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Guidelines on How to Make More Than $30 a day! For Beginners! With Proof!

Most a times, what i found out is that most people don’t read about methods on how to make money online, like, they thought they know everything. The truth is that no man is an island, and according to legends, the very first day you STOP learning, that’s the day you start dying.
I have also seen questions on forums, questions and answer websites where people are always asking of method on how to make money online, but they are not willing to implement what they read! i tell you,there’s no success in dreaming.. but work!
Today, i will be showing you a method which you can use to earn income online through adsense account! and guess what? unlike other methods where you need to blog or even own a website, this method works!
Hello? are you scared because i said that you will earn this money through adsense right? well, don’t be afraid, you can get to own a legitimate adsense account through this website and they will certainly pay you, but ONLY IF YOU FOLLOW my guidelines below, so, fasten your seat beat and let’s go!

Website Hosting
What You Need to Start.
1. An Internet Connection.
2. A  Computer
3. You Need to be able to type (not too fast though, although it certainly will come handy)
4. You need to have details for signing up for a google Adsense account.
5. You need to be able to search on Google
6. Hmm, you need to hate laziness!

My Secret Reciept to Earning More than $30 a day From Adsense!
Firstly, you need to sign up at However, do note that is in no way affiliated with them, although thet do have a functioning affiliate program. I would also love you to note that this website functions very similarly to Yahoo! Answers, however, the truth be told here, Webanswers is not as popular  as Yahoo! answers but still has a decent community size that earn money on a daily basis.

The truth here is that there are some stay at home moms who need money online from answering questions related to different categories, like Relationships, music, family issues,  etc. like i said, it’s a small community where people come together to ask questions and get answers and where you can also make money. okay, you might start getting irritated and might say;

How Can I Make Money Online With Google Adsense Through Webanswers?
It seems i have take a lot of your time, but i will go straight to the point here, Webanswers is a website which partnered directly with Google Adsense, and like Yahoo!Answers, they place ads on their site.  BUT unlike Yahoo! answers, members in this community do earn money with Adsense in this community, and here is exactly how it works and how you can also bank more some dollars online answering questions and be active.

• The person who is chosen with the Best Answer (known as Accepted Answer on Webanswers) receives around 60% of all Adsense earnings on that page (question), so imagine your answer gets accepted as the best answer and that page gets more than 20k visitors per day? stop calculating the amount you can earn please? let’s get back to work!

• While the person who asks the question is awarded with around 30% of the Adsense earnings.
However, asking too much questions will certainly get your webanswer account banned!

If you just calculate the earning of the Accepted Answer  user  and the member who asked the question, you’ll noticed that Webanswers only gets 10% of all Adsense earnings. what are you saying? that webanswer is generous or what? you’re entitled to your thoughts!

Step by Step Guidelines on How Make Money with webanswers.
Step 1. You need to create accounts.

Step   2. You also need to answer up to 50 questions. You need to answer around 50 questions before you can create an Adsense account or link your existing one to Webanswers, what ever you do, i would advise you to please, when linking your adsense account to webanswers, make sure that your reply is always up to 100 words+.

When you’re answering questions in WA (WebAnswers), I can’t stress this enough, DON’T EVER DO COPY-PASTE.

 Okay, here’s my Stupid Smart method and Copy-Paste = BANNED!
The very first time i sign up in webanswers, i thought, here’s the secret to making money online fast!!!! i would just see any question, do a google search, and just copy paste the answer there, and yes! i would be making more than $100 a day! Sadly, my joy didn’t see the end of the week when web asnwers sent me a clear email as to why my account got banned! and yes, i started again by creating another account with webanswers. My regrets is that i have spend my valuable time doing NOTHING!

Step 3: When you have answered 50 questions in WA, you will receive an automatic email asking you to make an Adsense account. However, if you have an adsense account and your answers are great, just link it, but if not, don’t worry, just sign up.

Step 4:  Just make sure that you start answering questions like you’re advising someone in person. Because only with this mindset would your answer be chosen as the “Accepted Answer”.
Okay, what i would also love you to note here is that ince your answer becomes the Accepted Answer, you will start making money (that’s the secret, because if not, you will be earning, but it certainly will be low).

Like i said above, do ensure that your answers are good and over 100 characters. If you don’t know the answer to a question, Google it. But please, DON’T COPY PASTE, you WILL get banned. Paraphrasing is key, or even editing it to your own taste but which will certainly be helpful.

Step 5: Okay, here’s where i removed the white shinning suit and put on my dark sweater with a black hat! here’s how to help yourself make more money by helping yourself! (sounds confusing and stupid right? watch as the method banks you more money and you would certainly say “Thanks Omosco”)

Best Method i Used in Banking with Webanswers.
When i said i will be sharing my secret method to making more money with Webanswers, here is what i am saying exactly!
1.  Just make another account (that’s it! and am not too ashame to say it, i do also help myself)
2.  Then you can just ask a question with the newly made account, and make the new account look original and also active!

The BEST Only!
Make sure that you don’t ask too many questions with this new account, what you need is just one question that will draw, and in other words,. ask questions that ATTRACT people and questions that people have different opinion about.

Don’t just go ask a question like “hey there pals, am 43, and i need a job with a musician!” jeez, pal, the truth is that no one will answer the question, because it’s plainly a personal question!

