Ten Authority Websites to Boost Your Niche Website Ranking to the Top

After writing my first blog post on Niche website duet with Frank Joseph (or Joe) and Oscar Frank, I received couple of email, and to be truthful, they’re just less than 2 of them, from bloggers who want to rank their Niche website, and I noticed that the most asked question is this:

Can I get the list of Authority websites to build Backlinks and increase my change of Ranking?

I would have showed a screen shot of the question sent to me, but I respect my reader’s privacy, so I think they should remain anonymous, except they decide to show themselves through the comment box discussion.

Since I have ranked my first ever Niche website in the first 2nd and 3rd position in 1st page of google for a wonderful selling keyword, I know something is for sure, and that is where to get some authority links pointing to my website, and although am still learning, I think it’s fit to share what I have seen so far that is working.

Like the title rightfully said, I will show you the top 10 website to build backlinks and point it to your niche blog, even though some of the links will be nofollow, while others will be do-follow backlink, they still count, and I would also give you some tips to getting them indexed pretty fast.

Please note that this list is not entitled to 10 authority websites only, I would be adding other websites to use.

I hope you know what tier link building is? because pointing every single link to your niche website is pretty bad for your blog. You should build links like authority websites does, like having links up to tier 3!.

However in crazy niches where even google is fighting to rank, they build links up to tier 10 and above.


10 Top Authority Websites to Build Authoritative Backlinks.
Facebook Fanpage
Google+ page
Blogger Blogs

Here are some interesting websites that I also noticed are very good in passing LINK juice.


Here are the Websites which I listed above that gives out do-follow Links.
Wordpress.com Blogs
Blogger Blogs

How to Effectively Get The Most Out Of The Authority Websites
I just shared the websites right? But what exactly do they work? And how can you get the best out of these websites?
Do you have to make every single one of them Tier 1 or Tier 2?
Well, that is what am going to explain here, so take a deep breath, sit down comfortably and understand the myth behind building an authority website.

Learning From My Mistake: Your Profit
The very first mistake I did while building backlinks to my first niche website was pointing every links directly and nakedly to the website, and I guess you know why I don’t advise bloggers to point every link they’re building to their blog, right?

It’s because when you get hit by penguin or anything in form of animal update from google, YOU’LL certainly know where to start cleaning up the links and the bad neighbourhood links too, and after the cleaning, you will certainly get your rankings back.

When building links, you would love to have every link, right? Ranging from forum links, commenting links, signature links, and a little blackhat link.

Well, the sweet thing here is that you can still build this link, but you don’t have to send them to your niche website. That was my mistake too.

I went to an oversaturated forum, with a high pagerank, spam the hell out of it and believe me, my ranking certainly increased! But the end of it is disastrous and you wouldn’t want to hear it again.

The best method I would have used is spamming the hell out of my tier 1 or tier 2, and then simply point it to my website. That is what is called: Building BulletProof and Anti-Panda & Penguin Backlinks.

You can rank your niche website using this simple method, but ensure that while building this type of backlinks, you know which platform to use.

If you have the money, get a .com or .org, buy it with another name and host it on a different server, and start building backlinks, even the evil ones. (did I just say this? Evil backlinks?)

Okay, back to the topic on board.
Here are authority websites you can build backlinks directly to your blog without fear of hurting your website when google decide to clean up their search:

  • Facebook Fanpage
  • Google+ page
  • Twitter
  • Youtube
  • vimeo.com
  • You can also Add:
  • Blogger.com and WordPress.com blogs.

Then you can use this websites as your tier and tier 2 backlink profiles.

  • Mywapblog.com
  • Tumblr
  • answers.yahoo.com
  • goarticles.com
  • weebly

Among hundreds of others.
For Example, you’re trying to rank for the term “insurance”, Here’s how to build the required backlinks:

You can create a video using teasers or simple pay someone $5 in Fiverr and get it done as fast as you can.
Make sure that while creating the teaser video, your backlink is in the video, and after everything, you will have at the very ending of the video:
“For more on insurance and quotes, visit: your niche blog url” and don’t forget to add some interesting FREE offers to push the viewers to at least visit your website.
Incase someone want to download and upload the video, they would help promote your niche website which will draw in more visitors.
Don’t forget to ADD your website url and keywords in the beginning of the video description and your keyword. This will surely get you a link from Youtube!
Please buy “high retention views for your youtube videos. This will surely rank your video on google and in youtube”

