How i Make Money Online At Home

How i Make Money Online At Home

Today, i want to write a documentary on how to make money online at home, and i will make it, as short as possible, but with full details, that will help you Make Money online from Home.

We all know, that the employment percentages around the world is really low, as more and more people graduates, there’s no job opportunity for them, but that does not mean, you’ll allow the economy to wallow you up, you’ll have to stand up and show the world, the stuff you’re made of.

I also fall into this category,and am totally standing up to fight for myself,
i refuse to join Millions of others crying around,
i refuse to complain about the problems of my country’s economy,
i refuse to complain about the unemployment rate in my country.
I refuse to be useless and let my knowledge go to waste.

Today, you can share the little knowledge you have and start making money from it. You should be aware, that Making Money Online requires time, patience and hard work.

It’s just like our normal world, you’ll have to struggle against hundreds, thousands of bloggers to stand out and make money online at home.

Am at home and yes, i earn online without going to any 9 hours work per day. Here are some guidelines you can follow to make money online.

Making Money online is not a miracle, you’re required to spend time, learning, praticising and watch different tutorials on how you can easily scale through to start making Money online. One thing is sure, and that is, if you start earning money online, you’ll never stop, because you’ll be improving, diversifing and learning more new means of earning money online.

How i Make Money Online At Home

How I Make Money Online At Home

Google Adsense: Yes, you’ve read different articles, seen other bloggers opinion on how to make money online at home, but this Method is what i used in earning hundred, thousands of Dollars every Month.
Making Money via Google adsense is not that hard, because there are several tutorials and guidelines which will help you make money online. Am not going to ask for a penny/cent from you, and yes! Am not going to even ask you, to subscribe to my news letter.

My Number #1 priority, is to give you, the full guidelines on how to make money online from Home, and yes, you too can do it!

One of the main failure of bloggers who have failed to make money online, is that, they targets niches/keywords which are so much tougher, that they can’t even rank or make money online in the next 2 years!
If you’re planning to earn online from home, you should be totally sure of the first keyword you’re targetting, the difficulty level and the metrics of your competitors.

When you decide to start making some money online, you should go for the simpler keywords that will take you, fewer months to rank, rather than targetting keywords likes:

Earn online,
Home appliances,
Home decoration,
payday loan and others.

See the above mentioned Niches?

They’re just a few of keywords which i will NEVER recommend a newbie or someone who wishes to start making money online fast to start writing about or create a website around.

But here’s the scope you should know about. You can analysis the above mentioned keywords and check out the longtail keywords. Here’s an example of what am saying.

How i Make Money Online from Home

Instead of writing about Health, and purchase a website related to ONLY health, you can make things easier for your self, your money and rank faster.

You can target a keyword inside health, like Pregnancy Pills, or Certain popular issues which people always find solution to, like Pimples, Acnes, etc.

Or you can target the Home Decoration niche, and instead of entering the broad keyword of Home decoration, you can target keywords like Console tables, Wine stands, Dvd recorders, ect.

Build a website around these keywords and write detailed articles about (for example, console tables) only, write solutions to problem, write about each and every best selling console tables, review them and add your affiliate links to them. This can fetch you money faster than trying to rank for Home decorations.

Just focus on a particular niche and be a king in the niche, then you can start writing about other home decorations items. If you are looking for the best reed diffuser for every room in the house, there’s guaranteed to be a scent for you in Laurel & Wolf.

You should take note, that copying articles is the easiest way to get your website deindexed and will take it forever to rank. If you’re too lazy or English is not your first language and you’re not fluent in it, then you can spend some money and outsource it to a writer who will be able to write a great review about a given keyword/item review.
One thing i have discovered, is that some writers who ask for $5 for 500 words are not English writers, and will produce a poor review.

I’ll advice you, to pay higher and get a better writer that can write a review about a product in clean English. Some writers i have come across that i approve of their English command take up to $8 -$10 per 500 Words and i recommend these writers.

It’s better you have 5 Articles with great and understandable English, than 10 crappy contents, it’ll make visitors leave your website, as if they’re been pursued by Spiders.

Less i forget, the good thing about building niche websites, and getting them ranked at the 1st 3 positions in first page of Google and other Search engines, is that you don’t need to write everyday to stay updated. You can write once per week, or visit your website to update your plugins and see if everything is working.

The Next Hurdle you ‘ll face, is how to rank your website.
Ranking a website is getting hard by the day, but that does not mean you should work hard, but just work smart!
Another truth i have come to know after building several websites that failed, is about links. DON’T BUY SPAMMY LINKS.

Should i give you the normal advice people always give? Okay, here’s it: It works wonders, but takes up to 1 – 4 years + before it works.

Write great articles/reviews, and when people are writing about that topic, since your article are relevant, they’ll link back to your website. That’ll work, but the question you should ask yourself is this:

“How Many People are willingly to link back to their competitors?”

Personally, i won’t advice you to do so, and yes! Linking back to your competitors is just another way of helping them rank higher in Search Engines and help them make Money online.

The Main Question Remains: How Can I Get Quality Links TO My Niche Site?

You can get quality links, either by buying them or building them yourself. I had tried buying links to my websites, but they’re not enough to take me to that position where i can easily make money everyday, without doing any work.
I would not be linking to places where you can purchase quality links, but i can send them to your email, if you ask. I will show you, where to purchase high quality backlinks for their price worth.

That would be all for today.

Hope you enjoyed it and at least, learn even 1 positive thing about building niche websites and earning passive money from Home.

Have a nice and Lovely Day!

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