Engaging Your Readers: How To Build a Strong Relationship With Your Readers

The internet is full of bloggers, and seriously, if there is a metrix that counts how many people turns to blogging in a day, it would be like “10,000”! right?
Because a blogger friend whom I respected so much once told me that more than Ten thousand blogs are being registered every single day.

Well, if you are surprised about this fact, you should just checkout facebook and see people who share their blog posts on a daily basics, am not saying that it’s wrong, what am actually trying to say here is “standing out of the crowd” by having a good number of followers and readers.

I guess you have some blog that you want your blog to be like in the next couple of months/year, right?

Guess one reason why you want your blog to be like “that other blog” is because of it’s engaging readers, right?

Well, the secret here is that most of these blog admins are not professional writers, but they certainly know how to engage their readers and make everything curtained “around them”.

There are several mistakes bloggers make and that is, writing around themselves, all you need to do is just to connect to audience and turn them into readers, faithful ones that bookmarks your blog and come back to read it again and again!.

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5 Best Writing Tips to Get A Huge Followers and Turn Them To Die-Hard Fans

1. Don’t Write Long Sentence

Don’t try to show your audience that you graduate from Harvard and you’re the best student ever, by using long sentence to describe things that might even confuse you.
Ensure that when writing, you should only use simple words to describe things that even an illiterate can understand.

IN short, before writing, you should know the audience you’re targeting, I have come across some blogs that uses long sentence and I must say here that I don’t particularly visit such blogs.

I know of a blogger who is guilty of these, though there’s a strong urge to call his name here, and his blog url, I won’t. The truth is, even though I love reading a lot, I wouldn’t visit his blog, because he get’s me confused! And am sure he also gets himself confused too.

2. Using Power Words

Have you noticed writers that gets your whole attention? Did you noticed that they use strong words to get you the direct message?
They give you the whole message but you still want to read more! And this is because they use strong words like:
• Beware
• Scary
• Silly
• Awesome
• Reversed
• Incredible
• Afraid
• Dirty Little Secrets
• Revealed
• My Confession

Let’s be truthful here, whenever we noticed words like this in post titles or sub titles, they get our emotions alarm on, right?
We just want to know what they’re talking about, we want to know why there’s a “beware, what little dirty secret, they’re trying to share with us, “

Well, in case you don’t know, you’ve been engaged and you find yourself opening posts after posts, reading and smiling and can’t help but post a comment.

You can do THIS TOO, just make sure that you don’t over do it.

3. Don’t Change Because You’re Seeking Love!

Am not against change, in short, am one biggest fan of change, the world is changing, and we need to change with it to adapt.
Make sure that when writing a blog post, you should not worry about what people think. Just write what you believe in.
That is why you must enter a niche that you feel comfortable writing about, that when writing, it seems you can’t put a stop on your hands when typing.

I am in the make money online niche, and because i love teaching and sharing insights about this, i find it easy, so easy to produce more than 1 ,000 words within a couple of hours without stressing myself.
Just ensure that you don’t change so people will like you. Be yourself and the right people will love you.
That’s the people who knows who you truly are! Don’t be a fake so that people will LIKE, well, you will certainly get people to love you, but it’s ONLY the FAKE people or a FAKE love that would evaporate when the real you emerge. SO stop building the wrong relationship, just be yourself and show the world who You truly are!

Just ensure you be yourself and the right people will love You.

4. Don’t Stress Yourself or Readers!

Just like the first point I shared above, writing long sentence is stressing your readers and yourself.
The truth is that there’s no need to be a “literary genius” for you to produce a very good article that would get the rightful audience.
Remember that it’s a blog post you are writing, not a literary masterpiece. Readers will surely enjoy it if the content is interesting and easy to understand.

5. Never Let Doubt Get the Better Of You.

I have faced this problem before, and if not well taken care of, might make you depressed. One worst thing about about doubting yourself is that it kills you inwardly, and make you feel small.

The key to being a better writer is believing in Yourself, as a guy, I always find this trait strongly attracting and it draws me to people, who have “self confidence”

Trust yourself and whenever doubts want to creep in, just smile and say it out loud that “AM THE BEST” and not only saying it, but believe it.

You’re awesome, in case you have not realized it yet.

You will certainly see the difference in your blog traffic and audience.

These tips is not only for blog administrators, but also writers, Just get out there and stand out of the crowd!

Is this article helpful or just scrap? What’s your honest opinion about this? I want to discuss with you, so just use the comment box and let’s discuss! I really want to hear from You.

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