Then just change the background music to blue, hip hop or anything, and proceed to upload the same video to Vimeo, and don’t forget to ADD your website url in the description too. This would sometimes show your website url in google search.
Create a Profile solely based on your keyword on these top social networking websites:
Facebook Fanpage
Google+ page

Facebook Page:
Facebook is an authority website, and getting a link from them is really cool and will surely boost your ranking change.
Create a facebook Profile and a facebook page. Better use the picture of a beautiful girl or handsome man, (but if you’re a beautiful girl/woman, mind dropping your number in the contact form? I would appreciate it:)
While creating a facebook page, make sure you use the picture of what you are promoting, and in the description, you can link to your website, and write some words in the long description and get a link back to your website.
This will surely get you some authority backlinks and can help increase your DA (domain authority)

Google+ Page:
Here is another wonderful place to get a do-follow backlink back to your website, just create a google page profile, and write useful and promotional 100+ words about your niche website with a link pointing back to your niche website.
Believe me, this works! And it has helped me.
But make sure you don’t spam.
If you want to spam, spam with swag.

You should buy like 2-5 thousand LIKES with profile pictures: make the page looks legit.

You can write some 100+ words, and direct the readers with a link pointing to your website to read more about it.

It’s really simple, just create an account and add your website in the description.

Please make sure this pages are based on your keyword, but don’t over do it. Just spam naturally and with a smile on your lips.

You can buy up to one thousand followers and spam your links, including your youtube video links, vimeo links, tier 1 and tier 2 blogs/post url.

Creating Contents and Tier 1-2 Backlinks
This is it, I would highly suggest you use Blogger and wordpress.com free hosted blogs.
Creating Contents? Should they be readable or just copy paste?

I highly recommend you build readable and 90% copy pass free articles, most times, I use Wordai, for now, they’re the best and can create a readable + copy pass free article for you within a minute.
Remember, these websites will be pointing to your niche website right? So don’t just want some spammy backlinks from bad neighbourhood.

You can also test out the Wordai for a period of five days before you pay for it, so you can test it out. But if you can edit the articles yourself, then do it.

But time is money, I can spin and re-write 20 articles within 1 minute using wordai.

Make sure that the url is EMD! For example:

If you have the money, you can even buy insurancequotesandtips.org or anything, but with the keyword in the website url.

Use simple or default themes.

After getting the articles from wordai or any spinning machine, publish it on newly created blogs, and make sure that you link to the youtube video, Wikipedia page and your niche website.

PLEASE DON’T MAKE YOUR ANCHOR TEXT the same keyword, diversity it and you can even use “Click here” as your anchor text. This makes it look natural.

PLEASE, don’t ever forget to blast your tier 1 websites with some links, like one thousand forum backlinks, one thousand wiki backlinks, etc. You can get these services from Fiverr or SEOClerk for $5 and above.

Linking to Authority Websites:
Linking to authority websites makes the linking natural, so make sure that you link to your websites like Wikepedia, youtube, among others. But not your competitors website!

Don’t just link to Wikipedia homepage, link to the page talking about the product you’re promoting.

Tier 2:
You can use these websites as your Tier 2:

  • Weebly:
  • Bubblews
  • Answers.yahoo.com
  • mywapblog.com
  • Tumblr
  • goarticles.com

Get the Best Links from Weebly: Bubblews, mywapblog.com, Tumblr, goarticles.com
Use the spin articles and publish them on these websites, but don’t LINK to your niche website, Tier 2 links to Tier 1 and Tier 1 links to your blog.

Use the above websites to link to your tier 1 websites, including your youtube videos and social profiles/pages.

You can even buy and blast these tier 2 website links with thousands of spammy links and fear no harm, because even if they’re hit by google penguins or numerous updates, you’ll wouldn’t even notice it.

But make sure that you buy thousands of signatures backlinks, forum backlinks, commenting backlinks, scrapbox blast, senuke blast, GST among other blasting software links.

How to Indexed Your Tier 1 and 2 Backlinks:

You can also buy social bookmarking blasts from seoclerk to help indexed your blog and posts url.

What You Must Know About Spamming Links:
These method has worked for me, I have a website targeting a health product, and I create an EMD blogspot blog, and I did not even write any article on it.
But I blast it with one thousand wiki links, and after a week or two, I published more than 10 articles, interlinking them to each other, linking my youtube videos, linking out to the main product websites, (without any affiliate url) and the Wikipedia page talking about the product, and yes, I linked it back to my website, and guess what?

Some few weeks later, I was ranking in 2nd position on the first page for the main keyword.
The blogspot was still ranking, so automatically, my original and main niche website got the better ranking.

