Google Adsense Approval Tips For 2014 Requirements For Getting Approved!

Getting an approved google adsense account for any tld is now getting hard day by day, and you wouldn’t put the blame on google, since most bloggers are just opening scrap websites, and just want to start earning money from Adsense.

make money online with google adsense

As we all know, Google Adsense is the highest CPC (cost per click) network online today, and as the time of compiling this article, although there are so much google adsense alternatives out there, way back in 2008, if you have like 1-2 articles, you will get approved by google adsense instantly.

In short, in those days, creating a adsense account is so simple, because it’s auto approved! But right now, because google wants to protect their advertisers and want to display ads to only quality traffic owners, that is why before getting an approved account with them, you certainly needs to create a website that has quality and authority.

I have seen bloggers, lot of bloggers who are seriously complaining that they can not get an Adsense account. The bitter truth here is that You can’t get approved, or your website will NEVER get approved if you apply without reading the Term and Conditions.

But in case you have not yet read their TOS or Policy, I will be giving you the essential and “required” tips to getting your application approved for Your website.

adsense approval tips

8 Most Important Tips to Getting Your Adsense Application Approved:

1. Website Age:

Well, just like I said above, you can just create a website and get it approved to start displaying ads from google within minutes.
But the game plan has just changed! Before getting your adsense application approved, your website should be 6 months old and above.
The very reason why adsense team brought out this policy is because bloggers just create a website and within 2 weeks are applying for adsense account.
The google ads team brought this policy out, because if any one can blog for 6 month and above, then they must a good number of content and some traffic.

2. Website Traffic

Why display ads on a blog that have no traffic? Who will be clicking on the ads? Yes, this is also what is going through the minds of Adsense Team.
So before applying for an adsense account, you must have some source of traffic coming directly to your blog.

Why you need traffic to your blog, is because when you apply for an adsense account, you will be given a code to place on your website, and this code will be used to measure up your traffic, so before clicking the “Apply” button again, make sure you have some good traffic coming to Your Blog.

You should be having 400+ and above unique visitors, not pageviews before applying.

3. The Ideal Traffic Source

Just like I mentioned above in step 2, that you need traffic to your website before getting an approved adsense account, your mind should not start running towards buying some spammy traffic! PLEASE.

I hope you’re aware that google is a multi-billion company? So they have resources that can track if the traffic coming to your blog is bought or directly from search engines.

The Ideal Traffic source to getting your application approved is from: Search Engines.
Ensure that you get traffic from search engines, including google, yahoo and Bing.

Make sure that Your search engine traffic measures up to 60% of your traffic, and I guarantee you that if you have up to 60% of your traffic coming from search engine, Your application will be approved.

4. Having Unique Articles

If you have copy –paste articles on your blog, DON’T apply for an account! You’re indirectly reporting your website for copyright.

You’re not even eligible from MY SIDE here, because I will not be giving you an adsense account if all you’re doing, is copying other people’s work and just pasting it on your website, and you expect to make money from virtually doing NOTHING?

It’s totally wrong!. Better change your mindset.

Well, if you have any copied article on your website, ensure to remove or edit it before applying, because you will be given a copyright notice, and your application rejected.
Note that if your application get declined because of copyright infringement, then your website might get permanently banned and even if you buy an adsense account and ad the code in the website, it would still get banned!.
All you need is to have unique (when I say unique, I mean only you should have the content) and original content on your website before applying for an adsense account.

5. Textual Articles

The truth is that you can never get your application approved if you are asking for an Adsense account on Wallpapers, Songs, Movies etc websites.
Having some textual Articles on your website is a must for you, if you don’t have textual articles on your website then they will reject your application by giving you an “Insufficient Contents” negative (application declined) message.

6. Having the Right Pages

Your website should be an authoritative site, and all authoritative websites do have pages, and the most essential pages you need is:

  • Contact Us;
  • About Us:
  • Privacy Policy:


Are you kidding me? Why would adsense approve your application without having these pages? Well, just ensure that you create these pages on your website before applying again.

7. Your Alexa Ranking

When you have traffic, your alexa ranking gets better right? First thing first, you must have a website that have a good and better ranking, when applying for an adsense account, your alexa rank plays a great role in determining whether your application gets approved or not.

Your website should have an alexa ranks from 200,000 down, and if it’s under 100K, it’s even better.

8. Website Navigation

It’s not just having a website, it is having a better and easy to navigate theme that can get your adsense account approved! Don’t go with some clustered theme that only you can understand. Your website should be an easy one to navigate, always keep your website user friendly, easy to read and don’t ADD ANY POP-UP.
If your website is not user friendly, loads fast, and have some pop ups, then Adsense will never accept your application.

[highlight]The Myth of Having a Fully Approved Adsense Account:[/highlight]
You can have an approved adsense, it’s not impossible, all you need to do is to create an authority website that the Google Ads Team wouldn’t hesitate to approve.

Well, while you’re still waiting for google to get your application approved, while not try out the best google adsense alternatives?

However, if you’re still having or facing any problems with getting your application approved, then you can share your website below and let me analysis it for You.

28 thoughts on “Google Adsense Approval Tips For 2014 Requirements For Getting Approved!

