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BEST On Page Optimization SEO Guidelines For Your Blog

I don’t care if you’re building a niche blog or even a blog that you will basically do not SEO to, even if you decide you will build no backlink to it, you’ll certainly need to Optimize your On-Page SEO, to make your blog much more easier for search engines to discover it.

Have you ever visit a friend who lived in a clustered neighbourhood with no exact address on each household? And believe me, you’ll have two options here:

  1. You’ll either go home angrily and never come back except your friend gives you a direction.
  2. You can start asking questions and spend your day doing this.

This is exactly what happened with Google bots and other search engines bot, since your website/blog have absolutely no guides on how search engines can know what you’re talking. This is where the On-Page-SEO comes into play, it’s tricks, it’s the basics to getting google to know about your blog and what it is talking about.

On Page SEO is the most important and powerful step to building a successful blog, your blog on page seo defines your blog and will tell me how far your blog will go in search engine. Note that search engine optimization (SEO) technique always had a significant effect on search engine rankings.

The truth here today, is that on page SEO is an important tactics of search engine optimization which we as bloggers, niche website builders, cannot ignore at all in order to get a better chance at ranking and establish a strong online presence.

You can achieve this feats with SEO plugins as WordPress SEO and All in One SEO, among a few others.

seo for blogger blogs, cheap seo services

Essential Best On-Page SEO Technique

1.     Title tags

Note that while optimizing your website titles, Google shows ONLY 69 Characters (Including Spaces) for Page Title. So note that you should optimize it very well, make sure that you explain what your blog is about, in less than 70 characters.

Title tag is one the most indispensable on page action which you must apply when you are buy your domain newly and you’re going to optimize your site for search engines like Google, Yahoo or Bing.

So for your blog to get a successful and good rankings on several search engines, you should optimize your title tags to best describe your blog, but make sure that you sum up everything YOUR blog is in 67 Characters.

Important Note: Ensure that you ADD your target keywords in title tags, but don’t overdo it. This will give your blog a better chance at ranking, and it will surely boost your search engine performance.

Always keep it clean and readable because the first thing visitors will see your website when they are searching is your title tags.

2. Meta Description Tags

Note that for your meta description, google customized their search engine to show ONLY 156 Characters (Including Spaces) for Meta Description.

The meta Description tags is essential for your blog ranking, most times, optimizing your blog Meta Description gives your blog a better chance of getting click, because it best describe what your blog is all about. I endeavour all webmasters reading this post today, to simply go and edit their blog Meta description, add your keywords here too, but ensure that it to rhyme together to creates a better description of your website. This will make searchers curious enough to click on your blog to know your blog better and gets the solution to their problem.

Before editing your Blog Meta Description, Here are some notables you must Not Ignore

  • Make sure that your blog Meta description tag is very informative so that people from search engines will get to click on your blog, because it promises to solve their problems.
  • Ensure that make your Meta description keyword rich with relevant keywords you’re targeting.
  • Do not, I mean DON’T ever make the mistake of repeating keywords in your title tags in description tags because search engine doesn’t love it, but you can twist it, but you should not have the exact same words in Your title tag with your Meta descriptions.
  • I know you would love to see the Meta description of the website ranking number 1 in your targeted keywords, but make sure that yours is unique, so that Google will not mark your blog as duplicate or even Copy – Paste Blog.

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3. Content Optimization

While creating contents on your blog, ensure that your blog contents is well optimized with the keywords with which you want to rank for, but as I always say here, don’t overdo it, or it will automatically turn to spam. When writing contents, write just like a normal content writer, but ensure that you add some keywords and bold them, italise or even make them h2. This will surely give you a better chance at ranking.

Also, don’t forget to optimize your blog post title, this will also give that particular blog post, a greater chance to rank better for the targeted keywords.

4. Header Tags

Top SEO bloggers hve always argued that the Header factor plays the most important role in our Search Engine Ranking, and sincerely speaking, I totally agree with them. Header tags are very vital for our on page SEO, when writing an article, ensure that you have some sub titles H1, H2 and H3, even bold and making them Italic is even better.

Right now, there are 3 types of header tags which are much better SEO-wise.

  1. H1 tags: This is the most important and main header tag of the website and you should put your primary keywords in H1 tags, it’s the biggest and most important header tags to help your blog rank better in SERP.
  2. H2 Tags: This is the 2nd most important header tags of SEO, and make sure that you always use them in your blog posts, your keyword should also be in h2, but do it wisely.
  3. H3 Tags is are related to H1 and H2 tags and which is needed most for the SEO purposes, make sure you use them together to give your blog a much more better chance to ranking specifically for certain keywords you’re targeting

5 . Legal Pages

Search engines love websites that keep to the rules, so if you want your website to rank even better, so to make sure that you rank better, keep to the rules and you’re your website “Legal enough” for google and other search engines to know that you mean business and you want to stay for long. If your website don’t have the legal requirements, it will seem like a buffer website, and surely, you’ll not have a better shot at ranking better.
Search engines explore our websites for contact pages and legal pages like, Contact Us, About Us Terms of Use and Privacy Policy, and if you’re using Amazon, add a Amazon affiliate program policy.

Don’t make your website to use the normal legal pages like others pages, get a personalized privacy policy and about Us page, just imagine Facebook using google legal pages or vice-versa, it will look utterly stupid.

This is one of most neglected fact, some SEO webmaster are neglecting, and start blasting their websites with Backlinks, don’t follow them, before you build a solid house, you’ll need to have a strong foundation right? This is the needed foundation to building an authority website.

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Warm regards.

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  1. Great tips, thought on page seo is hard it’s definetely something you must learn in order to have a successful blog. I think anyone can do a successful blog as long as he is willing to learn and improve.

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