Seven Most Effective Timeline Post Promotions [INFOGRAPHIC]

It’s not arguable anymore than Facebook, is the most popular social network on Planet Earth, and with More than 1.1 Billion members and still counting, i know you must be aware of the fact that promoting your events, occasion, blog, blog contest, among other things will surely be a hit if you know how to play your card well.

But am not here to laugh at you for not knowing how to promote stuffs on facebook, rather, it’s vice-versa, am here to show you, in simple terms, how to promote things on your facebook profile, page timeline and get your targeted audience for Free.

Hey, don’t be afraid, you won’t be reading a 4000+ words article, but a simple picture (Infographic) will help show you how to effectively promote your events, contests on your facebook page or profile.

This comes in two phase, you can either use the:
1. Free method.
2. Paid Method.

One thing for sure is that you can either choose the paid method or free method, but likewise, you can use both of them for massive promotion, and i promise you, you will reap it.

I have tried facebook promotion and it’s fine with me, you can also try it, and i promise you, you won’t regret it.

The free promotion will work only if you have lots of friends or lots of Likes on your facebook fanpage, apart from that, it’s a total failure, because no one will see it.

Click on Image to Enlarge:
Facebook Timeline Promotions

This image has been modified and edited by Me. But i don’t steal, so i will be linking to the Image creator and Designer whom i respected so Much.

Image Source: Woobox

Just in case you might face any problem, or have any question that you would love me to answer and help you out, am all ears, just use the comment box below and i will surely get you your desired answers.

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Thanks for Reading.
Isaiah Joseph.

8 thoughts on “Seven Most Effective Timeline Post Promotions [INFOGRAPHIC]

  1. This is a really informative infographic and shows a lot of new things that I didn’t know about. I have never actually run a contest on Facebook, but I am thinking that I should soon. This will help. Thanks so much!

    1. Yes Frank, If we know how to drill facebook, we can get lots of Traffic from them, and i can see you’re doing great too with your facebook marketing, this is a plus for you though.

    1. Yes Marielle, i think you should give them a try, it will certainly improve your blog readership and engagement with your readers.

      This is the firs time am seeing you here Marielle, and i hope to see you more. Welcome.

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