  1. The question which keeps popping in my head anytime I come across an Adsense post is this. Are they worth the hype.

    I am considering bringing them back to my blog though but…

    1. Do you still have an account with them Emmanuel?

      Truth is that, if you’re blogging ONLY on SEO and other stuffs, then you certainly wouldn’t be banking with adsense, because 90% of your readers knows about Adsense.
      ALthough you can still bring them back to your blog, because a click on seo blogs CTR is really high.

    1. That’s super fast! and when did you receive the code to add on your website, and secondly, when did you add it to get approved within this short period of time?

      I am dying to hear and learn from you.

  2. Hi Isaiah Joe, Happy new year.

    Another very informative article. I hope some day i will apply for google adsense. Thanks for niche details which are very important before applying adsense.

    1. wishing you the best Mohammed too this year 2014, am also wishing you a quick approval from the adsense team when you apply for adsense.
      following this details which i shared here will go a long way to helping you get approved.

    1. That’s truth, when you see some shining e-books about getting an approved adsense account, it’s just the basic tips there.

      Thanks for commenting here Frank, wishing you the best in with your blog.

  3. Google only demands 6 months old website from some specific countries. However having oldness is adding plus point when searching your site on SEs,since it actually takes time to improve web traffic. For that oldness is a one factor that build credibility on SEs.

    Yes,By following above steps we can get an adsense account surely. I would like to know what do you think about MAD ads,in some case if Google adsense team disapproved your application ? It also display Adsense ads free!

    1. Chamal, you just added vulable points here, 6 month might be for some specific country, but i think adsense is looking at quality now than ever before, rather than geographic location.

      Thanks for dropping by Chamel, i do appreciate it.

  4. i love this post and the reason I do love it is that you said the truth, unlike some bloggers who give fake shortcut and land the newbies into trouble with Google and once that can happen…..hmmmmmnnn. I wish newbies can read this before applying, this will seriously make them reconsider their actions

    1. Thanks for this kind words Bakare, most bloggers are simply unaware of the danger they get themselves into, when they decide to start buying adsense accounts or use tricks to get their account approved.

      What they never knew, is that adsense is a multi-billion company and is silently watching them, to teach them a lesson, that is, when they reach payout, they will be sent the “love letter” and they’ll start saying that adsense is scam.

      They started the scam themselves, thanks Bakare for this.

  5. Hey Isaiah!

    It’s good to know that I’m on the right track. I applied for ad sense and started putting ads on my page. Do you have any creative ideas on where to place on my site? Would love to get your feedback. Thanks!

  6. Hey Isaiah,

    Bro, you nailed the topic on its head! Concise, yet full of necessary info!

    Isaiah, the ‘domain age’ thing is widely debated topic among bloggers. I’ve heard some bloggers claim that they managed to get AdSense account approved before this 6 month period! I haven’t delved deep into this topic though!

    Another important thing is the source of traffic. AdSense is all about ‘semantic’, ‘intelligent’ ads, that are relevant to a user’s search parameters. So, organic traffic is recommended for it.

    Having necessary info like- about, contact, privacy policy is also a key facotr!

    In short, this post covers the topic well 🙂

    But hey, don’t you think that AdSense won’t generate much revenue, when it comes to blogging niche? Because most of the visitors to such blogs avoid clicking on ads!


    1. Welcome Arun once again, it’s a pleasure to see you here, i totally agreed with you, however, about using adsense on Blogging niche websites? i don’t go with it, almost 90% of our readers in “blogging niche” are aware of adsense, so to make money with my blogging website, is only through affiliate sales.

      Thanks for commenting Here Arun, have a nice day.

  7. This is a great resource to getting approved by adsense in this 2014, i came across a faster and even easier way of getting approved via Youtube and i think all it takes is creating a good video, uploading it on Youtube, then sharing it on social networks to attract good views and then you can apply for adsense with it to get approved.

    Coming to your article, where most newbie bloggers get it wrong it when they apply for adsense with few copied contents from around the internet and less traffic, but if anyone meets the criteria as you have explicitly listed them here, then they wont have any problems getting approved.

    Thanks for sharing such a great resource, keep it up.

    Happy new year.

    1. You said it all Nwosu, i wouldn’t agree or add anything else.

      Using the Youtube method is great, but it’s only limited to google products, but with this guide, you will get a legit approved adsense which you can use to display ads on any of your tld.

    1. well, you are right, but most websites that shares valuable contents have lower alexa, while all these scrappy websites alexa is just kinda high, but some people (or bloggers, right?) just buy some traffic and lower their alexa. However quality blogs have lower alexa and this is a metric adsense is looking at for blogs in 2014 before approving it.

    1. Yes, getting low alexa ranks help your blog get more qualified to be adsense approved. But getting low alexa rank is hard, because most bloggers are also fighting for the same spots.

  8. Google adsense is very interesting service.I applied for my main page but they don’t accept but for my demo page they accepted.Sometimes they can act like this.
    Thanks for the tips

    1. The truth is, i trust you Poyraz, this is mainly because adsense do look for some “issues and qualification” before giving out accounts nowadays, but since they accept your demo page, you can start using them on every pages of your websites, goodluck bro. 😀

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