But wait, if you noticed that your blasted tier 1 is ranking better than your niche website, you can just port or switch and start writing original articles and make some money off it before an update snap it out of Searches.
But ensure that you don’t neglect your niche website, it’s your best shot still.

Next time, I would be giving out some basic reasons why your niche website is not ranking:

What do you think? Are you totally against every single point or some points I shared here? What do you think about this?
I would certainly love to hear from you, about what you think about this and your honest opinion about ranking a niche website.

Which websites do you consider the best for building some backlinks? Am still learning and I want to learn from you, and if you have any question patterning to link building, use the comment box below and i will surely get you an answer.


42 thoughts on “Ten Authority Websites to Boost Your Niche Website Ranking to the Top

    1. Hi George, yes, i really appreciate your comment and approval of the above links. i do advice you to use the links well and you will see some increase in both your DA and ranking.

      I also love your review on Matthew’s Woodward rankcracker, it’s a wonderful tool, though i have not test it out yet.. but guy, you’re so speaking authoritatively and your honest review, truth is, am marvel by your hypothesis… great and epic! that post might go viral if you promote it better through communities and social networks sponsored posts.

  1. Hi Isaiah,

    What a detailed and useful post that was. Of course, the list of authority sites you provided is useful. I’m using some of them right now, but still, some are unexplored.

    It is good to see that you shared your mistake here. We, readers will benefit a lot by learning from it.

    I appreciate the hard work that you put towards compiling this exhaustive article buddy! Keep posting such useful articles.


    1. Hello Arun, so nice to see you here, after seeing you in top blogs and community, i have come to respect your view on seo related stuff, and to see you recommend my blog post, it really makes me feel wonderful!

      I do promise to share more detailed and informative blog posts here.

  2. Getting links from authority sites should be the aim of every blogger and Joe, you did an interesting job by listing some of great sites where one can get those juicy links.

    Keep up with your good work.

    1. Hello Emma of Kebenlah, that is my believe too, every blogger should get backlink from these websites, because they’re among the top websites in google.

      Thanks for visiting Emma, would love to see you here again.

  3. Hello Isaiah,

    You shared and informative post with us. Thank You for it.
    For any blog back-links are very important and in terms of PR it plays an major role too. Now I get more idea after reading this this post. Keep on sharing 🙂


    1. I really appreciate the kind words Nikhil, yes, i totally agree with you. PR plays an important role in getting our page/post ranked better in search, but there are other factors as well.

      Thanks for commenting here Nikhil.

  4. This is a great resource, one i will definitely relate to once i finish building my niche site. I am glad i read this post as it will greatly help me in quickly ranking my posts.

    1. Hello Nwosu for dropping by, i decide to share some simple insight into getting authority backlinks the right way.
      This is just the out look, i am just afraid that people wouldn’t love to read long tutorial, that is why i mad it as short as possible.

      But before the ending of this year, i will surely be dropping a bomb about niche ranking..

  5. Hey mate,

    Interesting! I don’t really use much of article directories as they have no value nowadays. While they ‘may’ have a little, I hardly use them due to my tight schedule.

    Might consider Using the above mentioned websites for my niche websites.

    Thanks for sharing mate!

    1. Hello Reginald, thanks for dropping by, i would advise you with a big grin to do that immediately, these websites can help boost your ranking and Domain Authority.

  6. Wonderful post mate, Indeed all the tips are really helpful. Social media is of great use top build backlinks and traffic from the links. I never tried wordpress.com which is mentioned in the list. I follow your tips and lets see how it goes.


    1. Hello Ahish! great to see you here today, and you surely made me proud by recommending this post that it’s helpful.
      I also believed social media plays a vital role in increasing our ranking chance too. but not too much of it though.

      I think you should try out wordpress.com, my blog got a pr1 on that platform without doing anything/seo on it.. and it pass out a good do-follow link. Please give them a try and don’t forget to come share your experience with Us Ashish.

    1. Hello George from Crawlerguys, I will do a research on that George, and i hope it has the something good to offer, including traffic and most importantly, some link juice to pass high authority, which is what we’re talking about here, Thanks for the recommendation, Microsoft surely loves you.

  7. This is a smart strategy. I’ve used this method with good results. I even make sales on my niche sites while building up my Authority site and not putting it at risk.

    1. hell Pete, you made me smile when you said that you made sales by using most of these websites to build authority links to your authority website and “not putting the site at risk”

      That’s it, these websites link can NEVER get your site penalized! if you follow the link building scheme i shared! thanks for dropping here Pete, hope to see you next time!

