Google Adsense Alternatives: Review

Before saying anything here, I would love you to note that some top bloggers argued that is much better than in terms of earning, but I would leave that for you to judge.

The Emerging of this network, is the joining together of Yahoo and Bing to create one powerful platform for bloggers to earn Money, which is named:

Please note that while displaying ads on your  website/blog, you are officially called a “Yahoo Publisher”, so I will be calling publishers, “yahoo publisher” here on this article.

My Experience With and On

Yes, is a good place to be with, even when I had adsense ads displaying on my website, I was still searching and requesting for an invite.

The truth is that disapproved my account on several occasions, up to 3 times, before learning the scope from my experience which I have also shared below. So you really need to read this post.

Getting an approved google adsense nowadays is not simply anymore, so many bloggers are now opting for the best adsense alternatives online today, and really, I am in full support of this.

Please, don’t wait for adsense to approve your website before earning money online, you can start by using these alternatives and then keep optimizing your websites for adsense team to approve it.

I have also reviewed one of the best Adsense alternative today in the market, which is Chitika

Truthfully, this is ranked among the 3rd best Adsense alternative in the PPC world today, they are also the best RCPM company online today, who pay for impressions you have on your websites, and most importantly, they also pay for clicks.

Currently, as at the time of compiling this article, am using on my blog, and it’s really making me smile.

One thing you need to note here is that approval team is almost the same with Adsense, they can take as long as 2 weeks to get your blog approved, and one thing about them is that before displaying their ads on another blog of yours, you certainly need to apply with that website again, unlike Adsense where if you get an approved account, you can display adsense on any website of your choice.



Advantage of Joining Publisher

  1. Unlike Adsense, you can still earn money, because they pay per impression.
  2. You can earn money even without having anyone click on your ads, because just like I said above, they pay per One thousand (1k) impression
  3. You are allowed to display ads on several niches, unlike other Adsense Alternatives, you can get your website Approved by Media and display related ads on your website/blog.
  4. There are so many advertisers on, so there is never lack of adverts.
  5. If your traffic is coming directly from top countries like USA, England, UK, Austraila, Canada, etc, you can even earn better per a thousand impression. but the best is to Receive majority of your traffic from United States / Canada / United Kingdom.
  6. Unlike Adsense, where you must be a premium publisher before having a private account manager assign to you, when your application gets approved, your account manager will email you shortly, and If you encounter any problem, you can email him/her and you will get a reply within 24 Hours+.
  7. You can display ads alongside with your adsense account and Adsense wouldn’t banned your account. I have been doing this on my blog for months now, so I know what am saying.

Disadvantages of being a Yahoo Publisher (

  1. Unlike Adsense, you must get every single websites of yours approved before displaying their ads on that particular blog.
  2. Your traffic must be coming from top world countries to earn better from Media, although is trying very hard to get all publishers to earn from their traffic.
  3. You might get your website banned from displaying ads for “low quality traffic” so ensure you always get good traffic and your bounce rate is normal.
  4. do not accept sub-domains, like, among others. You must have a .tld, (e.g, .com, .net. .org and your country tld)

How to Get to Approve Your Application:

When asking or submitting an application to get a account, ensure you do the following.

Your Alexa rank should be less than 500K.
Have high-quality content and traffic.
Have a reasonable volume of visitors already using the website.
Receive majority of traffic from United States / Canada / United Kingdom.
Have English as the primary language.
When asked the amount your blog earns per month, make sure you tell the truth, as for me, I told them that am currently earning $100/Month and they got my account approved.
Ensure that you fill in your original information when applying.
Before applying, just take a few seconds to go through their program policy by clicking Here.

media request

My Conclusion:
Just like I said above, am currently displaying media’s advert on Omoscowonder, and I would suggest you get one for your website too.
I have earned more than $400+ from and it’s still counting, you can get one for your website too.

Your Thought
Thanks for reading, I would love to hear your thoughts about, have you joined them yet? How much do you earn per month from being a yahoo publisher?

DO you think it’s worth being a yahoo publisher? Have you applied before and got your application denied?

8 thoughts on “Google Adsense Alternatives: Review

  1. Hello dear .. You are right.. if a person want to generate money and if adsense is not availible for hhis/her website.. Then it will be good to apply for as its one of the best alternatives of Adsense and paying very good rates.
    Thank you

    1. Do you have any experience with Media? they’re one of the best, and so far, i have withdraw more than $450+ and my account has not yet been banned.
      This is one of the best adsense alternative and i am currently using them.

  2. You should take part in a contest for one of the highest quality blogs on the internet Omoscowonder, I will highly recommend this blog to anyone, your reviews just split out the truths about this PPC company, thanks for this review Sire. More grease to your elbow.

    1. Hello Fred, this is one of the nicest words i have ever read about my blog, thanks for the recommendation, awesome guys like you makes blogging a better place to be.


    1. Depends mostly on the “traffic location” i think you should check out where your traffic is coming from mostly. Because when you have traffic coming from continents like Asia, etc, they might not be as enthusiastic as they would be if the traffic is coming directly from USA, UK and other top countries.

    1. Thanks Haroon for coming over, so far, i have made more than 700$ and still counting with and my account have never been banned, as for their approval, you need traffic from the countries you mentioned to earn well, but if your alexa rank is low, well, the truth is that will approve your website to start displaying their ads, but your earnings will never be as awesome as blogs which have traffic from UK,USA, Canada etc.

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