How to Automatically Create Blog Post Titles That Sells

Are you having trouble creating article titles that sells? Do you know how to create eye catching headlines that would instantly catch attention of anyone who comes across it? Even though it’s something not that important?

Do you know that your blog posts/books titles is the very first impression on people?
And “first impression matters a lot” have you heard of that phrase?

If your blog post is superb and by all right, should make headlines,
According to Ana Hoffman of Traffic Generation Café,

Titles Promise, Content Delivers:

Before you go to any concert, Movie show or anything, it’s the promise of what wll happen that enticed you first right?

Okay, let’s take the movie industry for example, imagine seeing a film titled “my boat” and “my nasty girlfriend”
Sincerely speaking, which one will you go for? As for me, I would certainly choose my “nasty” girlfriend, because I want to see how nasty the film will be.

Creating a page-turning title is to preserve mystery, stir the curiosity, and tap into the best questions your market is asking. They’ll click to learn the answer (if you know your market).

The traffic queen also said something which I just can’t help but quote here
“On commercial blogs especially – titles are like closing a sale”

But one thing she did not disclosed with her readers (including me) is the automation process, I mean, Ana wants us to crack our brain, and she don’t care how hard our brain could be sometimes, she simply want us to succeed that much and that is why I love her and writing skills (yes, I love Ana first, before her writing skill, and I don’t care what you think…. It’s your own very problem)
So I decided to share with you today, two websites/tools that automatically creates more than 80 post titles that we could choose from!
And I bet you, you’ll love them.

This is a website I use to get the best article title ideas. It generates hundreds of article titles instantly with minimal effort. The website is:

Too bad they did not pay me to advertise this for them, but I will be sharing them with you, hopefully, I might get a retweet. Am not in any way affiliated with this tools.

Advantages of Using This Tools.

1. It helps you to get more ideas on what to write about, – You can basically put in your keyword and pick a title to write an article about, yes, it’s that simply.
2. It is great for building an authority niche website when you focus on one particular product.
3. This tool provides you with sell-able titles, you can combine or pick out a titles that are more likely to convert visitors into buyers.
4. Want to build a web 2.0 automation link? Then stop cracking your brain, or stop writing like a bot, this tool will provide you, hundreds of unique titles for the web 2.0’s, and other backlinking stuff.
5. You can also use this tools to generate ideas for LSI keywords.
6. Titles are grouped into sections, such as reviews, benefits, uses, how to, etc
7. If you decide to copy a blog post title and try spinning It, you will get millions of titles running down your screen.

Simply Guidelines on How to Get Titles

1: Click link
2: Type your keyword where it says “Your Keyword Here”
3: Click “Go”
4: Copy paste
5: Rinse and repeat.

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