how to contact hubpage team

How To Contact Hubpages Team?

This question was the exact word i typed into google when i tried searching Hubpages and i could not find the “contact us” link, i might have missed it though, but i just thought that googling it would be the best method to get Hubpages team to clarified some issues am having with one of my account.

how to contact hubpage team

Okay, i guess you want to know why i decided to contact Hubpages?
Okay, the simple reason is that my account got Banned and the issue is not resolvable from my dashboard, so i decided to contact the Hubpage team to help un-ban my account.

How Long Does It Take Hubpage To Reply a Mail?
Well, there is no accurate date, but it can take a few days to approve, longer over weekends.

You might want to contact the team for something entirely different though, and here is how you can contact the Hubpage editorial team through email and through their contact page.

1. Contact Hubpages Through Form
You can contact the team through this link and inform them of what issue you want them to resolve.

2. Direct Contact
Or if you don’t have the time to fill in answers, this is a complete stress free way to contact the Hubpages Team.
This is one of the best method to contact them, because it is a direct link to message them without answering questions

3. Through Email address
However, I would advise that you contact HubPages Staff directly through email, although, if you want to contact the Hubpages Team Directly through email, here is their customer support email address;

4. Through Wizard
But if you are facing some serious, then use this wizard to get answers to your question now.

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