Matt Cutts Lies: Google Pagerank Update For December 2013

Once again, Matt Cutts have made the internet a more wonderful place, and you know why? because he earlier informed webmasters through twitter that he would be surprised if there would be a pagerank update this year.

However, this got lots of bloggers confused, as more and more blog posts start springing up, where bloggers shared their view, whether there will be a pr update this year again.

However, the truth of the matter is that there is a new PR UPDATE FOR DECEMBER 2013.


Well, when this was announced, i quickly checked my blog and found out it’s pr2, from pr0. which i consider a big progress.

It has now been 10 months since the last Google Toolbar PageRank update. In fact, the last update was on February 4, 2013 and honestly, I thought that if there is no pr update this year, of latest, by February 2014, then PR is dead, but google proved me wrong by updating the pr toolbar today.

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Some Important Updates about Google Pagerank Update 2013

I noticed that most of my web 2.0 websites, which were previously pagerank 1-5 were all pr0 .
This pagerank update really has some bad news for all PBN (private Blog Network) bloggers, because most of my web 2.0 websites which were pr1-pr5, and has stand the test of pagerank updates for a year + now, are all pagerank 0.

So my advice to all PBN bloggers is that, you should just wait before buying any high pagerank expired domain, it seems that all expired domains i bought which were high pagerank before, all are pr 0 now, but their ranking is still intact now, and yes, a big change was made to the search, because my niche website which was ranking between 23-28 is now ranking 78.

More information will be shared about this, let me just conclude an update about my niche duet.

Have you checked your pagerank? what did you noticed about all the expired domain you bought? did they retain their pagerank? i would love to hear from You.

Some important video from Matt Cutts you must watch!
Where he replied to question emailed to him, and the question is: Why don’t you turn off the PageRank feature in the Google Toolbar?

Here’s another video that i find interesting and informative, Why isn’t my site’s PageRank changing?

24 thoughts on “Matt Cutts Lies: Google Pagerank Update For December 2013

    1. Wow, that’s great, a big congrats Adesanmi for making it to PR2. it’s not easy to get a pr 2 blog, and yes, you sure worth it, considering the number of guest posts and your commenting speed. Have a nice day Ade, and i hope this draws in more advertisers to your blog.

  1. yep after all that work writing content for my blog I was rewarded with a grand PR0 goose egg. every time Mr. Cutts announces something it is the kiss of death for my little blog. this guy is Debby Downer on steroids. makes me think I am just wasting my time.


    1. Gosh, it’s really funny, calling Cutts the Debby Downer on steroids. Well, i think building more backlinks to your blog will really help get you your desired pagerank. Have a nice day Robert and thanks for dropping by, i really appreciate it.

  2. Hey mate,

    I was really surprised when Google updated the PR. However, thinking back, if Matt really said that update is coming, backlink sellers are going to be millionaires. Haha!

    Glad that happened though. Thanks for sharing mate~

    1. I just thought, if they never update the pagerank toolbar anymore, then Domain authority will certainly be the tool to replace it, and after ten long months, it was updated! and yes, most people have just forgot about domain authority..
      I totally agree with you there Chan, link sellers business have just been revived! Thanks for dropping by bro.

  3. You are right. After my 8 years of blogging, still I can’t find an exact answer for “On what basis PR is given to a website”

    I can see a website, that is having 2 months old, with only two articles and not having a single backlink. Now, they got PR 3!

    I really lost the trust in google PR.

    1. Hell Akhil, that’s the problem, google pagerank algorithm is really hard for webmaster to understand, one thing that we know for sure is that to get a high pagerank, we needs to get links from high pagerank blogs. i just visit your blog Akhil, and it’s pr 0, you can increase that by commenting and guest posting on high pr blogs. Wishing you the best.

    1. Thanks for dropping by NMB admin, yes, this is one big advantage of a high pagerank, it increases the number of guest posts, advertisers fighting for ads space, and it gives you a lot of respect from bloggers. Just imagine after the pagerank update, i got a pr 0 and what’s my next blog post?

      “how to increase your blog pagerank: 5 Easy Steps i Used”

      That would be insane and uncalled for right? this is what am saying. But when someone like you just write such an article, i bet you know that people (me first) would love to read about it.

      Thanks for dropping by bro, i really appreciate it.

  4. Probably he wasn’t sure, so joe don’t say he lied. And again the fact that we progressed, it’s worth it because many blogs were seriously dropped. Thank you Joe for visiting allbloggingcoach, saw you had design like blogtipstoday. Nice blog.

    1. Hello Asaolu, yes, my post title said he lied, and his tweet confirmed that, but in his most recent tweet, Cutts said that the google technical team were working on something different, so they decided to work on the PR toolbar…

  5. Hahaha, you are right Friend, Matt lied, I never trust and believe the Guy anyway, so i didn’t get that much disappointed, the page rank update was really a surprise and an elbow to most Bloggers…

    Thank You for sharing this..

    1. Trust Cutts? i do trust him, but not 100% sure.
      Matt Lies? Yes, he did.
      Disappointed about PR Update? no of course.
      Blogger’s reaction to Pr Update: enthusiasm

      Hello Globalwalyy, i do trust Cutt, but like i said, not 100%, the guy knows what he’s saying, and although he might be hiding some stuffs about ranking, he’s making the game of SEO a seek and find game, imagine a world where Cutts start giving out the tips to ranking and blueprints, even a dummie can rank a blog.

      Thanks for dropping by Globalwalyy.

  6. Hi Isaiah Joe!
    Thanks for your post, I learn lot of new things with this as i am a new blogger but i improve my blog traffic with high pr back links and now a good number of visitors start visiting my blog.

    1. Hello Khuram, Improving your blog traffic can be done by getting backlinks from high pagerank websites too, but you have to know the percentage of do-follow and no-follow backlinks you have.

      Wishing you the best Khuram with your blog.

  7. Here’s the really big news – PageRank means nothing. There it has been said.

    It’s an out of date factor that too many people still work towards.

    Relevance is what everyone should be counting. Relevance and quality. Nothing more.

    1. That’s the point John, and i see it as a game. (though not when google wins anyways) they can give a mixture of good and bad information, but as bloggers, it’s left for us to figure out what they “really” want from us as bloggers.

  8. I don’t think Google would lie about such things when they are the most trustworthy site in the world and they are dealing with zillions of websites. Page rank is just a factor, and is not the only one when it comes to tell whether a website is good or bad. A website with PR 5 may get you bad information when PR2 can get you reliable. With growing spams every day, it is hard for Google to manage it from the web and give the best results for people using their search engine.

    1. Nepa, i understand the exact point where you are coming from, yes, google is fighting spam and as you rightfully said, PR is just a factor, well i totally agree with everything you said here, Thanks for dropping by.

      We all know it’s also hard for google to do the sanitation work and keep the web free of spam, but what i just said here is that Matt said that there “might” not be a pr update in 2013, but the exact opposite happened! really, i don’t hate the guy, instead, i love his tips and videos.

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