere, i just can’t help it, so personally, i will just delete the themes completely from my database.

If you have any other method how to check and remove malicious links from your website, please do share with us here though the comment box.

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