Twitter Chats for Your Business

How to Use Twitter Chats for Your Business

Are you currently active on Twitter? Do you want the kind of business recognition that Bob Bratt gets? Whether you check your account daily or you’ve barely logged in since creating it, it’s never too late to get involved. Twitter chats are a great way to quickly connect with a community.

Twitter Chats for Your Business

1. Humanize your business

The members of Twitter chats are almost always individuals, not brands. You can use your brand’s Twitter account if you make sure to stay real and human, not business-focused and promotional.

2. In your business’ Twitter profile, include the name and tag of the person who handles your Tweets. This will help humanize your account and it will give people an actual name to respond to, even when directly Tweeting your brand’s account.

3. Post photos of your business’ team

This will help people put faces to your company. Other people won’t feel like they’re speaking to a robot. Use a team shot as your account’s banner photo or Tweet images of your employees happily working as a team.

4. Create a Twitter chat cheat sheet:

Often, there are specific questions that will be asked throughout a Twitter chat, and these questions are accessible beforehand. Prepare your answers and add in both relevant hashtags and username tags. Then, you’ll have them ready to go when it’s time to respond.

5. Promote the chat by re-Tweeting users’ Tweets beforehand

This will encourage your followers to join, too. If you can get more of your current fans to join the chat, you’ll have a little fan base of people who will give you extra attention, which will attract even more users to your account and business.

6. Participate!

If you have a bunch of Tweets prepped beforehand, you can send those out while also adding off-the-cuff remarks as topics and comments pop up. Don’t just respond to the main questions, but also to the other people who are chiming in with their thoughts.

7.  Encourage your employees and team members to also join the chat.

This will expand your brand’s reach. You’ll have a lot of representation throughout the chat, which means other attendees won’t be able to miss your brand.

8. Continue to build relationships once the chat has ended

Maintain Twitter lists of people you’ve connected with, signup for brand newsletters, and connect with companies and individuals on other social media sites.

When you’re ready, host a chat yourself! Once you’ve participated in a handful of chats, you’ll figure out how they’re run and what works. By launching your own chat, you’ll attract a community of people who look at you as an expert and influencer.

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