How To Block iFrame Websites From Stealing Your Contents!!

I just decided to share this article with my readers today on Omoscowonder, i have a couple of websites which earn me some money online,  but when i went to my feedburner and i checked my uncommon users, i saw a website which was aggressively feed – reading my contents, and not only that, this website is also an iframe website!!!!.

Do you know what an iframe Website Is?
An iframe website is a website that captures the full background of another website/page, and every links/page that you click reflects on the iframing website.

The Simplest Definition, is that it an iframe website steals everything, including traffic, your articles and worst of all, it brings down your website from the search engine, since your website MIGHT look like a duplicate website in the eyes of Search Crawls bot.

iframing websites do take your content, and placed it on their website without a prior notice to the post author.

If you noticed a sudden drop of traffic in your website, don’t suddenly conclude that it a google panda/penguin update has hit you, just look for other possibilities first, and that is what happened to me.

One of my website which brings home some cool dollars every month was not getting that much of it’s traffic, so i decided to search it’s top ranking keywords, both long tail keywords, and to my utmost suprise, i found a website, with the same title of my blog ranking at almost the exact position!

I wouldn’t hide the feed stealing website, it is feedreader . com (i think the domain has been reported to google, and they came up with a sub domain at lookup.feedreader.com) and it was basically ranking for all my keywords!

What annoys me the most is that search engine now sees my website as a website copying this feed reading – iframing website.

and this website is ranking high on search with my website DA (Domain Authority) getting low every day.

I then decided to check them out in order to see what their On Page SEO was like that got them there but to my greatest surprise, the whole articles on that keyword was gotten from my website and even the link to go read the article, they frame (embedded) my website inside their website, which means that any user who is surfing my website, they are getting the hits (traffic).

One worst issue is that you can not contact them, i decided to change my feed setting to Summary instead of Full, thinking they got my article using my feed address, but to my suprise, this website still gets my blog Latest Articles.

When i discovered that they i-framed my website, i did search online and i found the most interesting and simple JavaScript that can redirect any site i Framing your website/webpage or blog back to the original URL, and guess what, it is easy to add it up to your blog.

This code works both on wordpress and blogger blog.

how to stop i frame websites

Just follow the simple tutorial below and get your blog ranking at the very top.

The caught here is that with the below javascript, every feed reading/iframing website that frames up your website, it automatically redirect to your website, and the traffic is 100% yours! (yes and legally).

You Need To Read This: How to Deal With a Blog Copying Your Contents

Note that this works great on websites that  iframe your website or webpage.

How To Add the Javascript in Blogger Blogs

To add it up to your Blog, click on your template, and click on edit html,  then search for the code below.


Then just copy the javascript code below and place it at the very top of </head>

Edit your Theme or Template and search for
Just before it copy and paste this code

<script language="javascript" type="text/javascript">
if (window!= top) top.location.href = location.href;

Then save the template, find the i framing website link of your website and reload it, this javascript automatically reloads it to your psge without the iframe.

How To Add the Javascript in WordPress

To add it up to your Blog, click on your template, and click on edit html,  then search for the code below.


Then just copy the javascript code below and place it at the very top of </head>

<script language="javascript" type="text/javascript">
if (window!= top) top.location.href = location.href;

Now save your your wordpress Theme and check out the iFraming Content Thieve Blog post of your article.

Yes, it would automatically redirected back to your blog.

Plugin Update

You don’t know how to code? then this wordpress plugin will just break any iframe site from framing your website, just install this plugin, and it will solve this for you.


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