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Five Most Effective Tips To Get an Approved Legit Google Adsense Account

I know one thing that is on your Mind right now, and that is how to open an approved google adsense account, or probably, you just love getting informed.

Well, today, i will be sharing with you, one of the Most effective tips on how to open a google adsense account for free..
Do note that you’re going to do this yourself, and i wouldn’t be taking a single dime from You.

how to get an approved google adsense account

We all (+ me) is aware that getting a fully approved AdSense account is no more that SIMPLE.
I could still remember, the days when you just go to adsense website, and open an account, and  automatically, You’re account, is approved.
Yes, Google adsense was once, an auto approved program, before it went ahead, to become one of the  best Programs online.

It’s very funny, because i can still recall those days, that you can just create a blogger blog or a WordPress blog, with some contents on it then apply for AdSense, and you can get approved in less than an hour.
But the story has changed!!

Because today, your website/blog have to under go two verification processes before it finally get  approved.
That is, if only your website/blog comply with the Google AdSense Terms Of Service (TOS)

Statistics has shown that there are thousands of blogs, created everyday and majority of these blog admins are”Newbies” bloggers, who just setup a blog/website, and the major reason why these (Newbies) bloggers creates blog is to make money with it through Google AdSense program.

Personally, i started blogging for just the happiness it gives me, and of course, i got wind that i can make money from it, but MY FIRST reason to start blogging is because of the feeling it gives Me!.
The most funny part is that 98% of these ‘Newbies’ Bloggers won’t even think of glancing through the Google AdSense policies to know what they should put in place before applying for Google’s AdSense.
Applying for Google adsense without knowing their TOS doesn’t help again, because Websites are being Manually reviewed before they are accepted.

The most annoying factor is that some Newbie bloggers would go a long way, applying for adsense without even one unique or original content (s) found on their blog(s).
For example.
You’ll see a blogger who creates an account within two days, and have up to 250 articles!!
My question here is:
Are you a magician?

Within two days, you have up to 250 articles, and you then proceed to ask for adsense, and at the end, you’ll probably be disappointed with AdSense feedback that your application cannot be approved because of plagiarize content(s) or some other reasons.

The truth is that getting an approved google adsense account today is simple, ONLY IF YOU FOLLOW THE RULES, TOS.

Putting Google Adsense programs policies into consideration will surely get you, an approved google adsense account within a WEEK.

Let me stop talking and get straight to the point, to get an approved Google AdSense account within few hours/days, just follow the step by step guidelines which i took out time to outlined below.

Five Most Effective Tips To Get an Approved Legit Google Adsense Account.
Note that the Google AdSense policies Guidelines clearly stated that as an AdSense publisher, you Must create the following pages:

★ About Us.
★ Contact Us,
★ Privacy Policy,
★ Terms And Condition,
★ Site Map.

Please note that all the above mentioned pages are necessary, if not mandatory for you to get approved into the Google AdSense program.

2. You Must Use a Custom Domain Name
It is not suprising, since Most people, who are selling adsense accounts are using sub-domains and other methods to create an approved adsense account, Google has decided to tighten up the pathway for people using Hubpages, Webanswers, Blogspots, Docstoc, etc to create an adsense account.
There’s even a rule that says:
If you creates an account with any subdomain, then you must apply with your Main domain name to get it approved, before you can start displaying ads on it, unlike before.

So please, when you attempt to apply for Google AdSense with a sub-domain like:, make sure that it’s an authority blog, or else, AdSense will never approve your application.
You must have to apply with a Top Level Domain (TLD) which would be something like:, instead of using
So, the Number 2 tips to get an approved adsense account is that:
you need to apply for AdSense with a “Custom Domain”.

3. Plagiarize or Duplicate Contents:
I dislike Copy-Paste Bloggers, not to mention Google.
The truth is that all real, i mean REAL BLOGGERS dislikes plagiarize websites.
So please, if you truly need to get approval for AdSense program, don’t ever try copying and paste contents, from other blog(s)/website(s).

You might think you’re smart, but Google’s always beating up Copy-Paste blogs to trash.
Even if you try, Google will surely know about it, and that will lead to your account not getting approved.
I’m advising you, to always ensure that your content(s) is unique and yours alone.
Because once you have written up to 20,40 to 100 unique posts, you can then apply for AdSense, and you will surely be approved.
It’s no Myth.

4. Add Original and Your Unique Meta Tags
There’s something really disturbing in the blogging world, Most newbies or upcoming bloggers, tends to Copy Authority Websites Descriptions, Meta tags, Keywords etc.
Yes, you might be correct in saying that these things rank them, but You can’t beat the fact that their websites is an authority and the Meta tags, description and keywords is theirs and theirs ONLY.
So google has indexed it ONLY as their own, so if you copy it, You’re flagging your website as a copy-paste blog right from the beginning, be Unique, because it surely pays off.
Make sure that before you apply for Google AdSense, go to your blogger template, if you’re using blogspot, or if you’re using wordpress, install WordPress Seo or All in One Seo and give your blog, the description that fits the niche you are into.

5. Traffic From Search Engines.
The truth is that google adsense is considerate.
Firstly, you need organic traffic (traffic from google) before applying for Google Adsense.
You must first of all, work smart to improve your blog traffic before applying for Google AdSense, make sure that your blog receive a decent amount of traffic from search engines like

6. Applying For Adsense:?
Yes, after you must have put into action, the above Five Most Effective Tips To Get an Approved Legit Google Adsense Account, you can now apply for AdSense and i’m so positive that you’ll get your account approved!!.

One more tip, ensure that you provide a correct information when applying for adsense.

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