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Godaddy $1 Coupon Code For August 2013

I don’t know, or i can’t really tell if this is what’s trending right now, or it is a kind of competition between domain name providers, because namecheap just released it’s similiar 0.99cent coupon code for August 2013.

Well, like i have always been saying, when it comes to coupon codes, godaddy is king, because they always have the largest number of coupon codes, and the cheapest so far too.

Here is Godaddy Coupon code for august 2013, which you can use to buy a domain name for $1 only.

1$ domain from Godaddy: ROCKET99

This coupon code is working worldwide i guess, because i have purchase a domain name with it.

I’ll appreciate it, if you can share your experience about this coupon code, is it working or not?Godaddy $0.99 coupon code

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