Facebook Is Now Verifying Pages and Profiles

Wow, a really nice improvement i must say, as facebook team has just taken another big leap, as they are now verifying pages and Facebook Profiles.

Personally, i must say that this update from facebook is cool and excellent, because i have seen people, LIKE’ing fake pages, and the main issue is that they are just following fake celebrities blindly, and what is more surprising, is that these FAKE accounts/pages do extort money from fans, who think they are following the real people.
However, with the verifying of pages and profiles, i am hopeful that this fake accounts issues will be eliminated from facebook.

Facebook has today, being the 29th of may 2013, announced the launch of verified Pages and profiles. Verified accounts belong to a small group of prominent public figures, like celebrities, journalists, government officials, popular brands and businesses with large audiences.

Verified Pages and profiles have a small, dark blue checkmark beside their name on timelines, in search results, and elsewhere on the social network.
The similarity with Twitter cannot be overlooked: Facebook’s smaller cousin uses a light blue checkmark for the same purpose.

Actually, Facebook’s Help Center calls the icon a “blue badge” (although the press release clearly says “check mark”). Either way, the “verified” word here is key: hovering over the checkmark/badge will let you know that a given Page or profile is authentic.

According to Facebook, the team said that it will proactively verify authentic Pages and profiles. That being said, if you believe you’re being impersonated you can always report a fake account. It’s not clear if this will speed up the likelihood of your account being verified, just like it is on Twitter, but it will surely be helpful.

Below is an example, which is the page of Selena Gomez.

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