How to Promote an Event Online and Get Lots of Attendees

Ever want to plan an event? or have you ever organized an event before? You will know of the feelings of getting lots and lots of Attendees to grace the event/occasion right?

When you are organizing a great event, you want as many potential attendees as possible to know about it and get the buzz on, right? Creating buzz online via social media platforms is one of the most effective ways to help spread the word, but what’s the most effective way to spread the word that would cost you less and help you save more for other things?

What is an event without attendees? how can you describe it? you will surely say it’s not a success right?
Even though the event was great, without much attendees it’s still not a success, because there are no people to see and partake in it. But don’t despair, because here is a guide that shows you, how to organize and promote your event online successfully.

With dozens of avenues for online promotion as a Marketing and Sales professional, how do you choose the best channels/means for promoting an event online and makes it a success?

However, i have found for you, the very best guide which will help guide you to creating a successful event without spending too much money.

This infographic will guide you to optimal social media event promotion for a successful event.

promote events online

The Image source is below the image.

Please, if you have any question as to the infographic above, don’t hesitate to use the comment box below and let’s discuss. I promise to help you to my best knowledge. (which is vast!!) 😀

28 thoughts on “How to Promote an Event Online and Get Lots of Attendees

  1. An interesting infographic. Thanks for sharing it Isaiah 🙂 I also love to post infographics on my site
    I wish I will initiate similar events online 🙂 Hope to happen in the near future

    1. Hello Mariyn, really nice to see you here, infograhic is always easy to post, but i do try to keep the words above the 300 words threshold. A picture is worth a thousand words, i believe. Have a nice day Cada 😀

  2. Finding the right blogs is oh so key. Target your niche. I have yet to promote a live event online unless you are talking webinars. I’d just send emails out to my list to drum up interest.


    1. Ryan, always knows what to do and almost for FREE.. well, what about you don’t have a “huge email list” you will have no other option than using the facebook ads.

  3. This is so structured and am pretty sure any person or business who want to promote an event online can utilize this any make their business very very popular!
    Thank you!!

    1. Thanks Frank Joseph for coming over, yes, i know for sure that for anyone who wants to promote their events online, this post/article is heaven sent. It’s really helping thousands of people every year promote their events without spending much.

  4. This is a really nice info graphic on the steps to take for getting attendees. I’m going to start hosting webinars and promoting live events in San Diego. This information is right on time for me!!! Thanks a lot.

  5. Hi Isaiah,

    This is really a great Infographic on how to promote your event, the concept of blog reach could be applied to any marketing campaign, and it really shows how good connection with top bloggers can save a lot of money by promoting your events and campaigns on their blogs.

  6. One of my favorite ways to promote an event is through Facebook. Through Facebook and then using a webinar platform is the best way to promote. Thanks for the great post!

    1. Webinar is another way to promoting events, but you can’t beat facebook. It’s really a better way to promoting events, Welcome Nate,will love to see you HERE.

  7. Hi.. i would like to thanks you alot that you made it so easy for me. This instructions of your helped me a lot and i could get to the end of my online promotion. I am amused to find that your blog is great . and i would like to bookmark it.

  8. Great information. I am new to this and hosting a live event this month. I’ve been doing some old school marketing so far, hitting the streets with flyers and posting them all around town. My question is, what is the proper etiquette when reaching out to a blogger to post about your event? Thanks, look forward to implementing your advice.

    1. Hello Jeremy, welcome here, you can contact bloggers who are ONLY in the niche that holds the interest of those invited to the Event, and ask them to write a quality post/sponsored post about the event on their blog and ask promote it.

      Using flyers and hitting the street with massive adverts is also a traditional but working method to driving in more attendees

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