How To Make $100-$200+ Daily Online With PPD – NO Seo Knowledge Required!

You won’t believe this, but am not selling or endorsing any E-book, and this method has been working for sometimes now.

The truth about this matter, is that most people, making money with this Pay Per Download (PPD) method won’t be happy with this blog post. But that’s not the problem though.

This is a simple method which I recently discovered when I first started doing content locking/PPD. It is very simple, but the Turn out and trust you build with your readers is golden, and yes, I highly recommend you try having the product you’re giving out.

This was a very simple idea and surprisely, it turned out to be a good money making method.

Content Locking or PPD, is all about having a wonderful videos and sites, but what if you don’t have traffic? Without any much time wasting, I would love to go to details, about this method which could easily generate more than $100 – $200 plus on a daily basis, but that would be, when you have grasp/gather the whole bit about this method.

You can use this method to get a really good sum of money which you could invest in another projects offline or in a bigger online venture, you could even hire Virtual Assistants and have them do this for you while you enjoy the trending product you’re promoting.

how to make money online

Here are the Few Required Things You Will Need To Be Successful:

1. Youtube Account
2. High Quality Video + Landing Page
3. At least 1-2 hours of your time

Youtube Account

Just like I state above, one thing you should be on the look out for, is searching for a niche/product, that have low numbers of providers and high demand from the public, currently, onf of the trending Movie today, is 50 shades of Gray, and there are Millions of people, waiting to watch it online, and there are not many people, who are offering this for free.

Other trending products which I highly recommend are:

Game currency,
Premium accounts for certain games or services.

Here are some products with low numbers of providers, and is currently in high demand:

  • Facebook credits,
  • iTunes codes,
  • GTA 5 beta, etc,

You can think outside the box, you can specifically target your country, the trending stuffs in your country and build a fast PPD around it, just anything in high demands, but with low numbers of providers, and you can even drive traffic through facebook pages and group!

That will be a post for another day, and I think, would be titled “How to Promote your PPD/Content Locking Products Free”

Step 1. The very first thing which you obviously need to have, is a Youtube channel.

Ensure that when you’re selecting a name, do pick a username that will include your main keyword on it. For this tutorial, I will use Minecraft as example.

That means, I will have Minecraft in my channel name, and I can decide to name my channel something similar and with the targeted keyword in it, something catchy and still yet, related: Something like: MinecraftPremiumLover.

Do ensure that you upload an avatar and art to your Youtube channel to make it looks pretty nice and legitimate.

Step 2. The next step to take, is to ensure that you upload a high quality video. All you need to do, is make a professional high quality video.

The most important thing you should take note of, is this ‘Videos will voice over are the most converting videos ever!”

You should be aware, that people are not stupid. So creating an amateur video with just image and voice will look like another scrap video by a newbie, who probably wants only MONEY.

People tends, 100% trust a voice more than an image and sound audio on the background. The top best and converting videos are those that have voice over and also mention that fact that they will have to complete a short offer which help the site owners keep the site running and pay for the accounts/codes/currency which you’re offering, believe me, most people will trust you when they’re asked to complete an offer or anything, because you told them before hand!

Step 3: The 2nd part is one of the most crucial part, but likewise, the third stage too. After you must have create a video and upload it, proceed and send likes, subs, and comments (around 10-15, or more if you want to make it even better and lively.)

You can get likes and subs from Addmefast and custom made comments from u2bviews. This is what the top earners do in various niche I have checked out.

It always works! I do purchase these likes, comment, subs, etc for most of my video and this actually works really well is thumbs up the best 2 comments, likes this:
I thumbs my comments up manually sometimes too.

Here’s How You Can Start Making Money With Your Video

The best and easiest way I know and have used to drive in traffic to my videos, is to register on the top forums with the highest number of members and search engine ranking.

The workable method, is to register to at least 10-20 forums related to your niche, Ex You should put this in google search bar “Minecraft + Forums” (without the colons).

Don’t spam the group, just make short related posts, make 2-3 non spammy post each day.

Then, after like, 9 Days, you should create a new thread with a very catchy title, for example:

Title: “Minecraft Premium accounts give away!”

Main Post Body

Hello guys! I have 20 Minecraft premium accounts that I wont use so I decided to give it away to those of you whom cant afford to buy one. To participate just answer this questions:

1. Why should I give you one premium account?
2. Why do you like Minecraft?

Please send your answers to My private email (add your email id)
Good Luck!
Create an email with Yahoo or Hotmail, I preferred this mail providers to gmail.

What Next

if you can edit the above template and make yours look better, and much more legit, you will receive a lots of emails, I mean, plenty emails from the members!

Don’t just create an account and then start doing giveaway, it will give you away easily! Just do make legit posts, like 2-4 posts daily.

Don’t start replying to the emails sent to you. The secret here is patience. Wait and wait. The moment you begin replying to email right away they will go back to the forums and say your are fake in your thread, and these will stop others from contacting you or sending you their answers through email.

When you noticed that you’re not receiving any email again, you should start replying them like this: Here’s my favorite template

“Hey bro, really sorry man but I already gave them away to the 20 Members,

Then you should add something catchy like this: (don’t know if this will help but this is where I got all those accounts, add your YoutubeLink , hope this help dude!”)

There’s no secret again! I just shared every single one of them with you through the article above.

Every time I do this, I always make between $300-500+. Most people will thinks that this is an Old Method, well, I won’t force you to try this method.

Am just trying to help those searching for ways on how to make money with PPD methods.

Wishing you, the very BEST!

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