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Niche Challenge To Earning $10.000 Within 3 Month! You Can Do it Too!

I was walking home some few days ago, tired and very hungry for some actions, when the unexpected happened! an idea spring up in my head to contact the two bloggers i know who would not back down from any niche challenge! and sure enough, their ego wouldn’t let them back down! and i ask if they want to enter into any niche combat with me and they replied YES!
So finally, the battle has commence and am full of energy again.

The main reason why i decided to create this niche challenge and make the niche popular is because i want to show you, how i build my backlinks and how to rank for any keyword, (almost) with some twists!.
Although i have been into niche websites for like 3 months to be precise, but before that, i have been a spectator for years, sitting in front of my laptop eating some chips and reading how people gets their niche website ranked and making some cool $$$ per day without spending more than an hour or two per week!
When i did contact Frank Joseph of Moneyhomeblog.com and Oscar Frank of Oscarmini.com, i gave them the keyword which was previously make popular by Tung Trang of Cloudlivingjourney.com, which is “best adjustable dumbbells” i ask them if they’re capable and they said yes.. Although Oscar frank expresses some fear that the niche has been pack filled with niche websites targeting the keywords, but when i told him he can still back down if he wants to, he said no, and  quoting him in his exact words “i can do it!”.

My Story: The good and Bad:
I had previously rank for this particular keyword (best adjustable dumbbells) and i ranked within the first top 3-5 position where i earn more than $50  from amazon ONLY within 10 days before the penguin 2.1 hit the web, hitting the website like 70%. Had i monetize this website with Adsense, i would have earn much more than that.

My Prove:

my amazon earnings within 10 days of ranking
Please, for some stupid reason, i wouldn’t be sharing the website url here, but in the course of this journey and niche challenge, i know i will.
Earning this kind of money from a niche where i rank for less than 10 days is extra cool and i decided to make it more exciting by inviting this two seo gods.. (please, if you’re serious, you can still join us in this niche challenge)

Steps i Have Taken So Far
I bought a domain from godaddy for $2.99 with my mastercard using a coupon code. Then i proceed to install wordpress and currently, i have not install any plugin apart fron Askimet to keep spammers at bay.

JUST click any of the share buttons to see my newly bought domain ranking without any article

[sociallocker] http://www.bestadjustabledumbbellsgod.com [/sociallocker]

Then i did something extremely wise or stupid, because since i build backlinks myself, so the backlinks i built for my former website on this niche is still intact, so i edit the links and add my new website url.
but am not that stupid, since i was previously building the links directly to the x-website, and i guess that was why penguin 2.1 affected me, i did some twists..
I decided to turn the links into tiers, since the links are more than 100, i used this formula in the inforgrahic below.
Please note that my links are built mostly from high pr blogger blogs and tumblr blogs, and a few wordpress their pagerank ranges from pr5-pr1.
Less i forget, am also building backlinks with wordpress.com

link building image

SO far, i have not written any articles yet on the website, and i have not yet even gone through with 30% of the manual links am planning to build.
But so far, here is my stats for the two best selling keywords: this stats is draw from Moonsy.com.

keyword ranking

What’s the big question here is this: Who can wear the crown by ranking the highest? making it to the first 3 in this keyword?

18 thoughts on “Niche Challenge To Earning $10.000 Within 3 Month! You Can Do it Too!

    1. Hello Nikhil, ouch! wish you could join in this niche duel, it would have been more fun, well, wishing you the best in your niche blog.. and i guess you’re referring to the link building method am using right?
      well, it’s penguin proof and one of the best way to rank a niche blog. you’ve got a wonderful blog there Nikhil,wishing you the best.

    1. Hello Syed Aly, lve your name Syed and your blog design looks cool, you can join us in this competition and also show the world your seo blogging strategies, however, since you said that you’re new, i think you need to know affiliate marketing is first, and that is another long post, i promise you Syed, i will publish a post on this soon and yes, i will certainly message you the link.

      Thanks for dropping by Syed, wishing you the best in blogging.

  1. You are doing well, Isaiah and i can see you are already ranking! Time to add some articles and waiting for the next update on your ranking. it seems you will be the one hitting the first page anytime soon.

    1. You’re welcome Frank, and thanks for the compliment, however, truth be told, you’re getting bad here, just saw that your blog is ranking number 24 in the keyword “best adjustable dumbbells” while am still battling with web 2’s in google’s 3rd-4th page.

      Thanks for the motivation, time to go build more niche related links. I really love what you’re doing in MHB.

  2. Hi Isaiah,

    I’m interested in joining but sounds like you’re going to win since you have high PR blogs already with a good domain age, never the less i’ll still join 😉 Talk to ya soon.

    1. Hell Gilbert, thanks a lot for dropping by, am really excited to see that you would be joining in, what niche are you targeting? you can join in this niche duel with any niche of your choice, this is just for the fun of it, and yes of course, the $$$$.

      Love reading your blog posts Gilbert, you’re doing just great!

    1. hello Syed, welcome, am about to compile the article, it would be long, but worth your time, and Thanks a million for taking the time to reply back. Thanks for being a reader!

    1. Hello Adesanmi, the Great guest post writer, i have been seeing your articles on high pagerank and respected blogs, so glad you drop by here, yes, it’s been long since i had a dream of earning from amazon, and Thank God i have accomplished it. Though it’s small.

  3. Hi Isaiah,

    Well good luck to you all that have entered your contest and glad that you’re ranking for the moment with your keywords. Hope Google doesn’t come along and do another update on you cause that wouldn’t be fun at all.

    Best of luck to you all.


    1. Can’t believe this, when i first saw your comment, i was like, “did Mrs Adrienne really dropped by my blog and even left a comment?” Thanks for visiting and i really appreciate it.

      However, my rankings has fluctuate for the time being, it was google love at work then, but right now, am making some great comeback and i hope i rank number 1 in the primary and secondary keyword.

  4. thanks bro for this post and can you tell me how to find perfect niche having high rank in google to make a blog and to make it famous

    1. Hello Ankit, you need to find a niche and checkout it’s competition or let me say, your competitors in SERP before venturing into it, most times, i might suggest a keyword that would be hard to rank, but the money will be nice, or i would suggest you a keyword that is easy to rank, but the percentage you earn per sale will be something you don’t want to write about.

      However, i will be doing something like a giveaway here, where i will be giving out keywords.

      Thanks for dropping by Ankit.

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