How To Receive Google Adsense Payment With Electronic Funds Transfer

This is the best way which I know of that any publisher would receive his adsense payment. It’s the fastest payment method.

With the Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT), google adsense payment team directly deposits your AdSense earnings into your bank account, in your local currency, to greatly speed up and simplify the payment process.

However, as at the time of compiling this post, the Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) is not available to all adsense publishers, since it’s selective and to ONLY some specific countries.

EFT adsense
If the EFT is available in your location, I will personally advice you to sign up. EFT is fast, secure, and environmentally friendly, and it’s the Google adsense  MOST recommended payment method for their publishers.

According to latest report from the adsense guys, they’re trying very hard to make it available in as many locations as possible.

If you decide to sign up for EFT, which I highly recommend, you will need to provide details about your bank account and verify your account using a small test deposit, just like the same way Paypal used in verifying bank accounts. We recommend businesses to take the best xero training courses to gain more financial education.


List of Countries In Which Electronic Funds Transfer is Available

Electronic funds transfer is available in the following countries which are listed below, and the payment currency:

Australia Australian Dollar
Austria Euro
Belgium Euro
Canada Canadian Dollar
Czech Republic Koruna
Denmark Krone
Finland Euro
France Euro
Germany Euro
Greece Euro
Hong Kong Hong Kong Dollar
Hungary Forint
Ireland Euro
Israel Shekel
Italy Euro
Japan Yen
Mexico Peso
Netherlands Euro
New Zealand New Zealand Dollar
Norway Krone
Poland Zloty
Portugal Euro
Slovakia Euro
Spain Euro
Sweden Krona
Switzerland Franc
Turkey Lira
United States United States Dollar
United Kingdom British Pound


Google Adsense Currency and Exchange Rate

Even when you decided to signed up for your local currency payments, your earnings will still be calculated in US Dollars, but during payment, the adsense team will converted your earnings from US Dollar to your local currency at the time of payment.

If your bank account is in another currency, your payment will be converted once more to the local currency of your bank account (your country currency).

To avoid having your AdSense payment converted twice, we recommend that you use a bank account in your country’s local currency.

If you still wish to use a foreign currency bank account to receive your AdSense payment, please check with your bank to find out if they will accept a payment in another currency and whether there will be any charges. You’re then welcome to enter the bank account details.

Please note that some banks may charge you for changing from foreign currency to local currency, however, Adsene never charge you any fees for using EFT (As at the time of compiling this article).

Wire Transfer

How to Sign Up for Google Adsense EFT payments

Congratulation for choosing the EFT option as your payment method, to sign up for EFT payments is simple, it’s just a three-step process with sub-sections:

1. Enter your bank account information on your Adsense Dashboard

  1. You’ll be required to sign in to your account at
  2. Once there, click on the Home tab, visit the Account settings page.
  3. When the account settings loads up, in the Payment settings section, click “edit payment method.”
  4. You will see different options, just select the EFT, and in the Electronic Funds Transfer section, select the Add a new bank account radio button.

(However, if you don’t see this section, then EFT payments aren’t available in your location yet, but don’t worry, your country will be add soon.)

  1. Then proceed and click Continue.
  2. After this, you will be required to enter the requested bank account information. If you’re not sure what information to enter, please contact your bank. Click Continue.

2. Find your test deposit

Welcome to the second segment, when you have successfully entered your bank account information, the google adsense payment team will commence the process of depositing a small test amount into the bank account you specified.

Please note that this process takes a few days, so check your bank statements after 4-10 days to find a deposit. Note that the deposit ranges from $0.15-$1.10. Depending on the country in which your bank is located, the deposit will be labeled as one of the following which is listed or mentioned below:

  • Google AdSense Payment

3. Enter the test deposit amount in your AdSense account

Once you have the test deposit amount, do the following which is listed below:

  1. Visit the Account settings page.
  2. Once the page has load up, in the Payment settings section, click Verify this account.

(However, if you did not see this link, the google adsense system may not have been updated. Please wait a couple days and check again to verify the account.)

  1. However, If the link loads up, you will see a box which will be provided, you are required to enter the test deposit amount that you received in your bank account.
  2. After that, you will need to click “Next”.

Once you have entered your test deposit verification amount correctly, your bank account will be approved and you can start getting paid via EFT method.

  1. Please do select the newly approved bank account as your default payment method, so as to receive your next payment via your bank.

Important Notice:
However, if you set EFT as your payment method after the 15th of the month, note that adsense payment team won’t pay you via EFT that month, you will need to wait till the next month to receive your earnings via EFT.

How To Update My Adsense Bank Information

Just like several multi-million companies,  incorrect or unverified bank account information can’t be changed or removed from your account at this time. Instead, to provide correct information, you’ll need to add a new bank account.

However for your privacy sake, and to help protect the privacy and security of your banking information, AdSense Support does not have access to edit or remove the information you have entered there.

However, if you are facing any issue with Adsense EFT payment in your country, then you can get help here..

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