Google Adsense New Payment Option For Publishers – Bank Wire

Good news reaching us today, is that the Promise which the Google adsense team made to us earlier this month, which said that Bank Wire will be made available for all their publishers to receive their payment in their local bank.

Surprise!! As I logged into my account I saw a message which says that Google adsense has introduced a new payment option for publishers, and I was sincerely intrigued and excited to see how beneficial this will be to me!

I know this won’t be news to countries who were already receiving payment via EFT, bank wire, but for publishers who are getting their payment the first time via bank wire, this is absolutely a great news!

Well, the truth is that this is the best(est) news I have ever received from the google adsense team, because the advantage of this new payment option is enormous, we won’t have to pay as high as £17 every month to DHL to ship in our checks, and for every amount we earn, we get paid the same amount too.

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But it’s not about the £17 that excites me the most, what really got me smiling over here is because I don’t have to wait for 25+ days anymore before getting my check cleared and reflecting in my Domiciliary account, so with this new payment option, we can get paid within days!.

Well, the hurdle we need to cross is filling in the details required by the adsense team before we get paid.

Account Holders Name:
Bank Name:
Account Name:
Retype Account Name:

Then you can click on the intermediary bank details and further credit details to fill in more details just in case your country bank requires it.

Here’s how the new adsense bank wire payment system works!

I hope you are having no problems with this new adsense payment option, if you have any question regarding your countries Bank Swift-BIC, am here to help you solve that.

Just use the comment box below let’s chat.

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