The simple truth here is that up to 2 or 3 people may come over and look at it, but you won’t be making any money from 2 or 3 visitors. Rather, do something like this, that most people love arguing about and that they feel very personal about:

Ask a Question like this: “Is Justin Bieber really gay?”
You’ve just done it, and this is clearly what i call an “attractive question”. There will be lots of answers and views on this question. Proceed to the next step.

Step 6: Here comes the bomb! Just use your original account that have an adsense account and answer the question with your main account. Other people will answer this as well, since this is a very popular question, but it’s fine, because you have all power here and you with just a click, you can just choose your main account to be the Accepted Answer.
Make sure that you answer with something like this “No, Justin Bieber is not gay. Most people do think that JB is gay because of his song lyrics and his pre-pube voice. The truth is that People can be haters. — Haters gonna hate”.

Step 8. Just make sure that you repeat between steps 4 – 7.

How to Protect Your Account From Getting Banned!
When you create more than one new account to ask questions, Webanswers moderators  (or bots) will become suspicious if one person’s answer is always being chosen as the Accepted Answer, and if they place your account under watch, using link ip address, cookies and it’s connected with you, just kiss your account good bye!. So make sure that you keep calm and do things wisely.
Answer other “real” questions as well. Because Webanswers is pretty damn strict about this whole thing, so you want to direct as much suspicion away from you as possible.

Just keep all your answers and questions realistic and all answers over 100 characters, because this will certainly make the mods at Webanswers to see your account as active and innocent. However, if some stupid answers from one user is being chosen as one of the Accepted Answer, and there are other great answers, this will certainly give your account a red flag.!

Use proxies to cover your trail, it’s a must do. When you’re making new accounts, a proxy is a good idea. Webanswers currently isn’t that big, so I don’t know if they will decide to check IPs.
For me, i do use the pd-proxy application and it works wonders!

Here’s my strategies.

For example: i create four accounts and the names are: a, b, c and d.
Okay, with the Pd-proxy application, i would dedicate for example, Texas ip to visit ONLY account A!.
Then i would also chose United Kingdom ip to access only account b!. Please, i would advise you to ensure that you write them down as not to complicate your account.
Once again, Don’t copy and paste!.

My Secret Sheet to Earning Money a Day with Adsense Using Webanswers.
Truly, i do spend around an hour a day answering questions that come up, which aren’t a lot, but the best part here is that you should focus on creating multiple accounts to make lots of money with webanswers. My thoughts and fervent wish is that Webanswers is going to grow bigger, and depending on how it’s rules and TOS changes, it may turn from a goldmine to a coal mine with no workers. So use this method while it’s still hot and i bet you, you’ll certainly be making lots of money.
One thing i love about webanswers is that your answer is permanent and if it keeps receiving traffic on a daily, weekly, monthly and yearly basis, then your earning will never ease. That’s what i call passive income!

Please share your thoughts with me using the comment box.
Have you ever used this method before? have you heard or read about this method but have not done anything with it yet? what do you think about this?

  1. Reply Rechad November 27, 2013 at 6:53 pm

    See,this is great post I would say I love it.thanks in a million for this topic…

    • Reply Isaiah Joe December 1, 2013 at 11:40 pm

      thanks Rechad for dropping by, hope to see more of you.

  2. Reply Brainwork November 28, 2013 at 4:28 am

    Please what is the methode of payment after u reach ur threashold stage.

    • Reply Isaiah Joe December 1, 2013 at 11:29 pm

      You get paid through the clicks you get on your adsense account, so virtually, the answer to yur question is: Adsense.

      You can also use Webanswers to get an approved adsense account.
      Thanks Brainwork.

  3. Reply Nwosu Desmond December 1, 2013 at 11:41 am

    This is a great resource and glad you shared quite some secrets but then i like to keep things real and original, i know that if you really make your researches and write with your own words then you can often times be chosen as a best answer, i have got loads of best answers from Yahoo and i know i can replicate it here, but then my main aim will be to use it as a promotional platform for my blog, so is there a way i can leave links once in awhile without raising suspicions?

    • Reply Isaiah Joe December 1, 2013 at 11:17 pm

      Hello Desmond from NMB, thanks for dropping by, one sure thing about Webanswers is that the admin and moderators are really strict about people linking inside posts, and if your account links too much to a particular url or even you’re just answering questions for self promotions, then sorry Sire, the banned hammer would surely hit you and you will lose your account forever!

  4. Reply Rechad December 2, 2013 at 11:37 am

    Sir pls when i choose Nigeria as my country they refuse to accept me.then i try signup again using United state as my know what they dont even review my profile for 48hrs i just receive welcome to question is this pls i hope is not going to affect me when am about to cash my money or ads thing.

    • Reply Isaiah Joe December 4, 2013 at 9:52 pm

      You don’t need to worry Rechad, earning money with Webanswers is really simple, and cashing out wouldn’t be a problem, because you will be cashing out with your adsense account, and if you’re active and follow the guidelines which i shared on this post, you can cash out within 2 months.

  5. Reply chonchol December 22, 2013 at 4:09 pm

    That awesome post and I think it can be the best method for earning plus learning from the internet. And I think it will also increase my writing skill. Thanks a lot I will open an account try to go forward with your methods again thanks a lot for sharing with us this information.

    • Reply Isaiah Joe December 31, 2013 at 12:19 am

      Hello Chonchol,
      Yes, you got everything right here, i just feel like editing this post again and add your point “And I think it will also increase my writing skill”

      I have not heard any word more truthful about this site than this, Wishing you the best of luck and please, make sure that when you decided to join it, please, share with me your process, i really want to know.

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