How To Add Contact Form in Blogger Blog

This is yet another wonderful time again, as am about to share with you, the easiest way to add a contact us form on blogger blogs without sweating.

If you have been on blogger for the past two years or below that, you will recall that adding a contact us form on blogger means that you have to use a third party service, though it is free, but it requires you to know a little bit about coding.

However, today, the case is plainly different, because you can add a contact us form using the add widget option on your blogger dashboard, how cool is that?

Wouldn’t you love to do that right away?

If you would, then use the guidelines below, and just like i said, it is extra simple!.

how to add contact us in blogger blog

Or you can use the step by step guidelines below to add contact us form in blogger blog.

How To Add Contact Us Form in Blogger Blog.

Okay, i will just do separate this into 6 steps.

Step 1. To add blogger official contact form, you are required to first login to your Blogger blog account and go to “Layout” of the blog which you would love to add the contact us form.

Step 2. It is up to you to decide where you want to display the contact form widget.
Just click on “Add a Gadget” link. just like the image guidelines above, i decided to add the contact us form in my sidebar, you can also add it in your footer, etc.

Step 3. When you have clicked on the Add a Gadget link, and the pop up window opens up, just click on “More Gadgets” link.
Then very first option there is where you can see the contact form gadget. Click on contact form name.

Step 4. wait on the contact form New and when it has load, click on “Save” link of “Configure Contact Form Widget”.

Step 5. Then click on save button above your blogger blog layout, then just refresh your blog to see newly added gadget.

Step 6?? Well, all messages which will be sent through this contact form, will be forwarded to the email address associated with your Blogger account.

That is it!!..

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