How to Deal With a Blog Copying Your Contents

It’s so dishearting to see a blog copying Your contents which you’ve spent so much time writing, and it’s not just the Copy-Edit blogs, i’m referring to blogs which Feeds reads Your blog Posts the Very seconds You click the POST button.

In Some of My authority Sites, i’ve come across some of this blogs, and i will be very plain here, it drives Me crazy!!.
The Most annoying part is that this websites/forum(s) are Ranking HIGHER than My Website in Search Engine, even ranking for my Title and post Url.


So i decided to search for some remedies, and coupled with My innovations, which i’m sure someone else Must have been practising, to help You fight and probably, FALL DOWN THIS BLOGS FROM SERP.

Sounds really wonderful, right?

Here are Some Hard Working Ways to Fight Against Copy-Paste Blogs, or Websites/Forums which are Feed-reading Your Blog Posts.

How To Fight Against Websites Stealing Your Blog Posts
1st Method.
Well, the First method, is to Disable right click and ctrl + c on Your blog.
It works on blogger and WordPress.

Here is a working javascript code that disables right click and ctrl+c.

Or if You want a simple option, just use any of these plugins and activate them, they automatically disable right click and ctrl + c on Your blog.

★ WordPress Protection Lite.
★ WordPress Data Guard.

Sincerely, the above method will Work, ONLY if the copy-paste website is doing that Manually, and in Most case, some copy-pasting websites takes Your feed post without linking back.
Here is another option that helps You fight against copy-paste websites.

2nd Method
Google authorship

Here are some wonderful Benefits of Google Authorship.
Even Google is fighting hard against these copy-paste website, so they brought up a wonderful idea, called Google Authorship.

Authorship was created mainly for bloggers/writers to claim their content, as even better, to allow search engine users to find more content written by the same writer.
Google Authorship also help Bloggers, establish credibility and legitimacy of content for websites as well as authors.
We believed, that Google Authorship is the first step toward verifying blog’s author identity with their blog contents, which of course, will be used to calculate Author Rank , which i sincerely believe is the future of Google’s algorithm.
Plus, every single websites which have taken the bold steps to establish and verify authorship tags get higher click-through rates due to authorship markup, which is applied in search engine results.
Which as we all knows, looks like a headshot of the author next to the text listing, drawing the eye and attracting clicks, and it even gives you greater exposure to more of your blog content.

3rd Method
Here is also an alternative to Beat up websites copying your contents.
One of the most simplest method to fight against copy-paste content thieves is using TYNT.
TYNT might sound like an acronym, but it is a website that gives you a code, which you will insert in your blog, and for every single website which copies Your content, TYNT creates an invisible link back to your blog post which is only visible to Search Engine Robots.
And these links will really fall down these content stealing blogs in the long run.
Using TYNT is dead simple, there’s a tutorial on how to insert the code in Your blog.
You can start using TYNT now, and less i forget, IT’S FREE!.


4th Method
This is the best method, that is why i reserved it, as the last Weapon to Mass destroy every single Content thieves, copying your blog posts.

The sad truth is that the theft of your Contents/articles is almost and surely being done programmatically.
When i say ‘programmatically’, i mean it’s not done by a person coming to your site and copy/pasting your content on their blogs, 80% of these websites are virtually doing that to other websites too.
But if someone is copying and pasting your articles to their websites manually, that would obviously mean that implementing the 1st method is your best bet!.

But if not, then using the “copy protection” plugin and/or code is going to do absolutely nothing at all to stop these websites stealing your contents.

One best way to start beating up content thieves, that steals your contents automatically, is to begin adding 1 backlink within each article back to your site(s), and make sure that you use an appropriate anchor text that you’d like to rank for.
Ensure that you point the link back to something relevant as well in your blog post, and it MIGHT reflects on the Content stealing website, which is using some kind of programming language, plugin or javascript, thereby adding your links and their website will turn to a tier 1 for your blog.

You Might Ask Why?
Well because if they are in fact programmatically stealing your articles which they WILL SURELY not review, since it’s automatic, then every time they steal and repost your content on their site, you get one free backlinks from one of the most authoritative site in your niche, it also counts as Backlinks, even if the website is a general information website (that means it writes on everything and anything).
But if these content stealing websites are stripping the HTML (that means your websites link) from the articles when they copy them, then start inserting a small blurb in the second/third paragraph that talks mostly about your site(s), and make sure you add post your blog url without linking it.

However, there is no way you’re going to prevent the theft of your content.
So the best method you can use, is to make it more difficult for the content stealing thieves, to have to modify, upgrade & deal with the stolen content once they have it.
But wait, i’m not saying that the 1st method is wrong or doesn’t work, having the code or plugin on your blog won’t hurt your ranking or anything.

But the truth is that, no matter how hard these websites try, Google will still caught up with them, but i believe, YOU MUST BEAT THEM UP FIRST!.

You can also report these content stealing websites to Google.
But that will be the next post.

Do you have any question regarding the methods i shared above?
Don’t hesitate to use the comment form below.
Thanks for reading.

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