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Social Media

Facebook Page Verification – Guides on How To Verify Pages on Facebook 2015

Facebook page verification is one of the most sought after in social media world today, especially for big brands and celebrities. Although management team has clearly states that there is no way to request a page for verification, there is a work around that I’ve found and of course I couldn’t wait to share it with my readers!!

Do you have a business, brand, celebrity, public figure or popular profile which you want to verify on Well., don’t worry, you’ll find in this article, the link which you can officially request for Facebook to verify your page or pages, but before that, here are important details and information you should be fully aware of.

verified pages

What is Facebook Verification?

Facebook verified pages are pages that belong to public figures, celebrities, businesses and brands. You can easily know a verified page on facebook, since they all have a blue badge on the right hand side of the page after the page username.

Pages that are verified do have the tendency to show more on their users timeline than other pages.

Before you proceed and commence in verifying your page, the very first rule of verification on Facebook is that you should have your page on these 3 categories as listed below.

1. Celebrities and public figures
2. Global brands and businesses
3. Media

Please take note that you can get your page verified on other categories, but they’re more difficult, since there are many known celebrities, public figures, business and brands around the world compared with other categories.


Second rule to successfully verify your page on facebook is to have a web page linked to the fan page. Most atimes, the page name should be identical with the website url. Since most business have one name and celebrities do have their name as their official websites too.

However, one thing you should NEVER overlooked is that the web page should be with the same info’s as the fan page including about and impressum.

While the third (3rd) rule is to have a full biography and Impressum, coupled with some basic info’s about what, how, where and when.

The fourth (4th) rule is to have a FB profile that has as primary email the email from the web page attached to FB Page, this will make the facebook verification team see you, as the legal owner of the business/account and proceed to verify your page.

If you have successfully applied the above 4 rules, then wonderful! you can apply for the verification process.

Here’s the link which you can use to request for facebook verification

Important Notice:

Please, you should be fully aware that if you asked anyone to verify your page,when they do, they automatically becomes the legal owner of your Facebook page and they can easily get access or take the page from your hands anytime just by writing or submitting a ticket to Facebook support team.

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