How i Increase My Google AdSense CTR and Revenue using Ad Filter ~Blocking MFA Lists

I am in several IM forums, and it is so sad to see other bloggers asking questions like:

why is my google adsense cpc so low?
I have good number of clicks and pageviews but my earnings is so low.

Well, this particular question has ONLY two solutions, which is:

1. Your are not using the Ad Filter option in adsense, which is, by blocking the MFA websites!.
2. Your niche is having low advertisers.

If you are not aware of what MFA means, it simple means Made For Adsense Websites.

I hope that you are aware that if you go against Adsense policy, you’ll get banned, but blocking MFA website is not against Adsense TOS.
Because when i once shared this MFA website list with a friend, he asked if adsense would banned his account, The truth is that your adsense account would not get banned, WHY??

Because Adsense Team did provide the option for you, as their user to block certain websites from displaying ads on your website!.
That means Adsense is also respecting your privacy!!.

How Many MFA Websites Can I Block?
If you did check the Ad filter option in adsense, you will noticed that you can only block a maximum of 500 Websites from displaying low cpc ads on your website.
The truth is that blocking this websites really increased my adsense cpc more than 360%.

Do Blocking MFA Websites Increase My Adsense CPC?
Just like i said above, MFA simply means MADE FOR ADSENSE, and since all MFA websites are created particularly for adsense, so they placed their cpc very low!!!.

To increase your adsense earnings, you need to block certain advertisements by Filtering MFA websites and good CPC websites.
This simply means that you can improve your ads CPC.

Some sites are Produced Ads (MFA) websites they make use of Google Adwords to drive website traffic to their Blogs or Getting Pages. These websites add their Advertisements on very affordable allows claim 0.01 $ / click.
So, if there Advertisements will show up on your web sites after that you constantly gets low CPC Advertisements. These MFA Sites uses Key words Targeting likewise and for this reason also after having a great deal of top quality material and key words you will certainly not able to produce such higher Advertisements Income.

So the best option is to protect your web site (s)from displaying this low targeted ads.

One good thing about the google ads fitering option, is that you block your competitors website from displaying ads on your website!!.

Please note that the google adsense Ads Filtering system choice is available at Adsense Dashboard panel — Adsense Setup — Competitive Advertisement Filter or use the image below to locate the adsense ads filtering box.

adsense mfa list

Click the link below to get the latest adsense MFA list/ google adsense black list.
Get Low Quality Made for Advertisement Websites List

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