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Long Tail Pro Keyword Research Tool

Have you asked yourself or friends this question like i normally do before?

What really Works to help you get that Targeted Traffic From Search Engine?
i have been facing thus issue myself till i found out what was really helping out, and how you can get that targeted traffic to your blog or sales page.
I found out that it’s Long Tail Keywords! (jeez, i just shared my secret to ranking on Search engine)

Before this, most people were targeting only the main keywords, like “cancer, Sport news, insurance” but did not have the idea that most people using longer words while searching for solutions online.

I know of most bloggers smiling to the bank targeting long tail keywords.
But for most people who don’t idea as to what Long tail keywords is, here is a simple definition.

(Long tail Keyword) Is a term which is used to describe less searched for words but whose combined search volumes may outweigh those of the top ten keywords.
As a concept, optimising a website for long tail keywords may prove extremely successful by essentially taking a big piece of a small pie.

Long tail keywords are the longer, more specific keywords (please take note of the word, Specific) that are less common, but when you add the long tail keywords, they will give you a better high and search engine driven traffic.

Okay, i am sure you got an idea as to what long tail keyword is;

However, with the ever increasing rate of websites been created every day, the competitions between bloggers is really get tough now, as to who will rank on top of search engine for specific keywords or niche.

And yes, trying to rank at the top of any keyword is hard, except you know your SEO well.

But when trying to rank for certain keywords, you need to change your strategy to improve search engine optimization.

Long Tail Keywords is the solution for new websites to get rank on search engines easily because these keywords are less competitive with higher chance to appear in first page of search results.

Long Tail Keywords are keyword phrases having three or more keywords in it, which are used by people to find a particular topic.
Long Tail keywords are less competitive so it means you have more chance to rank well on search engines. When you optimize your content with less competitive keywords which are not so popular then definitely you will get more traffic to your site because there will be few options for people to select one from them.

Benefits of using Long Tail Keywords:
One of the main benefit of using Long Tail Keywords is that it ranks your website on search engines with less competitive keywords.
Okay, let me give you an example as to what am talking about:
You decided that you want to know more about fitness tips and now type in search engine with keyword “fitness tips”.

You will get more than 574,000,000 results from google alone.
Now change keyword to “tips to lose weight” and search again now you can see the change. Search result will show you less result than before, and the result will be About 81,800,000 results, but without the quotes.

(the main reason why i added the quotes in the infographic below is because it shows you the exact number of pages targeting that particular keyword.)

long tail keywords

Now, let’s analysis this, when you try targeting the long tail keyword here, which is “tips to lose weight” you stand a better chance to appear on first page.
So am pretty sure you know what am talking about right now, and you can different between Main keywords and Long tail keywords.

But Here is the Bang as to what can make this extra simple for you!, there is a software that can show you, hundred of long tail keywords that can be easily ranked, and it shows you everything you need to know about the keyword, now, i will show you the simply reason why top bloggers are making thousands of dollars a month using tools, automated tools, like Long Tail Pro

I highly recommend this software, because bloggers like Pat Flynn,Spencer, Theodore, Enstine Muki, Viper chill, Tung Tran, George among several others are using it, and it’s making blogging a beautiful game, it analysis keywords to the very last core, giving you every information you need to know about a keyword.

Finally, i found out the Main Reason why Most Pro-bloggers are building top niche targeted websites and the reason is because of one free (for 10 days) and cheap but powerful software, named;

long tail pro


Why i did mentioned the above bloggers, is that they have successfully used the Long Tail Pro software to generate keywords, and are banking from the keywords, making money from adsense and amazon mostly.

How to find these keywords?
Finding Long Tail Keywords are little difficult and very time consuming. But the more you will work hard, the more you will get results fast.
Though there are many free and paid tools available on internet using which you can research long tail keywords. Google Adwords Keyword Tool is one of best tool for finding keywords for your website, BUT it just don’t give you a full description about how many pages are targeting the keyword, how easy or hard to rank in the niche or whatever, but it’s still one of the best around though.

Getting Long Tail Keyword Made Easy with Long Tail Pro;
Using long tail pro to find keyword, you first of all enter a keyword or phrase.
When you have done this, now enter all other information like categories, filter etc. And start the process.

How simple is this, all you need to do, is just to sit down and watch as this keyword work all the hard works, you will see a list of keywords and phrases used by people to search related to your keyword.

Now choose any one keyword or phrase with low competition and search it on Google with and without quotes (“”) as i have early said.
Now, all you need to do, is just to compare the search results with each other. Always try to find keyword with low search results because a low search result means low competition for you and that it would be easily ranked.

When you found your keywords and have set up the domain name, all you need do is to put it into your web page’s meta tag.

Also, when adding keywords to your meta tag make sure you also repeated keywords individually to increase the chances to get rank on search engines, but don’t spam it, do it moderately and be wise.

For example if you have long tail keywords like: “tips to lose weight” then write it in your meta tag like shown below:

tips on how to lose weight, tips to lose weight in a week, tips on how to lose weight fast, tips on how to lose weight fast at home, among others.

Three Simple But Powerful Long tail Pro Functionality;
1. Find Long Tail Keywords and Domains Faster Than You Thought Possible.
2. Analyze the Competitors in Google
3. Check Where Your Sites Rank in Google

The Goodnews here is that you can try out Long Tail Pro before Buying it, How cool is that?
Test Drive all the features of Long Tail Pro for 10 Days!

My Conclusion On Long Tail Pro Software:
One sure thing is that Keyword Research is really a difficult process for beginners.
There are many other tools which can directly suggest you keywords for your niche type like WordStream, Longtail Pro, and Market Samurai etc.

But having used Long tail pro keyword tools, i think it’s the most current and updated tool to checking out keywords.
And don’t use very low or zero competitive keyword otherwise no one will search your keywords and your efforts will be worthless.

We can also share with, long tail pro discount, just use the comment box and lets do it.

What do you think about Long Tail Pro?
Which keyword generating tools/software are you using?

Please do drop your comments below and lets discuss.

10 thoughts on “Long Tail Pro Keyword Research Tool

  1. Hi Isiah, You are so right, it is really hard to build up a startup business at first. A lot of SEO and Marketing to consider but this is a great help and info.Thanks for sharing your secret. I’ll try to use this one, it really makes sense. I just hope it is not that costly. 🙂

  2. Hi there,

    This is interesting. I uses Long Tail Keywords before and it works very well. I think it is extremely useful especially when you are trying to rank niche keywords.

    Awesome write up and thanks for sharing!

  3. Hi Isaiah,

    I love using LongTail Pro, although I have to admit I don’t use it every time I write a post.

    I do however use it when I am ordering articles to get outsourced for my PLR store. It definitely does help you find great keywords that are easy to rank.

    Thanks for sharing this information, I know that it will definitely help anyone who wants to know more about it and how to use it properly.

    Hope you have a great day.

  4. I love this tools and am always making use of it and would like to ask everyone to take advantage of it. get long tails pro and make your keyword research to be simple as ABC.

    1. Thanks for dropping by Frank, i really do appreciate it. Everyone should love this tool, makes searching for keywords so simple, that i can harvest 20 keywords within few hours on several niches.

  5. long tail keywords are the best option for direct conversion:) I recommend using Google Keyword Tool, it’s sufficient in most cases

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