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Google Penguin 3 Update is HERE

It’s always a news that brings High Blood Pressure and abnormal perspiration from Bloggers worldwide, and for those building niche sites, which are already ranking in google’s top 1st pages, it’s a time to call God.

There’s no latest news or even from SEOroundtable or any reputable blogs out there, but seeing keyword movement, i believed google has just done one of the biggest updates on SERP this year.

Am updating this blog with tears in my eyes and an angry soul, because i just lost two of my main niche websites which earns enough money per month for me with Amazon affiliate to the google penguin 3 update, and yes, it’s mainly hitting websites which are over optimizing their keywords. Most especially, Niche websites with excessive “keywords in Anchor Text”.

how to recover from Google Penguin Update

The Google Penguin 3 update also took a wipe at websites which are using the 301 redirect from high Pagerank websites and forum links. No doubt, some top companies which are selling links are already hit and i have checked some websites which are using the great “SAPE LINK” removed from top 100 pages in Google.

Yes, the penguin 3 update is still rolling and so far, my website with little or no “keyword in achor text link building” has been upgraded to 3rd position in first page with as little as 50 authority links.

One of the link building methods which took the biggest hit are article sites, WIKI sites, but so far, article submission websites like Hubpages are still okay.

Google Pagerank Update

No doubt, you have heard of that there will be no “Pagerank Update” again, right? but do you know why? Here’s the reason:

Google inc will soon lose the exclusive rights to use several of the key components of Page rank under the 25 year patent and copyright laws. But it’s still under probability, because there has been no news yet about renewing the contract, and since google always had some issues with bloggers trying hard to manipulate Page rank, i don’t think they will renew the contract.

But no doubt, very soon, google will be using another metric like Pagerank tool, to check website authorities, though Domain Authority and Page Authority are playing big roles now, when it comes to buying links.

Penguin 2.1

Finally, in top niches like Baby (cloths, family advice, etc), websites like Parenting and babycenter are taking over the first position in almost all the pages in google!

This is to say, that google is taking out, another huge wipe against niche websites (websites targeting particular keywords), and if you’re in this niches yourself, or any other niche with authority websites, you can see for yourself.

As at the time of compiling this article, the Google penguin 3 update is still rolling out and crushing websites with spammy(forgive my English here) links, or websites with little contents and huge number of links.

Have you seen any update yet on your side? I would love to hear from you too! Hope your website increases in Rank!

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