How to Claim Your Website Or Blog On Free

What is Alexa? This is one question i always asked when i started blogging and heard of Alexa, just in case you don’t have a clear definition of it.

Alexa is a tool which is used in measuring how popular a website is online, and if you’re asking why you need to get better Alexa ranks, well, because only when you get better alexa ranks will your fellow bloggers respect you, and ONLY then will advertisers, sponsored posts and review companies come to check out your blog.

And one of the oldest and recommended ways to lowering our alexa rank is by claiming it, and today, i will show you, a short guide on how to claim your website on Alexa for FREE.

how to claim website on alexa

So claiming your website on Alexa is a MUST for all bloggers who wish to Make money online blogging.
When i decided to claim my website on Alexa, i got sidetracked and landed on their sales page more than three times, and i thought, “finally, we must pay before we verify our websites on Alexa”

Well, it’s not true, because i verify/claim my website on Alexa using the simple guides shared below.

10 Steps On How To Claim/Verify Website on Alexa

1. You will need to login to Alexa before you can claim/verify your website/blog on Alexa, You can login here or you can create an account with Alexa Here

2. After you have successfully create the account or login, you are to visit the Alexa owners Page by Clicking Here

3. Here’s where i got confused, but after passing the hurdle, here’s the trick to verify your website for FREE..

alexa claim

As shown in the image above, just click on “Get Started”.

4. The very next page which you’ll land on, is where you will be asked to choose a plan for your blog, normally, i have always choose the “FREE” Version, because i don’t have the money to spend on Alexa yet.

choose alexa plan package

5. After you have choose to sign up for the “FREE” version, you will be taken to a two page verification method, which is for Blogger blogs and WordPress Users.

verification process

Please note that as a WordPress user, you can use plugins like ALL in one SEO or WordPress SEO by Yoast, they have a place for bloggers to claim their websites.

While for Bloggers, you’ll need to add it below the <head> html of your blog.

6. WordPress users, you can use plugins like “All in One Webmaster” or any SEO plugins like “ALL in one Seo” or “WordPress SEO” where you’ll see a box to verify your alexa, just copy your own link, as shown above.

7. However, if you’re using a blogspot blog, then choose Option 2 and add a meta tag in your blog template under section. Before adding meta tag please backup your blog template.

Note that either you’re verifying your blog on blogger or using wordpress, you must “Update” where you add the code before you can verify it.

8. Please note that after adding meta tag in your blog, go back to alexa and click on “Verify my ID” button.
If everything is right, you will receive a confirmation message on your screen as shown below.


9. After getting the confirmation message, Click on continue to add your site details. Fill all the details like your site title and description, alexa rank in country and fill your public contact information.

10. That’s It!

Now you can verify your website using this simple tips and tricks, this is the exact method i used in verifying/claiming my website on Alexa.

Your Verdict

What do you think? have you ever verify any website on Alexa? just in case you come across a problem while trying to verify/claim your website on, do let me know through the comment box below!.

Wishing you the BEST in your blogging career.

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