How To Verify Adsense Account Using Phone Number & Proof Verification Methods

Have you ever been faced by the google verification issue? If yes, then you must know how boring, heart pounding and time consuming it is.
I mean, do you really know that you have to wait for 5 weeks before you can request another pin which you’ll need to use before verifying your adsense account to be illegible to receive your monthly adsense pay check?

Well, I have once been in that shoe, and I must confess, it is not funny at all, because my countries standard postal service is facing some difficulties right now, I hardly get any mail sent through them, and I guess some countries do face the same.

However, with this post, you don’t need to worry again, but there’s something I have to inform you right here.

I tried this method after I have exhausted my normal 3 times verification process via the PIN, and my ads got temporary blocked because I can’t verify my account, that is when I tried this method and it worked wonders.
The very reason why I am telling you this, is in case Adsense have not yet sent you the 3rd pin, before they will temporary block your account till you verify it through any of the below means.

1. National Identity card.
2. Drivers Licence.
3. Any government identity card
4. Any payment bill that have the same address which you have on your adsense account

With this phone verification method, you can get your account verified within 3-5 working business days.

IF your country Mail delivery service is mal-functioning, then this post is for you. Just like me, after waiting for months before verifying my account, had I seen this information, I would have verified it within a week. So goodluck to you for seeing this article, You’re bless.

After google adsense must have sent you the pin, the 3rd time, which is the last time, and you still did not verify your account within 3-5 weeks, you will received a message from Google Adsense that they’ve begun to serve unpaid ads on your account (websites) because it hasn’t been verify and after a short period of time, the worst will happen, YOUR adsense account will be disabled, in other words, BANNED, because they will be force to think that you’re not human or you’re trying to play them.

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Simple Guidelines On How To Verify My Google Adsense Account:

1. Using the Phone Number Verification method.

This is so easy, all you need to do, is to insert your phone number and wait for google to send you an SMS or probably call you to verify that you’re human.

TO start this, you’ll need to visit the official google url for this:
When the above website loads up, you’ll be required to fill in the form with genuine details in the required fields

Email Address,
Publisher ID,
Phone number

I hope I don’t need to tell you that you should make sure that the simcard is inserted in a phone and the number should be available till you receive a call from Adsense.

In the Phone No field, make sure the phone number you’re giving corresponds with your account information in your Adsense account.

After doing this, just click “Submit”.

2. Proof Verification

This might sound stupid, but it worked for me, so it should also work for you.

You’ll need to prove to google that you’re human and that you are living in a home.
So you need to proof your identity or your home address either with electricity bill or whatsoever.

But in case you don’t have any of the above documents, don’t be afraid, just follow the guides below. It might sound tricky but it’s 100% legal and that is what I used in verifying my google adsense account.

To give a proof of your identity, you will need to visit the link below:
When the portal loads up, you’ll be required to fill in the following:

Your Name,
Email address,
publisher ID in the required fields. (Your publisher id looks more like this=> “pub-2451xxxxxxxxxx” )

Here comes the simple tip:
In the attachment section, you’ll need to attach a text file containing your personal details in this format:

Contact Address:
Phone No:
Email Address:
Publisher ID:
Postal Address:

* To easily create a text document, runs the Notepad on your PC (win + R and type notepad).

==> Click Submit.

Important Notice:
Please note that you can also upload a photocopy of your Driver’s license, national ID card instead of the text file in case you have them, but if you don’t have any of them, just use the above method.

After doing this, all you need is patience, you just have to wait and you will certainly get a reply from Adsense team within 7 working days. But in my case, I got my account verified under 3 days.

Are you facing any problem with your adsense account? Then use the comment box below, and I will surely get to you.

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