Guidelines on How To Receive Google Adsense Checks via DHL

Google adsense poses several problems, and this includes the following:
1. Opening and getting an approved adsense account.
2. Earnings to reach payout monthly.
3. Low CPC
4. Low CTRL
5. How to verify your account with Physical house address, phone number, National ID and others.
6. How to receive the adsense check.
7. How to withdraw adsense earnings.

Yes, though adsense do have its own problems, but after going through all these problems, you won’t be facing the above mentioned problems again, and you have to start enjoying the money.

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If you are a Google Adsense publisher and Adsense approves your google to run Adsense Ads, and you decide to get your checks through the “Secure delivery” as your mode of payment, your checks will be delivered to you wherever you are in Planet earth by DHL, no matter you location, as far as you can browse from that location, DHL can locate you.

However, if you don’t know what DHL is, well, DHL is the world’s leading international provider of postal solutions. And according to official reports reaching us today, DHL has the capability to ship 7 million mail items all around the world on a daily basics.

So it’s not so surprising that they the ONLY secured service delivery option chose by Google as their ONLY official courier service option.

Please note that DHL is the courier service that delivers Google Adsense checks all over Nigeria as at the time of publishing this post. Thing I love about DHL, is that they delivers your check to your door step and NOT to post office address you used in registering your adsense account.

Therefore, this means that if you opt in for Secure delivery, make sure the address provided in your Adsense account is NOT a postal address, but your main home address.

Do note that if it is a postal address, DHL will not deliver your check there and you will have to go to the nearest DHL office to pick up your check, which might sound “not too good” since you’ll be paying them “£17 for that.

Make sure that when you sign up for Google Adsense and you get your adsense application approved, your default payment method is “Standard delivery”, and truthfully, Nigeria “standard delivery” is something am ashamed of, when a friend decide to use the Nigeria “Standard delivery”, he got his check delivered after three Months and the check has already expired then.

Normally, the Standard Delivery checks are sent by regular mail and should arrive within 3-5 weeks of the mailing date according to Google but it used to take up to 10-12 weeks to receive it in Nigeria.

This means that if you are using Standard delivery and your check get lost, you can’t request a re-issue until 60 days after the original issue date of the check.

But that is not the case here with Secure Delivery, you can be sure that your payment is being sent to you quickly and safely, and it arrives within a week.

This means that when your check is ready to send, Google will give it to a courier service for delivery – you can expect to receive your check within 5 business days after it’s been sent.

Please note that the delivery is guaranteed before the 5th of the next month by DHL. However, if it didn’t come before then, then Google will even provide you with DHL tracking number alongside your payment details via the “Payment History” link in your Adsense account.

SO it’s a win-win case for you, with this tracking code which DHL gives to google, and it gets paste in your payment details in your adsense account, you can always track the current location of your check via the DHL Official website.

Please note that a fee will be applied to your account to help defray the costs of the “Secure delivery” service. The “Standard Delivery” option is FREE, however, that is not the same story for the “Secure Delivery” as Google charges €17.00 as processing Fee.
Google made everything much more simpler for their publisher, since the money will be deducted from your total earnings and the balance is what you receive via your check, you don’t need to pay DHL with physical cash.

For details, click the Payment Details [edit] link from the My Account tab on your publisher account.

To sign up for Secure Delivery of your AdSense checks:
1. Sign in to your AdSense account at
2. Click My Account.
3. Click the edit link adjacent to the Payment Details header
4. Select the Check – Secured Express Delivery radio button
5. Click Continue

After that, you should select your desired currency from the drop-down list. You may choose to receive payment in United States dollars or in your local currency if it is currently available.
After choosing the Payment currency, click “Save Settings” to save your payment type, or click Cancel to exit this screen without saving.

Also note that if DHL can’t locate your address, you will be contacted via the phone number which you used in opening your adsense account/gmail or google product associated with the Adsense account, so if this is your first time, check the phone number before the 15th of the month to receive your google adsense check safely.

With the phone number which you used in your Adsense account, the DHL personnel will call you to come and pick up your check from the nearest DHL office.

If you are currently facing any problem, just use the comment box below, and I will help you resolve it.

This is the same for every countries approved by the google adsense team.

10 thoughts on “Guidelines on How To Receive Google Adsense Checks via DHL

    1. Yes, it’s really wonderful to get our check wired directly into our bank account, it’s extra fast and very easy without you stressing much, but this is for limited countries ONLY. Thanks for dropping your opinion here Ryan.

  1. Wow, this is great information. I like the fact that DHL will deliver your checks to your door instead of the post office. That’s very safe. Thanks for sharing this info. It’s very informative!

    1. You’re welcome David A Haines, and if they could not find your house, they will call you and get the package to you, and it’s very fast, i really recommend them to all bloggers living in Countries which Adsense payment team have not yet approved to received their payment through western union or EFT.

  2. It’s great to know that there is away to receive a check, I didn’t know Google Adsense provide secure delivery. Of course it didn’t matter to me since I am not getting that much earning from Google so I use Westernunion quick pay. Hopeful in the near future I will have the needed earnings to request a check.

    1. If your country is been approved by the adsense team to receive payment through western union, i think it’s really the best. Thanks Qasim for coming over Here, wish you the BEST.

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