how to record your screen

How To Record Your Screen The Movavi Way

Screen casting lets you digitally record the output from the computer screen. This casting will contain both video as well as audio narration that is relevant to the screen capture.

This is not to be confused with screen shot. Screen shot takes a picture of the screen as a picture for one particular moment. But screen casting record changes on the screen over time along with audio narration in the background.

how to record your screen

Users of screen casting

  • Bloggers and Vloggers (who blog through video posts) have popularized screen casting. Screen casting can help you save interviews and personal meetings that can then be uploaded to your blog.
  • Teachers and educators use screen casting to explain concepts. This is especially useful for        e-learning as well as web casted conferences.
  • Of late, even classroom education looks at integrating technology into curriculum. The education pedagogy has undergone massive improvement in IT scenario. The classroom time can be made more productive by screen casting lessons and concepts. Multimedia faculties can be integrated into class room learning.
  • Screen casting is an ideal tool to demonstrate and teach software features to online users. Through these videos, software developers can also fix bugs and fill the knowledge gaps for users of the software. Knowledge sharing is easy and communication is clear through screen casting
  • Seminars and conferences can be completely recorded. Even Skype calls can be recorded.

With such wonderful utilities, the ideal screen casting application is available from Movavi, the producer of multimedia programs.

Please take note that this application gives you the ability and makes it easier than ever, giving you the best way on how to record your screen on your pc, laptop, desktop, etc.

Movavi offers a user friendly, affordable and versatile application for all your high resolution screen recording, video editing and video sharing needs.


  1. Highly flexible screen capturing parameters. These help enable the application to be used for a variety of needs:
  1. Adjustable frame rate capture that lets recording up to 60 fps (frames per second).
  2. Adjustable recording area for screen capture.
  • Mouse actions and cursors can be captured in the video.
  1. Capture audio from micro phones, MIDI devices, headphones, audio sets and even Skype calls.
  2. Adjustable audio volumes for recording needs.
  1. Screen grabbing managed through a single click of hot keys.
  2. Adjustable screen grab formats like jpeg, png etc., for your video capture.
  3. Timer specifications available to set capture time.
  4. Availability of multiple editing options like video trimming, subtitles addition, filters and special effects addition as well as synchronizing a variety of multimedia features.
  5. The video can be saved as mp4, MOV, AVI and many other media formats.
  6. The super speed mode lets you save the video real fast.
  7. A variety of readymade formats for smart phones is also available.
  8. Available in 12 interface languages.
  9. A complete list of input and output formats that is supported by Movavi is available in their website including video formats, audio formats and image formats.
  10. A wide variety of manufacturers and their output devices are supported through Movavi.
  11. The list of required system specifications that will enable the best use of Movavi is also available for users.
  12. A free trial version is available for users to have a feel of the application before shelling out.
  13. Customer satisfaction is guaranteed through services and guides that educate the novice and hand hold them to ensure that they make the best use of the application.


  • Movavi screen casting studio is available for Windows and Mac users. This makes it highly compatible with both the operating systems.
  • Multiple screen recording is possible through this Movavi application. This means that you can integrate and record multiple screens before editing to put them together.
  • You can capture video guides and any on-going lessons, real time, through this application. Several on line courses and webinars share useful knowledge that can be stored for later reference through the screen casting application. You can also edit and share it further with students or in study groups that could not be present for the original event.
  • Your recording needs may include changes on your desktop screen. Movavi lets you record such desktop changes better than a video camera. Video cameras do record the screen but they may not be able to let you edit the recording and make any necessary changes.
  • Recording can be performed through any media.
  • Video calls through Skype can also be recorded along with audio. Now a Skype call that has your lessons and lectures can well be recorded and saved for future reference.
  • Editing is simple and user friendly with the in-built editor. Whether it is to trim the video for unwanted areas, or to add filters and effects to enhance the look, Movavi screen cast studio lets you do so with ease.
  • Suitable upgrades to versions available for existing users. This means that you can update your application from time to time at a reasonable cost.
  • Prompt customer service responds to queries and issues raised while the support center elaborately educates the users – existing and new, alike. There is a knowledge base of frequently asked questions that help clarify doubts for the users.


  • This application cannot capture copy protected videos and movies. No, Movavi does not let you record them, even for a harmless future reference. Several malicious users are out there who could misuse this application.
  • The windows XP version does not support multiple devices sound capture. The new studio version for the Windows has been enhanced to suit this requirement at a higher price.
  • If the file size is lesser than 1 Mb, the video card may not save your recording leading to an error message.
  • Video and audio go out of sync at times due to technical snarl ups. These can be fixed though.


Movavi lets you capture the screen. This technology has made it possible for users to create video casts of content that is made interesting and effective to communicate to its viewers. At a reasonable price, this application is all that you may need to pep up your screen casts.

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