E-commerce Trends to Know for 2015

If you run an e-commerce store, you’ve probably noticed that things change before you get used to them in the first place. As soon as you get your online shop up and running, you have to jump on the mobile commerce bandwagon.

Once you’ve made sure shoppers can access your store through their smartphone, there’s another social media platform to join and learn. Staying on top of trends can be tricky, which is why we’ve rounded up three must-know trends to really keep your eye on this year.

One-Third of Sales Are Occurring On Mobile Devices

As of 2014, as much as one-third of e-commerce sales were coming from mobile devices, not computers. In 2012, only 12% of sales were happening on mobile devices and in 2013 the number as at 23%. The trend is still increasing, too, so 2015 may see even more mobile sales than ever before.

E-commerce Trends

When looking for an ecommerce website builder, make sure to choose one that has mobile compatibility. It’s also helpful to learn how to use your mobile shop yourself, so that you can help customers troubleshoot.

Social Discovery is Gaining Popularity

Part of the reason why so many shoppers are using their phones instead of their computers is because of something called “social discovery.” Computers are still being used to search for commodities, but mobile devices are being used for more spontaneous purchasing (discovery-based).

Social media is a great help when it comes to discovery-based purchasing. While Google is still used for specific searches, Facebook and Pinterest are ideal places to show your audience products they didn’t even realize they wanted.

People Are Shopping All the Time

Today, people shop whenever, wherever, and however they want. This new way of browsing and buying is called “always-on shopping.” Shoppers are using their computer at work, their phone while riding the train, their social media accounts while laying in bed at night… That means that there are practically endless ways for sellers to reach their audience.

Technology is making it easier and easier for buyers to buy, but sellers have to catch up by making it possible for their customers to shop anywhere, at any time. Merchants have to make the buying experience much more flexible than in the past. This may take some extra work at first, but it’s worth it.

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