How to Increase Google Adsense Earnings

If there’s any dream of bloggers, it’s to make money online blogging, and you can achieve this through revenue programs like Adsense,, Chitika among others.

But am not here to discuss how to get an approved adsense account, however, what I will be focusing today, is how to increase your blog revenue income through google adsense. You’ll be amazed at how people, mostly newbie bloggers want to make money online, but enter the wrong niche entirely!, or are plainly doing it the wrong way.

To make serious money online from adsense, you need to know which niche is profitable and how to get the traffic to keep increasing your earnings on adsense.

The tips I will be sharing with you, will get you on the right track to making money online. One of the biggest mistakes of newbie bloggers or upcoming bloggers which has made them never accomplish their dream of making it big with adsense is “Wrong niche”.

Why would you enter into niches like “Blogging tips” “how to make money online” and expect to make money online through adsense?
You can’t simply increase your adsense earnings in this niche, and you know why?

“Because, almost everyone in this niche knows about adsense”, so adding your adsense ads on a blog that talks about making money online is a total flux and total waste of your ads space, which won’t even earn up to $10 per month.

Personally, I can’t click on adsense in websites anymore, not because am greedy and don’t want other bloggers to earn, but because I don’t want to compromise their accounts as well as mine.

One of my blogger friends, added google adsense in his make money online website, and after a month, how much did he earn? £3. Then he start asking other bloggers why.

The truth here is that 90% of his blog visitors are bloggers, including me. Who knows about blogging too.

So for you to make money online with blogging and increase your adsense earnings, you need to enter niches that the users/readers have no single idea as to what “Adsense” is, and they can click anything! That is the ONLY secret to earning better with adsense.

You can enter the Job vacancy niche in your country, entertainment niches, fitness equipment/products reviews niches, health products review niches, electronic niches, travelling niches, car insurance among several others, this is where the bloggers who write income report gets their gigantic adsense earnings from.

earn with adsense

Five Tips How To Increase Your Adsense Earnings and make Serious Money Online

 1. Set a Goal/Target

According to Martin Luther King Jnr, who said and I quote him directly: “a man without dreams is not fit to live” knows exactly what he’s saying. twisting this to blogging, I would say “A blog without a goal will not live long”.

When creating a blog, you should note that firstly, you need to set a goal, how much did you expect this blog to earn on a daily basis, weekly, monthly or Yearly?

Have you ever watched Alice in the wonderland? She never knew her destination. When I start blogging, My target was making $500 + Monthly on adsense, I reached this goal and even made as high as $1000 some few times per month! I knew I would reached that amount, because it was a goal I was working towards to make it a reality, I wake up daily trying to reach my goal and I did it. It does not matter even if your goal is $10,000 per month from adsense, just work hard but smarter and you will reach the goal.

2. Your Niche

Do you know why Bill Gates is the richest man on earth? That is because he loves computers, he love creating things, he love solving problems! And certainly, that is the law of nature, “if you solve a problem, you get monetary reward”.

So therefore, to make serious money from adsense, you need to do the following:

  1. Discover what you love doing
  2. Discover what you love talking about.
  3. Know how to solve or provide solution, help to people within this your niche
  4. Then provide a solution and bank with adsense.

You have heard of this over and over again, and that is because it’s the truth! Find a subject that you can enjoy creating sites about. However, you should keep in mind that if no one advertising on that subject then you cannot make money with adsense, but there’s always a way to make money with any niches online.

However, if you love talking about Law firms, or subjects like “MESOTHELIOMA LAW FIRM” (pays +$20 per click) excites you, then don’t waste precious time trying to build websites because a fellow blogger is making money online from that niche.
I know of bloggers who build websites around the “Travel niches” “Car insurance niche” and educational niches, student loans etc, they are making it in thousands of dollars per month ONLY with Adsense.

3. Provide Exceptional Content

You don’t just build a website, add a couple of contents and start checking your adsense account once every hour. That is the very first step to failure. Don’t also expect to make money from adsense by copying other people’s content, publish them on your blog and expect to see an increase in your earnings. This will compromise your account and you might even get banned and your site de-indexed from search engines! And your dream of making it big and helping out in your family turned to a pipe dream.

To make money with adsense on a regular and daily basis, you need to work hard creating unique contents that belongs to ONLY you, and also update your blog regularly. When building a website, don’t forget that search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bings plays a vital role in your blog earnings. So try to get the search engines to love your websites.

Please, I used “please” because I want you to note this down, do not listen to Matt Cutts talking about “making your sites for people not for search engines”. Take half and discard half, because it’s very good to make your website for people, but also make it friendlier for search engines.

If no one visits your “Made for visitors” site, then how can you make money? Except you want to be buying traffic which will be negative impact on your adsense.

Preferable, make your website for search engines, but have good contents and make the ads visible enough for your visitors. If you’re ranking page 1 and position 1 for your targeted visitors, people will love your website and might turn to be returning visitors.

Have you not seen websites with wonderful contents, great design but they are ranking in Google 10th page?

So who is the visitor they are making the website for? That is why I said, don’t only make your website for your visitors, but also for your search engines.

make money online with google adsense

4. Ranking on Search Engines

Ranking on google for certain profitable keywords is getting hard by the day, so for you to make money and keep the fire burning, you should try optimizing your website first and try to rank on bing search engine and yahoo searches too.

Just in case you don’t know, in USA alone, other search engines have 30% of search done outsides. We all as bloggers know that google is not predictable, one single link, one single mistake can take your website out of SERP (search engine recent pages), We all know that Google is complex and unpredictable for SEO, we might even loose all my efforts in next algorithm update.

However, that is unlikely for Bing and yahoo, because they are still old-school reliable search engines with predictable results, and a page might rank for a keyword for months. But you should also target google, make them your number 1 friend, but make sure you keep to their rules! They control the SERP vehicle, and the biggest traffic comes from them if you rank from the 1st to 3rd position in 1st page.

5.     Don’t Give Up!

Patience is the key of success if you decide to make money online with Adsense. I have seen bloggers complain of not earning money online after 3 weeks of creating their blog, these are the same group of people who goes about, saying that making money online is not possible, that we can only earn incomes online by scamming others.

One thing we should note is that ranking on search engines does not come overnight but once you are there, you can enjoy your time, freedom and money. If your website is earning via adsense, you can even leave it and take a vacation! That is the glory of blogging, but you can’t get there without hard work.


If you have any problem regarding adsense, like getting your website approved, increasing your earnings, don’t hesitate to use the comment box as am always here to help You.

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