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How To Automatically Remove ALL Facebook Group Members

Do you want to automatically remove all members from your facebook group, or just a given number of persons?

Well, here’s the best working solution for you.

I tried deleting a group, and the ONLY viable solution is that I MUST REMOVE ALL MEMBERS FROM the facebook group before i can successfully delete the facebook group.

The numbers of the members in the group are to much work for me to handle manually, and i want to delete four groups totally. Since i don’t have the patience to carry this task out, i decided to find a simply working script, that could easily delete all Members from a facebook group and help ME delete the facebook group totally.


Step By Step Guidelines On HOW To Delete/Remove ALL Members From Facebook Group

1. Open the FB group you want to remove all the Members,
2. Proceed and click on Members.
3. Scroll down, to the very end of every Members in the group,
4. If you’re using Mozilla Firefox, click ( CTRL + SHIFT + K)
5. If you’re using Mozilla Firefox, click ( CTRL + SHIFT + J)

Then paste this code in the below empty box.

var deleteAllGroupMembers = (function () {
var deleteAllGroupMembers = {};
// the facebook ids of the users that will not be removed.
// IMPORTANT: add your own facebook id here so that the script will not remove yourself!
var excludedFbIds = [‘1234′,’11223344’]; // make sure each id is a string!
var usersToDeleteQueue = [];
var scriptEnabled = false;
var processing = false;

deleteAllGroupMembers.start = function() {
scriptEnabled = true;
deleteAllGroupMembers.stop = function() {
scriptEnabled = false;

function deleteAll() {
if (scriptEnabled) {

function queueMembersToDelete() {
var adminActions = document.getElementsByClassName(‘adminActions’);
for(var i=0; i<adminActions.length; i++) { var gearWheelIconDiv = adminActions[i]; var hyperlinksInAdminDialog = gearWheelIconDiv.getElementsByTagName(‘a’); var fbMemberId =‘member_’,”); var fbMemberName = getTextFromElement(gearWheelIconDiv.parentNode.parentNode.getElementsByClassName(‘fcb’)[0]); if (excludedFbIds.indexOf(fbMemberId) != -1) { console.log(“SKIPPING “+fbMemberName+’ (‘+fbMemberId+’)’); continue; } else { usersToDeleteQueue.push({‘memberId’: fbMemberId, ‘gearWheelIconDiv’: gearWheelIconDiv}); } } } function processQueue() { if (!scriptEnabled) { return; } if (usersToDeleteQueue.length > 0) {

} else {

function removeNext() {
if (!scriptEnabled) {
if (usersToDeleteQueue.length > 0) {
var nextElement = usersToDeleteQueue.pop();
removeMember(nextElement.memberId, nextElement.gearWheelIconDiv);

function removeMember(memberId, gearWheelIconDiv) {
if (processing) {
var gearWheelHref = gearWheelIconDiv.getElementsByTagName(‘a’)[0];;
processing = true;
var popupRef =;
var popupDiv = getElementByAttribute(‘data-ownerid’,popupRef);
var popupLinks = popupDiv.getElementsByTagName(‘a’);
for(var j=0; j<popupLinks.length; j++) {
if (popupLinks[j].getAttribute(‘href’).indexOf(‘remove.php’) !== -1) {
// this is the remove link
var confirmButton = document.getElementsByClassName(‘layerConfirm uiOverlayButton selected’)[0];
var errorDialog = getElementByAttribute(‘data-reactid’,’.4.0′);
if (confirmButton != null) {
if (canClick(confirmButton)) {;
} else {
console.log(‘This should not happen memberid: ‘+memberId);
if (errorDialog != null) {
console.log(“Error while removing member “+memberId);
errorDialog.getElementsByClassName(‘selected layerCancel autofocus’)[0].click();
processing = false;

function canClick(el) {
return (typeof el != ‘undefined’) && (typeof != ‘undefined’);

function getMore() {
processing = true;
more = document.getElementsByClassName(“pam uiBoxLightblue uiMorePagerPrimary”);
if (typeof more != ‘undefined’ && canClick(more[0])) {
processing = false;
}, 2000);
} else {

function getTextFromElement(element) {
var text = element.textContent;
return text;

function getElementByAttribute(attr, value, root) {
root = root || document.body;
if(root.hasAttribute(attr) && root.getAttribute(attr) == value) {
return root;
var children = root.children,
for(var i = children.length; i–; ) {
element = getElementByAttribute(attr, value, children[i]);
if(element) {
return element;
return null;
return deleteAllGroupMembers;

6. Finally, if you want to stop the script from running, then paste the code i shared below.

// stop the script by entering this in the console: deleteAllGroupMembers.stop();

Hope this works out for you.
If you have any problem with applying this code, please, don’t hesitate to share them Here.

We will be happy to see your thoughts

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