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12 Things You Must Do After Hitting the Publish Button

Ever wondered what to do after hitting the published button? ever faced with the problem of how to promote your blog post after you just finish publishing it?

Well, once upon a time, i was faced with this issue, and it really bothers me, how can i publish a wonderful quality post and yet no one gets to see it, not to mention reading it?

This post could have been called “how to promote blog posts” but well, the title suits me better, but i might be publishing a detailed blog post later about the above title, but right now, lets face this.

I have searched and searched for methods on how to promote my blog posts after publishing it, and after going through several wonderful blog posts, here are 12 most essential things to do after hitting the publish button.

1. Optimize your blog posts.
2. Syndicate Your contents.
3. Shorten Your post url.
4. Publish your post on several communities with different titles.
5. Use Post Teasers.
6. Publish your post on social bookmarking websites.

That’s just half of it, here’s a full infographic to show you how well you should promote your blog post.

Click on the Image to Enlarge it.

must do

If you want to download and print this infographic out on your wall to give you inspiration then You can certainly download and print it out here for FREE!

Click Here to Download and Print Out.

Thanks Brody Dorland of Divvyhq for creating this awesome Infographic, i love it man.

Image Source: Brody Dorland

27 thoughts on “12 Things You Must Do After Hitting the Publish Button

  1. That was a decent infographic. It’s always nice to have some understanding on what to do after posting a new blog article. Thanks for sharing it with us. I use to do a lot more marketing but now it’s all about engaging on Blog Engage rather than blogging.

    1. Bbrian? wow, welcome Here 🙂 so glad to see you here, and about engaging our readers, it’s the best way to keep them coming for more. and i must say you did wonders by introducing Blogengage, awesome communities for bloggers to promote their blog posts.

  2. Commenting is huge bro. No better way to drive steady traffic to your blog. Shout out you message. Spread the word. Hitting the publish button is the first step in our journey 😉

    Thanks Ish!

    1. And bloggers must always hit the publish button before doing any promotion! lol.. i love the word you used here “our Journey, ” lol, blogging is really about thinking ahead of the Herd.

  3. wow, i love the infographic since giving information to one’s audience does not have to be a dull moment. illustrations that presented in an infographic makes any article interesting. i also post infographics on my site

    i use in shortening services since it offers how many clicks are made

    1. is always one of the BEST FREE shortening service today and since they offer clicks/analytics, most people prefer them, although i won’t rule out

      They’re also good.

  4. These are some great tips that you share. I was stuck with this question as well when I started blogging. I am still in the process of finding more groups to post in for syndication. This really helps. Thanks for sharing.

  5. This is perfect. Often times I’ve seen bloggers just write, and publish and walk away. There is more work involved after you click on the publish button. Great write up my friend!

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