  8. Hi Isaiah!

    Great tips on how to build authority. This is something that most people need to know when starting off. The first steps for a blogger should be establishing themselves on the net. From there, start blogging on a consistent basis and then after that start focusing on building authority for their sites. Love the tips my man!

    1. Nate, i really love your comment! it’s almost gives me an idea on the next blog post to post “first steps for a blogger on Link Building”

      Thanks for the recommendation and the tips you even shared here, the love is reciprocated Nate, and thanks for dropping by.

  9. hello Joe,

    I’m glad you write on build authority website. do you please share some experience of your first guest post on commentluv ? I need your guidance on this matter.

    1. Hello Rice, thanks for your input and sincere view on building authority backlinks, moreover, your question have a simple answer, and that is, guest posting on Comluv is extra simple., you can create an account, message the admin in the twitter and inform him that you have some interesting contents for his readers/community and that he should approve and upgrade your account! and you can almost write virtually on anything, ranging from blogging, relationship, loans and a ton of others.

  10. Hello Isaiah Joe,

    Informative post, These are really great sources to build authority links which are really useful for improve online presence of a website and improve our traffic. I think I’ve missed few sites for building links and I’ll check it out.


    1. Hello Samir, really nice to see you here, i love your comment and finger crossed, these resources is among the best place to get quality backlinks and moreover, they’re among the best websites in the world today. Yes, they can also go a long way in improving the online presence of a website and traffic too.

      Thanks for dropping by today, and sincerely, i will love to see you again! less i forget, your blog myandroidmag is really wonderful and the design great!

  11. I personally think that getting links from authority sites is important. It doesn’t only drive traffic but also help in Google Page Rank. This is a well written article on one of the most important issues in blogging.

    I only just discovered through the comment you left on one of my articles on onaplatterofgold.com. Thanks for visiting and commenting!

    1. Hello Adeyemi, Thanks for dropping by, firstly, yes, i agree with you, getting links from authority domains can help get bloggers the pagerank they have been searching and dreaming about, and what’s more? It also increases domain authority.

      About your blog, i will say that your blog posts are epic! i do enjoy reading your blog.

  12. Hi Isaiah!

    Great write up on how to build authority for a site. I am a little scared to build backlinks to my main blog, but these tips will help me out with my niche blogs that have lost a lot of their rankings.

    I have to admit that I don’t spend enough time building authority for my blog. However, I am going to try some of these methods that you mentioned to see if I can get some of my rankings back.

    Thanks for sharing


    1. Hello Susan of imwithsusanvalez, thanks for dropping by. These websites will do your blog no harm, even your main blog, if you follow the rules i shared here, which is using the inter-linking some of these websites to the the other authority ones that will in turn link back to main blog.

      Seriously, this will help you rank higher on your target keywords and a little social signals send to these web 2.0

  13. Hi Joe,

    Am glad you emphasize on building an authority blog… It doesn’t come easy when talking about authority in whatsoever most especially in blogging world, but when one stand it stands.

    1. Hello Steven, thanks for visiting here today, i really appreciate it. you really read everything here, and i know you’ve gain some knowledge.

      Linking to authority websites makes your website authoritative too, ensure that you always link to authority websites, making friends with people with the President, the senators and prime ministers makes you powerful too, right?

      That is how google works, wish i could explain much better, well, tier 1 is a website which you build like every normal website, which in turn you used in linking exclusively ONLY to your money website.

      While tier 2 is a website that you owned which you can blast with links of all kind and then use it to link to the tier 2 website, hope you understand me Steven, Please i want to hear from you.

  14. Very useful tips,i use this method 1 year ago with great results with the only difference that i get backlinks from over 18 web 2.0 websites for which i built multi tiers,my question is what is the ratio “Keyword – url link” used in the link building proces.

    1. To be truthful here, i did get your first comment phase, but the question “what is the ratio “Keyword – url link” used in the link building proces.” is kind of confusing. but i will try my best to answer you.

      When building backlinks to your blog, make sure that you don’t over do it, and i mean try to make the keyword density not more than 14%. although keep in mind that this percentage keep on changing as google releases more and more updates.’

      you should not link out to 2 or more url in the article body, this might make it look spammy.

      Hope my answer satisfy you Jenya.

    1. You’re highly welcome, i just decide to share the top websites that google respects, and which can also at the same time, help increase our Search engine rankings. Thanks Greg and i hope to see you next time here. Best wishes.. 🙂

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